Psychopaths are like an array of mirrors


This one is going to be short and sweet.  Just wanted to bring up that psychopaths while they lack a good natured morality, also lack a bad natured one.  They become what they see around them.  Hence the brutal debate of nature vs nurture.  They clearly react to and become the things they see over their lives.  Were we unconsciously process and decide based on averages and likelihoods, they simply incorporate their environment verbatim.  We still grow even when we don’t logically understand what we have just seen.  Our metamind constructs lenses of context.  Their lack of lenses is genetic, but their personal chain of events has an acute effect.

The analogy of a mirror’s primary weakness is that mirrors have a time component.  A mirror reflects what is happening now.  The psychopaths many mirrors can time travel, once.    When a psychopath sees something they can not process logically, a mirror (or many) gets stuck.  Expose them to theft, they steal.  Expose them sex, they fornicate.  Export them to death, they murder.  Expose them to love, they go through the motions of love.  Of course the younger they are the more mirrors get stuck.

I have my doubts that you can ever move a mirror (a memory)  once it has been formed.  The damage is permanent.  It has become part of them.  All you can do it avoid it’s gaze.

The narcissist gazes into the mirror not out of self love, but to protect their frail innocence.  An attempt at self shunning.

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