Is the United States government a psychopath trap?


It seems that the good old USA is a very good psychopath trap.  There are vast opportunities to quickly accumulate power or so it seems.  Truth is the three branches of government or to some degree any republic is designed to be stagnant, deadlocked, and inept.  It’s built to attract the most people who are both the most selfish AND the most cunning, and keep them very busy, entrenching themselves.  It works in a similar way to capitalism, except in that situation specifically wealth, not political power is the lure.

The problem of any societal solution is consent.  In order for a solution to be moral both emapths and psychopaths must each personally agree to it.  Of course a handful of exceptions is an acceptable compromise, but you don’t want those exceptions to be the worst of the sociopaths.

So what is consent for a psychopath?  Empaths give consent by agreeing to rules and thereby pledging their cooperation.  Psychopaths do not cooperate and can’t consent to anything like we do.  They only acknowledge that they are temporarily a slave and will attempt to ascend to master at their first opportunity.  The beauty of the capitalist republic is it presents them with two ways to battle each other for the title of ultimate master.  But there are two masters, wealth and power.  So their engagement is never resolved.  No master is ever chosen.  Such is the specter of fascism for a republic, when the conflict between republic and free market is resolved and one master chosen.

We all enjoyed their share of redirected energy, battling each other.  Making better products, and taking a cut of their profits for the country.  But feel no guilt.  They gave the closest thing they have to consent to the system by participating in it.  No matter what they claim.

The risk of course is that they will one day ‘fix’ the system so their battle is over.  They can do this by fascism, shutting down government, or shutting down free enterprise.  They mistakenly think that then they will be our masters, but they never were and never will be.  We agree to let them battle each other in exchange for our trust and participation.  We lower ourselves to the perpetual conflict so they are not left out.

I am not saying every business leader or politician is a psychopath.  Just that cut throat competition is psychopathic.  Since we are a superset of them, of course well adjusted leaders who know themselves can compete and retain a conscience.   Being of conscience by definition means that we will not step up unless we think we have something to contribute.    The psychopaths who are self chosen ‘winners’, will throw their hat in the ring simply because the ring is there.  They laughingly mistake the fact that we don’t like to fight, for the perception  that we can’t.  They mistake kindness for weakness.