The Norse – a psychopath cooperative


I’ve discussed the United States here, or less specifically a capitalist republic, as a psychopath trap.  The core idea is to keep them busy fighting each other, so emapths can live their lives out in relative piece.  In return the psychopaths get to live out their impulses for conflict or seek the social isolation vast wealth provides, depending on their their personal conclusions.  It seems there is another ‘hands on’ model that allows empaths and psychopaths to live in relative peace, the cooperative.

This is more a social structure than a traditional government, but considering the limitations it was very successful.  The key to this is the Vikings or the older ‘Norse’ dual view of their gods.  Specifically Loki and Thor.  Loki is not a hated villain like he is through our modern western metamind lens.  He is simply mischievous or troublesome, possibly even viewed as just quirky.  This is completely contrary to our society which reveres order and authority.  But after careful study the nature of Loki is clear, he is very much a psychopath.

Loki and Thor of course are brothers, and so goes the culture.   Primarily an agrarian society, the vikings were reasonably peaceful at home.  Farming is an arduous and disciplined and waste brings ruin.  Yet no larger ‘government’ is needed.  Few laws.  I’m not implying that the vikings had no psychopaths, to the contrary, I think they had the most.  Because they had a mechanism to keep them in check.  The entire body of able bodied men were meta-psychopaths.

After the planting or harvest the day to day life was transformed.  They went from a peaceful and successful people to ruthless barbarians the world knew.  It has been argued this was a move of desperation, but that may have just been the start.  Just like their gods are split between psychopath and empath, so is their time.  It was time to rape and pillage, it was the psychopaths turn.  A vacation of brutal mayhem for the willing and able.

A vacation is probably a good word but it was more like a religious ‘retreat.’  Just like other religions imposing external maps on the empaths, the empaths were encouraged with promises of a perfect afterlife in the halls of Valhalla.  They would follow their temporary ‘priests’ and in turn the psychopaths would train and condition them in how to let go of their conscience, when they needed to.  The empaths had become meta-psychopaths.  When they returned the empaths knew how to keep the psychopaths in check and the psychopaths knew it.  This protected the local economy. It started back up and life went on.

I have no idea if the psychopaths were self limiting via collapse in this scenario.  I would guess not.  It was probably the multi-month gaping hole in their economy which did them in.  With the slower economy they wouldn’t be able to keep up technologically.  Eventually their culture was subverted by more advanced civilizations, on village at a time.

It is a cultural system so it can show up in any government at any time.  The only prerequisite is a government which is feeling the effects of growing numbers of psychopaths. If you want to study how this works I’d suggest examining the conflict and cooperation between the Roman capitalist republic and the viking cooperative.  Their histories are intertwined.  It is highly unlikely that the Romans(fierce warriors on their own) increasing fascination with the Norse as their empire was slowly disintegrating was a coincidence.  One throwback of this Roman fascination with the psychopathic cooperative that still exists today, the Swiss Guard still protects the Vatican.

As an example of a modern societal wave reflecting an increasing percentage of psychopaths, the global heavy metal counter culture, despite no direct connection, displays attributes of the Norse.  But don’t blame the growing numbers of meta-psychopaths, they are simply empaths reacting to a changing more brutal society.  Since psychopathy is genetic and not dominant, the individual meta-psychopaths could not control the growing numbers of psychopaths if they tried.

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