Warning for psychopaths


You benefit from our society.

We are masters of low likelihood, high impact risk.  Each of us has a second mind dedicated just to long term risk.  Most don’t use it effectively all the time.  Make no mistake, we can at any time.  We have emergent problem solving and multi-generational knowledge that you don’t.  Small data can have a big impact.

  • We have sole capacity for investment and imagination.
  • We alone can create new technologies.

Our economy needs to progress with less waste to prevent the impending economic collapse and subsequent nuclear disaster.  Earth and it’s occupants, including you, are teetering on the edge of biological collapse.  Your parasitic role is about to kill the host.  Timing varies, but you will die to.

What’s are the consequences?  Pain, ruination, and your death.

To protect yourself from death do not interfere with the following…

  • Making spent nuclear fuel rod storage far more anti-fragile.  Even if it means giving up your goals.
  • We will rout out corruption and specifically wasteful psychopath control at all levels.  The economy can not be allowed to collapse yet.

We are not like you.  You never were ‘master.’  Society is your master.  Empaths have long given you implicit permission to ‘take a cut.‘  The last two generations did not understand how technology has changed the stakes.  We will.  It is in progress.  Our irrational emotions may yet turn us against you, but the status quo of graft has a definite outcome, death.  Support us or die.

Fukushima changed the global metamind.  It will vary, but soon all permission will be revoked.  Sure as the sun burns in the sky nuclear waste will bring ruin along the Pacific.  No propaganda will be sufficient to counteract our reaction to this.  You must pare back.

Do not cull your own.  It may distort ALL alliances and hasten your death.

No further action is recommended.  Submission is your best choice to survive and prosper.

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