Self diagnosed scientist sociopath

Assuming science is working as it should, not a bad field for a psychopath to go into.   No singular power over data.  Or is there?  Scientists need repeatable predictions to make real headway in science.  If they cheat, they may unload some grant cash from the NIH, but eventually the lies will be caught when someone else tries the experiment.

Sorry doc, but I’ll take a meta-psychopath as a surgeon over a sociopath any day.   Just don’t have that kind of faith in the malpractice insurance market to keep him on the straight and narrow.

A hope here for a guild of psychopaths who have dedicated themselves to logic.  But don’t want to be naive, juries still out on that one.  Clearly one of the better outcomes for an intelligent psychopath, full self awareness as an advanced sociopath.

He talks about multiple warrior genes, and points out that he has them.  Might seem like some anecdotal proof.  Of course the warrior genes could indicate if someone is also a psychopath that they are more likely to get stuck in the psychopathic subconscious ASPD/ego stage.   Which likely means jail.  Which is by far the largest group of psychopaths physiologically analyzed.  Not the greatest sole pool to pull data from, or to come to sociological conclusions from either.

Good video.  Bring you thinking cap.

Thanks!  More videos please.

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