The Rose/Manson Interview

Now for something a little more down to earth.

This is a great video to grasp the basics of psychopathy.  Manson clearly lands in the ASPD stage.  This includes Narcissistic elements of course.  Looks like he never resolved himself to the long game of sociopathy.  He is not aware and apparently not interested that Rose is not falling for his emotional trigger saturated scripts.  He is clearly very intelligent as the smarter the psychopath the more effective the scripts.  Not that it matters for him at this point, facing life in prision give little motivation to cover up who he is.

It’s not surprising if you find this video difficult to watch.  Beside ethical indignation at his acts, he is very, very good at lighting off emotional triggers.  He is actually trying to program the other viewers, Rose, and you as you watch.  If you didn’t notice you are likely very vulnerable to both marketing and propaganda.  Your metamind, probably felt in your gut, should be screaming!  It is critical that you understand and recognise that technique if you ever expect to know yourself.

If you’ve seen inception, your metamind should feel something like this.


You’ll only get to experience clear first hand sight of these scripts if you improve your technique enough that a psychopath is forced to switch scripts several times.  This is what Manson is doing throughout with Rose.  Constantly changing the topic so he can use his whole salvo of emotionally charged words to try and implant new ideas in your or Rose’s head.

If you were to transcribe and then rewrite Mansons words with less common synonyms, you would notice a few things.

While the scripts are coherent to themselves, the larger thread they follow is almost totally incoherent.  He is clearly just pulling the next script out of the ‘comfey’ or ‘scared’ or ‘remorseful’ pile, depending on what he wants you to feel.   Of course a sociopath who is successfully integrated into the corporate world (for example) will have much longer much more complex scripts.

In a more abstract sense the rambling choice of scripts is a commentary on the empathic mind.  He so much as says so.  He is pointing out how irrational we are, and how we made ourselves vulnerable to people like him.  He clearly is not aware of others in this sense.  That’s why he isn’t a sociopath.  He has no idea we have a metamind that specializes in connecting unlike things by compound emotion.  From his perspective the origin of empathic ideas is totally opaque.  Just a random number generator.

This video in part is the inspiration for the metamind model.  We could sit there all day and attach meanings to his ramblings, he’s counting on that, but his assortment of scripts are are what they are to him.  Just buckets full of scripts.  His lone insight through his sole lens is that we are insane from his perspective.

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