Detailed explanation of childhood amnesia


Another lesson from the psychopath as the pre-civilization human.  Human beings are born as psychopaths.  Just as the fetus mimics evolution in the womb, we are not conscionable beings when we are born.  Empaths have the hardware to develop a conscience.  In fact nothing can stop that, though it’s usefulness will be reduced without any parental programming of long term risk.  All of this has been observed though established science, though the explanations differ.

Many two and three year olds go through an awful stage of selfish behavior.  This is when the metamind is beginning to develop.  This is directly connected to childhood amnesia.  The mind is prototyping behavior.  Prototyping is when you are creating the classifications of data built into a recognizable model of the world.  The prototyped data becomes the prototype, so it can’t be accessed directly.  Hence the amnesia.  That the metamind is minimal or dormant during this stage is an evolutionary advantage, because fewer prototypes would form.  The metamind is usually normalizing or averaging behavior.  The earlier it kicks in the smaller the breadth of different kinds prototypes the child could develop from the start and the smaller their understanding of the types of data in the world around them is.

This can be demonstrated by the lack of effectiveness of scolding young children.  The metamind is simply not responding yet.  The more active it is, the fewer prototypes are being created.  It is well understood that the most healthy method of changing the behavior of young children is to change their environment to make the negative behavior impossible, better known as childproofing.  What you are actually doing is avoiding the early activation of the metamind, and allowing more prototypes to form.

It is possible that you can damage a child’s future intelligence, by activating their metamind too early.  This is a done when a very young child is being constantly scolded creating very strong emotional barriers to new thoughts.  The time of building potential prototypes passes and the child future dims.  Cultures that scold children at young age may be able to get their children to accomplish adult behavior, but it is by sacrificing breadth of thought later on.  These cultures can easily be identified by childhood amnesia that ends very early in age.  While it may seem a sign of intelligence, it represents the opposite.

Further evidence is indicated in psychopaths ability to remember very young childhood.  Hardly suffering from childhood amnesia at all.  Without the metamind to moderate their first traumatic experience, it would lead extreme despair, and limit or shut down prototyping from there on in all experiences would be literal and memorable.  Additionally this may be a second explanation why their imaginations(source of empathy and powered by the metamind)  are far more limited.  They are traumatized very early on and prototyping ceases.

Interestingly a wide breath of rules and a heavy structure at a young age may actually benefit young psychopaths.  It furthers the idea that the parent is the master and the child the slave, setting the child at ease and simplifying all adult interactions.  These may represent the most socially successful psychopaths as adults.  There are fewer emotional reactions of despair and bliss, because they never experienced them as children, and prototyping ceases later providing them with a broader understanding of how things could work.  As a result psychopath parents may impose what seems to be an absurd amount of structure on their empathic children, damaging their minds and stunting their growth.  They recall how the benefit of order in their own childhood did or could have helped them and are actually trying to help their children (which they are biologically compelled to care for) but simply don’t understand they are not the same.  This last case alone is a huge ethical indication for genetic screening

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