More on amnesia prototyping and children crying #$*#@!


Read the posts here about childhood amnesia and the boy who cried #$*#@! for more background.  It seems that our aversion to bad manners may be that our brains light up like Christmas trees when we hear a ‘bad’ word, usually a body archetype or such.  This causes new insights to derail and possibly putting a call out for immediate attention and assistance.  This is why almost all adults use these words, but very sparingly.  To indicate surprise or injury.  An immediate call for attention.

The more active a child’s metamind is the fewer prototypes it creates.  Development of the metamind (aka:the conscience) is inversely proportional to the development of new prototypes.  As the metamind begins it’s metadata classification role rational memories begin to appear, and childhood amnesia draws to an end.

Children go through a ‘potty mouth’ stage.  Of course this drives adults bananas interrupting fragile rational thoughts, seemingly intentionally.  But for the children this is not merely an exercise in annoying futility.  They are intentionally lowering or even ending their prototype creation.  They are subconsciously, attempting to inspire adults to expand their metamind though emotional reinforcement.  They are asking for emotional metadata to activate and use another prototype.

It appears that the hard stop for prototyping may be cultural, based on varying ends of childhood amnesia by locale.  The sudden cessation of ‘potty mouth’ of children between eight and nine years old in the United States seems to indicate the end of inactivated prototypes.   Of course this process begins at age 5 or 6 pointing at 2-4 years spent in the intermediate stage where the conscience is active and raw brain pathways are still being created.

All children in a locale seem to stop the constant colourful metaphors around the same age.  Psychopaths seem to begin the end of prototyping with their first experiences of extreme despair.  Is it possible that children are able to sabotage each other’s further prototyping via naughty archetypes?  Can’t really predict what’s happens here, but could make for some interesting simple experiments.

One final avenue to explore.  What if the metamind sends out some sort of final signal to end all prototyping?  Pure speculation, but it could have big implications.  Lets suppose it’s true and the signal is never sent.  Wouldn’t the brain continue to try and end prototyping by sending out disruptive words, in an attempt to complete an active metamind, to no avail?  This does have some similarities to Coprolalia with Tourette syndrome?

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