Jon Ronson TED talk

This one starts off slow, but some interesting points.  Jon Ronson decided to read the DSM manual.  Starting him off on a quest to determine if psychology is even real.

Guess were he ended up?   Studying psychopaths.  Hmmm.

I’ll let you enjoy the video and come to your conclusions after I make two points.  I poked around a bit and it seems the Hare does not offer a psychopath spotting course to the public at the moment.  Too bad.  It is possible to be self taught.  If you have a psychopath in your life and follow all the steps in my ‘help‘ post you will get better at spotting them.

He points out that we are all a little psychopathic.  100% true.  We can do all the things they can do, including the horrible things.  But we are bigger than that, figuratively and literally.
Again, thanks for the videos.  More please!

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