Politics is prejudice

I just saw a very interesting video by Stefan Molyneux.  Some great info in here.  It discusses in depth what happens when you don’t know yourself.  Essentially your ability to reason drowns in your unchecked emotions which you then justify after the fact.  Wow that sounds like most of the Internet.  That also sounds like a metamind ripe for manipulation by propaganda.

But that’s not even the real kick for me.  It was the conclusion.  It could be summed up simply as “Politics is prejudice.”  Makes sense to me.  This makes perfect sense if the United States Government is a psychopath trap.  Prejudice is a bad conclusion drawn from good observational data.  The observation that another society has included and is subject to manipulation by psychopaths.  Who is more manipulative than psychopaths intentionally drawn to political power?  (Nobody, it’s a rhetorical question.)

So if you are a ‘liberal’ or ‘conservative’ attacking the other ideology you are actually saying the same exact thing.  ‘You are insane.  Your party is promoting psychopaths.’

By all means, enjoy a pointless flame war below.

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