The power of suggestion

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What is the power of suggestion?  It falls in to a group of techniques directly speaking to an empath’s (a non-psychopath’s) metamind or their subconscious.

The danger should be immediately obvious.  Your emotions strongly influence your decisions.  This is not mysterious or questioned.  Your parents used this to get you to act in a way that protected you from danger long before you really understood the danger rationally.  The power of suggestion is a guilt trap, an ‘I told you so’ just waiting to happen.

Suggestion is similar to propaganda in that is is inserting alien information into your mind.  But instead of attempting to insert emotion, it sets up a time bomb or tripwire for you to stumble over later.  Not comprised of an out of context emotion like propaganda, but instead a brief, almost forgettable rational memory, describing a future event.

The problem is of course intent.  If an irrational suggestion is made that something terrible will happen, to you or something you care about, your metamind subtly assigns a despair emotion before you file it away.  You forget about it because it has no rational context, so it never comes up.  But then later when the terrible thing happens your metamind reactivates the otherwise orphaned memory.  Without knowing why you feel you ‘should have known.’ Suddenly you feel regret and guilt about a terrible thing you had no way to rationally foresee and were not a party to.

Why is this important?  The despair diminishes or even blocks the ‘will to action’ primary emotion.  Simply by telling you that I will harm you later out of context, I can block your ability to react.  You will be paralysed with guilt.

Of course this goes a long way to explain why conspiracy theories are marginalized.  Conspiracy theories sabotage the guilt trap by building a rational pathway to the previously isolated memory holding the despair emotion.

If you trust a source of information that despises conspiracy theory, they may be protecting their suggestions of guilt to your subconscious.  If you discover this to be true, consider a strict regimen of shunning for your source.  Their techniques are manipulative and disingenuous.

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