Real Genius – Did early social models detect psychopaths?

Interesting series on the top 30 or so geniuses of all time.  Feel free to watch and enjoy as a simple mental exercise.  Nothing to do with the usual subjects of this blog, at first.  It seems that some of the smartest people of all time spent some of their IQ parsing away the problems of social behaviour.

As you get near the top of the list in part three and part four, three names stand out.  Turns out Christopher Hirata (#16) has developed a social model outlined in ‘The Physics Of Relationships’  William Sidis  (#8) Also discussed  ‘chemical affinity’ as being a formulaic basis for human relations, and before them both and Einstein’s personal favourite Johann Wolfgang Goethe (#1) Not only a vast model of human behaviour, but demonstrated it’s function in his fictional work ‘Faust.’

Alas I have not read any of their works.  I am greatly interested to see if there is an equivalent of psychopaths in their models.  Specifically, people who can never resist a golden opportunity.   Playing a role as a universal solvent like say water, dissolving other bonds at every opportunity.  One day.

Here are the videos, enjoy.

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