Psychopaths 101 in 5 minutes.


I’ve had a request, to explain in simple terms what someone can do to get psychopaths out of their life.  No psychology, no social impact, just who they are, and who you are.

Who are psychopaths?

  1. Let go of the idea that all people have some good in them.  Most do!  But some don’t.
  2. Psychopaths are cavemen and cavewomen that look just like us.  We evolved from them.
  3. Only a tiny fraction of a percent of them are killers.  They prefer crimes that get little attention.
  4. They 1-5% of the population.  Worst case one in every classroom, every train car, and most  extended families.
  5. They can be born into any family.  We all carry the gene.
  6. They can’t resist something they want when they are sure they won’t be caught. (Golden Opportunities.)
  7. They see every other human being as their master or their slave.  They sort every person obsessively.

Who are empaths?  (People with a conscience)

  1. Conscience is a long term risk management tool, a tool they lack.
  2. We (can) have all of their strengths and none of their weaknesses.  We can be cold and ruthless, but they can’t manage abstract risk.
  3. Your conscience is a genetic mutation that lets you think with feelings in addition to your rational mind.
  4. Your feelings can be used to manipulate your rational decisions.
  5. Know your emotions.  If you understand your feelings, including the less common ones, you control your actions.
  6. People default to trust.  End that behavior and they’ll avoid you as as they do other psychopaths.  If this is offensive, consider displaying a false trust.  Craft a complete series of tests of minimal personal consequence.  Over a long enough period of time they will fail your tests.
  7. If you identify a psychopath, end contact.  If you can’t end contact, shun them (manners, but bare minimal interaction) until you can.

Please pass this along.  If you need some more information, please look at the theories page.  If you want a lot more detail and the origin of the theories please see the background page.


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