Goodbye Dexter


Goodbye to Dexter and his code.  While this show did not particularly influence me, it’s assorted writers did a great job of being both entertaining and not straying terribly far from what was possible.

The premise is simple and brilliant.  What if a viciously brutalized psychopath was actively given a ‘code’ from early youth to supplement their lack of a conscience.  In Dexter’s case the code is to take violent urges out on vetted serial killers.  Attempting to make a positive from his violent past and his brewing anger.

My biggest gripe is that it may have popularized the idea that all psychopaths are violent killers.  Most are not.  It largely has to do with social access to people who understand how they work, intelligence, and how brutalized they themselves have been to date.  A subtle point, and one easily lost in the drama.

If you do pick the series up.  Clear your calendar.  You won’t want to stop watching.

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