I’ve moved past the warrior gene


I have, I really have.  A couple of months ago I posted a great National Geographic video where they clearly lay out that there is no freaking way (to be technical) that the ‘warrior gene’ is a vital component of psychopathy.


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It certainly could be argued that the lack of the civilization gene and the presence of the ‘warrior gene’ (which should be named the fly off the handle gene or the loose your temper gene) is a lethal combination.  Together a psychopath would not only have the predisposition to get an early start on the ego or ASPD developmental stage, but barring both luck (socioeconomic privilege) and high intelligence never leave it’s orbit for sociopathy.  A psychopath with the ‘warrior gene’ would be apt to solve EVERYTHING with both his or her body and invent confrontation where little conflict had previously existed.  Truly a nightmare criminal in the making.

Please understand that psychopaths are not inherently violent.  While their aloof dreamlike view of other humans means the ego stage can be violent, that with understanding and caution, they can live fairly normal lives.  The key is both awareness and understanding of challenges that the lack of a metamind presents them with.  Treating them like empaths is asking for confrontation, but understanding and accommodating their binary view of other humans, allows for distant but respectful relationships.

Compassion and trust, hopefully not to a fault, is the foundation of civilization itself.  Non psychopathic humans are filled with an almost endless fountain of hope and trust, but also with a keen sense of unrealized danger.  This strange combination, not just intelligence is what binds us together.  When we leave psychopathy and it’s simple minded master/slave social approach behind, civilization will finally dominate mankind.  Civilization is the logic of compassion.

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