James Fallon


Got to meet with James Fallon and a few other interested doctors for an hour today and discuss what else, but psychopathy.  He was open to my ideas.  He seems charming enough and focused on science.  I complemented him on his unusual dedication to logic.

I discussed my dismissal of the warrior gene as a possible source of psychopathy, and the national geographic piece that inspired it.  He concurred that the most effective warriors would be calm and controlled.

He was able to casually corroborate my psychopath labels paper (the id -> ego -> superego) and the conscience as a long term risk manager.  He seemed particularly interested in both emotional metadata and the metamind model.

He provided some insight into the advantages that psychopaths have.  Particularly the minimal amount of sleep they require.  A major advantage in labor intensive fields.  The night-time mental wanderings (maintenance and problem solving?) of an empaths subconscious seems to double their downtime.

I’m hoping more will come this.  Time will tell.  Dr. Fallon your contributions are welcome here.  Thanks for your time.

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