What is the Distribution Party?



Today is election day in the United States.  What better time to discuss a new, populist, party.  Please pass this around today and tomorrow, the fifth of November.

I originally brought up the idea of a new political party in my Type One Civilization paper.  It is a solution to avoiding empowering psychopaths, without having a specific gene to screen for.  It can be argued that both global and United States civilization is so corrupt and distorted that it is beyond saving.  I disagree.  Sun Tzu points out that an organized retreat is the hardest military action.  While this is true, it is not conclusive.  You can change the game by agreeing to surrender, ending the two way violent conflict, obsoleting retreat.  This is what most empaths have resigned themselves to.   It is not necessary.  There is another way.  You can declare victory.

The core idea of the civilization gene is that psychopaths are the predecessor to modern man.  How did I conclude this?  Several ways, but the most compelling is the simplest to understand.  Psychopath behaviour is a subset of all human behaviour.  In other words they possess no qualities that every other normal human does not display.  Our conscience blocks us from displaying them more often, but they are present.  Why does simply knowing this make us victorious?  Because we are a superset of psychopathic behavior, and since each of us are best suited to adjust our own conscience to suit ones self, YOU are the most important impediment to having all of the psychopaths strengths, and none of their weaknesses.  Compared with them, you are a super human.  With such powers, how can you loose?

What has changed is that we now know who psychopaths are, and by inference, who we are.  The MRI, the Hare, and the failure of pure logic (ex:game theory) has revealed psychopaths to the interested empath.  This is new information.  This is very much the sister of the revelation of intricacies of the empath’s conscience to the Bernays, Gobbles and the like.  Marketing and propaganda, subsequently.  There are multiple actionable courses we can take to slip out of the yolks of propaganda and corruption of the hierarchies we ironically approved to free ourselves from the very reigns of psychopaths that now control them.

The Distribution Party is but one of many such paths.  Such as above, no hierarchy is needed to create the party.  This is critical as hierarchy can be used to distort the original intent.  It’s philosophy is simple and easy to verify.  A concateny of competing websites can easily list which politicians have some or any track record distributing law to smaller jurisdictions.  Distribution while simple is unlikely to be confused with any other kind of bill or law.   As it is so simple to identify it in action, it will fade in popularity when laws are sufficiently local that citizens can personally identify and attend to corruption.  Conversely, outbreaks of corruption will indicate further distribution is needed.

The idea is simple.  Corruption takes root where it is furthest from view.  The more distance a political leader has from their constituents, the more golden opportunities form to abuse their power.  If a psychopath happens to hold the office, they simply can not resist taking a golden opportunity.  Such is the strict purview of a conscience.  The traditional approach to solve this is to call for the revocation of the law, yet laws are never revoked.  Instead a fruitless argument persists over the balance of money and power until a yet larger crisis occurs, and it is forgotten and nothing is fixed.  Instead of arguing over who looses what, a distribution law can be passed.  Keep funding and legal language exactly the same, but split it into equal pieces (based exactly on the original funding methodology) for each state.  This can also be applied to lower level of government as well.  State to county.  County to Township.  Township to village.  The law and it’s funding are distributed until the corruption ceases.  You have now found the smallest safe scope for that law, and it’s funding, to be free of corruption.  Maximizing the largest possible, but not larger than possible, waste free economy of scale.

To be clear these laws may change or be completely eradicated by the smaller jurisdiction, but the funding will remain intact.  It will be as if the local (state,county,etc) legislature passed the law themselves.   Likewise they can nullify it with new law.  This can happen in the case of redundancy, waste, inefficiency, of simply a different point of view as to what the law should say.

Local jurisdictions may change the law.  If a laws original signing body become distressed as to the practice vs intent of a distributed law, they can simply revoke the original law or the distribution and it’s accompanying funding, but they will have to do so for all jurisdictions.  If they try to revoke just a convenient part of the distributed law, they face the same stalemate and bickering they always do.  Good legal distributions will include language prohibiting selective or partial favoritist revocation, but it is not necessary to maintain balance.

Distributed law is the necessary way to tackle psychopathic culture.  One where accumulation of power is an end on to itself.  It is an organized retreat from centralization gone one step too far, as evidenced by overt corruption or poor legal or economic performance indicating graft and waste.  Legal distribution can suit the ends of liberals and conservatives, statists and anarchists alike.  Conserving tax resources through efficiency, and preserving social programs through distribution.  Making government more successful.  Bringing it under direct influence and improving accountability.

No one should own this idea, but all should support it.  Please tell people you are part of the Distribution Party, tell others to say the same, and enjoy your victory.  It was always in the mind.

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