Masters and slaves


Masters and slaves.  It’s a binary view of the world, and an important one.  It’s how every creature on earth, sans empathic human beings, view the world.  We think we see mammals forming partnerships like us, but ultimately it’s projection.  Even if the species is highly loyal to a mate, troop or pack, inside that organization, there IS a pecking order.  We (most of us) are the only animal that defaults to cooperation and compassion.  The inclination of self sacrifice with no implied promise personal gain.  This is no criticism.  It’s what makes us civilized.

If you have the misfortune of meeting someone you know is a psychopath, you may get to witness it in action.  Watch carefully as they probe you with scripts containing emotional triggers.    At a glance the conversation may seem casual, but the topic seems to change a lot (less true the more intelligent they are.)   At one level they are trying to see if they can control you.   The logic is simple, if they are not controlling you, than you may be controlling them.  But that is not even what their ultimate goal is.  They are trying to decide who is the master, and who is the slave.  That way they know how to interact.

It’s kind of a flip side to our attempts at partnerships.  When we meet another human being we have the implicit assumption that they will be generally honest.  We casually converse not to compete but to find common ground, and better compliment our strengths and weaknesses.  An aware empath can defeat our ingrained assumption by imposing tests and barriers, but this is an intellectual triumph against our better nature.

It must be very frustrating for psychopaths.  Not so much that they are offended by our rewardless self sacrifice (although they personally may be) but that we are so chaotic.  So disorderly.  One minute the husband is in charge, and the next the wife is.  Well who is the master already?  They simply view the world as one big power struggle.  Compassion is a bizarre fantasy for the mentally ill.

This is especially important when considering institutional slavery.  I need not explain why slavery crushes the spirit of empath who is not self aware.   The constant punishment in place of the implicit expectation of a reasonable effort is daunting and impossible to completely resolve.  Naturally, we function primarily by positive enforcement, and leave negative reinforcement behind with our childhood.

The psychopath on the other hand is comfortable with the situation.  Naturally nobody wants to be a slave, but they simply accept their position as a slave as natural and temporary.  They thrive as slaves where empaths crash and burn.  While they may say the words, in their mind they are not calling to their god to return them to the civilized world.   Their thoughts are simple on the matter.   If I were the master, I’d do the same thing.  They look up to their captors as teachers and betters.  It is simply another pack structure.  A structure they wish to reach the top of.

This theory too has predictive value.  It predicts the method by which slavery destroys a country or society.  As slavery is in place for generations, slave populations will become increasingly more populated with psychopaths, at a faster rate than the enslaving population.  When the slaves are freed, the psychopaths join the existing population and number of psychopaths jumps up.  So does waste, corruption and their effects on the economy of scale.  Accelerating the civilizations downfall.

A secondary effect is clear.  Aware observers in the civilization notice it taking a turn for the worse.  They correctly correlate it the the release of the slaves, but then incorrectly blame the race, religion, culture or genetics of the past slaves as inferior.  The truth is the slave keeping itself is to blame, for torturing their empathic members to destruction and promoting the psychopaths.

The lesson is clear.  Do not keep slaves.  It is morally abhorrent, and it will destroy your civilization.  Humanity has tools we need to step out of the pattern.  The question now is, do we do the right thing?  Do we free minority groups from their ridiculous stigmas?  Can we deal with individuals instead based on capabilities and civic nature?  I certainly hope so.