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This water is hot, I’m jumping out of the pot.




I have just spent six months on Facebook.  It has been painful, but I’m stubborn.  Now I understand why it makes people fight. It’s simple.  You are shown ‘friends’ ‘likes’ against your will.  Problem is. Sometimes I ‘like’ posts I disagree with.  Encouragement and giving space to grow are attributes of actual (not simulated) friendship.  Facebook’s ‘Share’ is pointless.  Further you can’t respect or even note another’s point of interest without endorsing it to random friends who in turn may be hurt.

To less of a degree the same derisive formula applies to comments in your stream.  This is better because at least the words are the authors, but the framework of those comments is broken into tiny chunks at best.  Both a bibliographic and emotionally contextual nightmare of distortion.

How does this relate to Civgene?  Social nuance is destroyed.  It turns people’s empathy against them.  Making them regret kindnesses, curiosity and sharing their feelings.  That is prejudice inspiring insanity and I don’t respect or endorse it.  By detaching sincerity from each individuals context, growth is damaged, then retarded, then reversed.

If you understand both software and marketing you’d understand how deliberate this must be. Other social media only shares ‘shared’ media by default.  Further it is trivial for software authors add a checkbox to block others ‘likes’ or comments from your feed.  There used to be such a feature on Facebook and it was removed.  Requests to reinstate it were ignored.  The result?  Facebook is dividing people and making them fight, and they must be doing it intentionally.  I think this level of incompetence is impossible.

If for some reason your extended family or a group of trusted friends is expecting you to participate in facebook I recommend spending some time studying narcissistic psychopaths.  Once the conscience is masked by facebooks technology, they lose access to subtlety of emotional expression. At first this impacts facebook relationships, reducing legitimate friendships to the lowest common denominator.  The subconscious mind is like a muscle so eventually it will atrophy.  Animal work alikes for human conscionable behaviours begin.  Essentially persistant visitors will become more psychopathic.  For sure more so than you would be on the level stable ground of consistent emotional context.

The good news is your conscience isn’t optional.  You have one or you don’t.  Since it is antifragile exercising it on other platforms should help you to spring back from being psychopathic. Abit in a 2d, low bandwidth text format saved from constant unintentional inference by emoticons and memes.  Anything based in text is still a narrow pipe.  Emote often.

From now on I’ll be treating Facebook how it treats others, a resource to be cultivated.  A contacts library of allies.  I have a group to tend to, and I’ll check for private messages from my contacts.  Folks who know me understand this is not just some anecdote.  One day I would be proud to play a role in replacing that pile of junk with something to free the people trapped there.  It’s destructive, and it makes me a little angry.

Here is how I will be handling it. Limited contact.  A familiar phrase to anyone who has coped with psychopaths.  Here is what meatspace friends should expect from my facebook facade.

  • I treat all received emotion on Facebook like drunken babble
  • I will only post material sourced from external sites.
  • I will be posting primarily as a promotional tool.
  • Don’t expect any interaction from me.  I reject their blinders to emotional nuance.
  • Assume I will read nothing there.  I may look at, like or share something against my better judgement.  It’s random and means nothing to our relationship. Very possibly a calculated marketing action.
  • Any ‘friends’ I have may not be someone I know or actually trust.
  • I will now have ‘friends’ unknown to me.  This poses technical risks, as friends of friends have privileges.  They could be robots, super villains, law enforcement, wants stage psychopaths(aka:ASPD the ones that end up in jail for attempted murder), whatever.
  • Please unfriend me if you don’t want all your candour public.  You have a day.  I won’t be offended.  Facebook owns the worst use of the word ‘friend’ ever.
  • Check my links for other social media to interact.  I’ll keep it up to date.
  • ‘Message’ me your private contact info (email, etc) if you think I don’t have it and want me to.
  • Even if they did fix this, their intentions are suspect.  This can’t be idiocy.  It is very doubtful I would revert relaxation and revelry.

I recommend everyone treat facebook this way for their well being.  Please feel free to use this article to let your friends know, how and why you are treating facebook differently.  That you appreciate them more than facebook will let you.  That you will interact with them somewhere else, but not there.

I look forward to spending time with all my friends back in the real world.

Primer on propaganda


“Propaganda is like rain…knowing it’s wet does not keep you dry if you’re exposed to the weather.”  — taopraxis

If you master spotting propaganda can you stand in the face of it?  It seems to me the answer is ‘a brief while.’    Like the beginning of a rain storm, understanding wet cold drops on your skin is not useful if you don’t take cover.  Soon you’ll be soaked and shivering.

Chris Martinson has won this year’s subconscious Olympics.  Not only for feeling the early drops, but warning other people to take cover.  Please read his excellent primer on propaganda and how it works.

And once you’ve identified a media outlet as untrustworthy, please come in out of the rain.

Intro to marketing and thoughts on Trotter


Marketing uses logical conscious decision making (available to both empaths and psychopaths) to override the subconscious risk analysis machine (the metamind.)

One correction.  While Bernays and Freud believed him, this idea of humanity as a crazy herd was actually Dr. Totter. His ideas were not just used by the capitalist marketers as the example above, but simultaneously by the communists as well. So while marketing must obviously have some true premise, the cornerstone of it’s blanket justification have been used by the full spectrum of left and right to justify the destruction of the other.

Communists justified manipulation of ‘the herd’ to destroy capitalism, and capitalists justified manipulating ‘the herd’ to destroy communism.  Trotter outright fails the test for legitimate principle since it is wholly dualistic.  The dark side of Darwin, our new (new to Trotter and his well heeled followers) status as animals can mean anything, at any time, to anyone.  ‘Instincts of the herd in war and peace’ can be used to justify any action by either side in a conflict with diametrically opposed sides, so it must not justify anything at all.



I have a full size van.  I consistently have the largest car in the parking lot.  Some would say this implies I have a small penis.  It is usually filled with my family since I don’t drive it empty, have fun with that one too.

But when I drive to work I typically take my motorcycle which is one of the smallest cars on the road, does that mean I have a large penis?  But it’s one of the largest motorcycles on the road, dwarfing mopeds and the occasional sub compact car.  Does that mean I have a medium penis?

The reason I typically choose the largest vehicle in it’s class is because I took physics in college, where a professor who helped design the moon lander explained in great detail why a shorter distance of deceleration in a crash results in more Gs, and more Gs result in more deaths.  Big cars and truck deform and crush into scrap for a longer distance within the car.

Does this mean physics professors or engineers have small penises?   More interestingly does this mean that people with small penises are attracted together in some sort of natural nerd herd?  Does group learning make the penis smaller?  I founded and run a computer group which is definitely a nerd herd, does that mean I have the smallest penis?

I own two guns, and it is said that people with guns are compensating for a small penis.  But I only got them a few years ago, does that mean my penis recently got smaller?  If my penis will change it’s size depending on what I own or use does that mean it will grow again if I discard them?   If I take Viagra will my guns shrink?  And my cars?  Perhaps it is that I rarely use the guns or the van.  The more often I use them the smaller my penis will get?  If so what does that imply for police who are typically required to carry guns all the time?  Perhaps they don’t use them?  This seems to make sense with American sexual activity after the war.  Men discarded their guns and reunited with their wives, and made an entire baby boom.  But many of those vets armed themselves with civilian guns when they returned.  Perhaps some sort of birth control?  Further this would imply that counties with population problems like China and India should arm their populations to shrink their men’s penises and have less children.

Where did this idea come from?   Where else, but from psychology and Sigmund Freud.  His idea of a phallic symbol or a symbol for the penis in penis shaped everyday items implied a sense of inadequacy.  But this was originally termed ‘penis envy’ and meant to describe women, who were subconsciously angry they were not men.  This sounds very different from the item to penis size ratio.  What did Freud actually say about this?  “A fear of weapons is a sign of retarded sexual and emotional maturity.”   He was very famous for the analogy that a cigar could be a big brown penis for some people (specifically women), at a time when cigars were very popular.  It was considered socially unsightly and abhorrent for women to smoke at the time, much less a large fragrant cigar.  But he himself smoked cigars.  If penis envy was intended for analysis of men, why did Freud himself smoke them?

Laughing at the sexual inadequacy of men with big equipment?  Perhaps you should read about projection.

2013 study: Entertaining conspiracy theory indicates emotional blance


A month ago I wrote that conspiracy theories, assuming you treat them as theories until proven otherwise, are an excellent exercise for the health of your conscience.  It turns out that those who believe (misused word IMO) in conspiracy theories, are more emotionally balanced in general, and less prone to rage and outburst.  A typical psychopathic symptom.

This matches my ideas about the prevalence of psychopathic society and the personal effects of subscribing to it.  Particularly individuals becoming  proto-psychopaths and nullifying the use and influence of the conscience as directed by external reprogramming of emotional metadata.

The article that originally sources this study, also cites a new book.  The quote is as such.  “The CIA’s campaign to popularize the term ‘conspiracy theory’ and make conspiracy belief a target of ridicule and hostility must be credited, unfortunately, with being one of the most successful propaganda initiatives of all time”

I would love to know if this is just a plausible theory or substantiated.  We have mentioned previous proven CIA psyops here.  It would be interesting to see if the CIA would continue this practice, discouraging conspiracy theory that is, if it was common knowlage that the result was likely proto-psychopathy and diminished role of the conscience.  The only two societies furnished by history as successful with large numbers of psychopaths in the population are the time share aka: the cooperative model of conscionable behavior or outright slavery.  Not to say proto-psychopaths are identical to genetic psychopaths, but the behavior is close enough that the genetically supported models are a plausible expectation of widespread proto-psychopathy.  In addition it seems unlikely that large percentages of proto-psychopaths would make it any easier to catch sociopath stage psychopaths.

Another book for the stack.  🙂

Subconcious Oylmpics – Classic video subliminals.


This video was too well done, I have to post it.   Importantly I can indeed spot at least two of the extracted messages at reduced speed.  So I’m passing it along to  you.  Step through it and see if you can spot the messages.

Once you have I suggest a technique to harden your metamind.  Use this as an opportunity to use your rational mind to train it.   Since the original video uses a very predictable pattern (the transition between song lines) use determination and your rational mind emphasize your anger or amusement (or whatever YOU want) at the attempt to adjust your compound emotions.  If you do this on a regular basis, you may find your metamind can actually WARN you against a propaganda manipulation attempt.

It would be irresponsible of me not to warn you the safest way to avoid manipulation is simply not participate in possible sources.

Use your rational understanding of what is happening here retrain your conscience to serve it’s true purpose.  A risk management engine.

EDIT:  If you are having trouble catching the scrolling subliminal text try this video.  It is slowed down even more.


Welcome to the subconcious olympics

I am concerned about the growing number of subconscious queues deployed quite intentionally to change our perception of the world.  Lets look emotional intruders together.

Subliminal shot put.

Set a timer and see how many seconds it takes you to find it.

Can you find the subliminal image in this advertisement?  Took this one at a local train station.


OK here’s an ad at the distance it was intended to be viewed.  Can you see it now?


Stumped?  The answer is below.  Just use your mouse to highlight it.

There is a long black penis pointed downward with the red wine glass as the tip.

Post your scores below.  Good job subconscious athletes!