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Collectivism isn’t a thing.

(Collectivism is the ENTIRE chart)

Collectivism isn’t a thing.  Not how people talk about it anyway.  Mises and Nietzsche both saw collectivism as a weak euphemism for the authoritarian tar pit that it is.  They didn’t know about psychopaths, and therefore they couldn’t know about core human rights, which lays bare the false dilemma.  But they strongly hinted collectivism was a null type (at the discussed scale) from the start.

The reality is individualism vs collectivism is a false dilemma.  Conflation of an archetype and one of it’s sub-types.   Human organizational conflicts over how much of which human rights play out largely as individualism vs authoritarianism.  Collectivism just means human interaction.   It’s the terrain in which authoritarianism and individualism influence human decisions and their outcomes.   Which is at best, trying to compare climate with a specific snowstorm.   Of course the snowstorm is part of climate, everything touching air on earth is.