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The end of all republics


The words are hard to find when discussing the chaos in the 2016 presidential election in the psychopath trap known as the United States government.  People, even both parties subconsciously captive proto-psychopaths, realize that something huge has happened, even if they can’t determine what.  I think I’ve sorted it out.

I noticed that cyber-security specialists, for the moment, seem to fall almost completely on the statist point on the political compass.  People of all political affiliations group around a single point of view.  That cryptographicly signed, leaked emails, must be ignored.  A point a view that without it’s massive scope and current context would ever have been proffered by even a significant minority of them a mere six months ago.  Today It dawned on my rickety brain why.  They are fighting the leading edge of a trend that changes their career path.  Facing their own obsolescence.

I am not talking about the cyber security analyst at large trying to harden network structures against attack and limit damage when that fails.  I’m talking specifically about internet based evidence gatherers.  Internet cops.  Specialists of formal investigation and the resulting digital custody chains.  In one long mathematically indisputable batch of emails the ability of LEOs to have any effect, or to be effective, died.

The robots are coming and they are from Wikileaks.

Lets talk some math.  DKIM is a method of signing an email.  The entire thing including the header (sender, postmark and return address).   Some of the wikileaks emails are signed by Gmail with 2048 bit encryption.  Odds that the 2048 bit DKIM encryption signed emails have been altered is roughly 1 in 64 trillion.  This may just seem like a really big number to you until you realize this number represents the biggest number of any evidence chain.  The BEST case (the best tests and samples) for DNA being incorrect is 1 in 20 billion.  Usually it’s more like 1 in 10 million with more realistic samples, genetic target and affordable testing.  Forget the physical evidence point of view.  With a fatal car accident every hour in the United States (for example) there is a 1 in 300 million chance any particular physical sample is corrupted after being onboard during a fatal car crash.

Why does this matter?  Because the most reliable method of written evidence delivery, can now be sent from a random, anonymous, source on the Internet.  Police, even international spies, need not apply.  In addition, a corrupt government can no longer forge statistically significant contrary evidence in defense of a corrupt government.

The technology is now proven that it is no longer in the the interest of people to hire expensive, flawed LEOs, but instead insist that their governments just use DKIM for all digital communications.  Chain of custody included.  Cybersecurity custody professionals, perhaps subconsciously, have been protecting their own employment prospects from the automation wave.

So when do all the republics die?

If citizens had correct conceptual understanding of their own societies, that would probably NOT happen.  Unfortunately that is not the case.  Several theories about psychopaths have become part or near fact since the 1970s, coming as close as psychology ever does to hard science.   They are largely considered to be 1-3% of the population, are attracted to wealth and power, are both ruthless and incurable, and are the highest functioning mental illness.  Simply put they are attracted to corrupt opportunities of government power in the psychopath trap.  They become gridlocked in that trap as career politicians, winning small victories while calculating risks from many blackmails from their peers.  It’s dirty, and ruthless, and law is created and enforced like sausage is made.  In unappetizing fashion.

In a world where psychopaths are fact, if you are foolish enough to think you have a ‘team’ in this fight, you probably have no idea how it works.

When countries, outsider candidates or even random citizens can introduce evidence with a better chain of custody than even the very best evidence the police for a country can produce, it throws the psychopath trap in disarray.  Despicably maintained but carefully balanced power, suddenly shifts as LEOs suddenly pull cornerstones from their mooring.  This, sometimes, is why they protest enforcing the law.  Like pulling a rotten tooth from the mouth, it’s a grotesque and unnerving, if necessary job.

It is entirely possible that a political and psychopathic union may form during lulls in evidentiary activity.  If enough time passes without a leak or a whistleblower, they may temporarily stabilize key support and convert the republic into some variation of dictatorship.  This is where enlightened countries may be entirely lost to tyranny.  This is where stupid psychopaths below the top rung do anything to save their own skin.  There is justice among the horror as it won’t work for most.

Now that this technology exists (it need never be ‘approved’ to be effective) and the purge has begun, it is in the interest of insiders, even the dirtiest psychopaths, to both flee and keep the signed leaks coming.  This is the signal that the trio of psychopath choice (double down, defect and die) only has one option left, defect.  This is because dictatorships have far fewer key supporters, so most key political positions will be eliminated.  With the leading indications of their internal enforcement methods coming to light, it’s clear that many if not all key supporters will be hunted and/or executed if they do not qualify for the short list of required keys.  Psychopaths don’t do self sacrifice.  He who panics first, panics best.  A person with an uncaptured built in risk engine (the conscience) would know that.  The smartest psychopaths should keep council with them.

Republics that proffer law and order without at least a superior custodial track for cryptographically signed communications will be known as democratic in name only.  A rapidly fading role awaits them on the global stage.

The republic reborn

If you are lucky enough to live in one of the republics that remains representative during this process, what will you be given?   A technocratic republic for sure.  One where hierarchy is not just casually but formally mistrusted.  Where communications from officials in office are mandated to DKIM verification.  A system where legal distribution looms over the would be corrupt secret deals in all new law.  A place where voters would vote using the spoiler and gerrymandering free approval voting on a blockchain, verifiable from anywhere by private key, but who’s anonymity would be protected by both technology and law.  A system where debt is allowed but all currency and money is free in return.  A system where free trade could never include cessation of human rights in the trade.  A system where a type one civilization may finally be possible.

Until then it’s simply an ugly waiting game.  Patience, luck and work.  A slow motion mudslide pushing away establishment key supporters.  Until the first time hidden allies don’t scurry away when a stone is moved.  Blackmail interlock cascade exhaustion.  People will say, ‘lets see what went wrong’, but it’s already obvious.  Secret alliances plotting against the public at large.  In a word, corruption, intentionally placed in places the public can’t reach it.  Placed by people, often psychopaths and their minions, who took advantage of a system that while sceptical was not sceptical enough.

How does legal distribution work?

Legal distribution is the right to veto laws passed by representatives by popular vote, not by abolition, but by moving a law to next smallest legal jurisdiction.  The distribution (federal United States of America for example) means 50 copies of the law are made (one for each state) and the funding is divided 50 ways as designated by percentage by the original bill.  Now each state can change and adapt the law to suit their needs and the funding stream is secure.  Even in the case of state abolition funding flow is guaranteed unless the original now distributed law is abolished by lawmakers at the federal level.

This can be undertaken at any scale and be reduced down to the next smallest jurisdiction.  Including the sovereign individual.

A legal distribution would trump all contracts with the state.  Contracted works would have to be rebid by each distributee.  Contracts with individuals would be exempt as no jurisdiction can be lower than a single sovereign individual.

This attacks centrists, power seekers, and the corrupt would be oligarchs who would raid the treasury without the people.  It discourages secret deals in lawmaking by greatly increasing the risks as works bribed in secret can no longer be delivered reliably.

It suits the goals of 3 of the 4 sectors on the political compass including the majority of republicans and democrat populations (only the statists suffer)

It addresses the problems of the inevitable collapse of government due to growing corruption, corporate lawmaking outrunning civic players, lack of market data in government regulation (state level competition), it solves scapegoat populism driven by propaganda, and if proven as fact it solves growing psychopath populations hijacking the political process to destruction for short term personal gain.

It is based on the human right to fork, which derives from the inherent human rights (property, currency, freedom, friendship, and investment), which form civilization and from which markets derive.  In this it is a direct antidote to the form of propaganda known as the Hegelian dialectic, by always offering a third choice (bad, less bad, localities compete to produce better data) in civic decision making.

It appears superficially socialist, but is actually is a localist antidote to socialism’s observed inequity and graft.  It respects and preserves the hard the hard won balance of rights and common good of distributed laws, but returns the power to oversee that law to a smaller more manageable scale.

The reduction of waste and the restored economy of scale should make voluntary type one civilization participation significantly more feasible.  The right to veto means unexpected corruption in global agreements can be rapidly retracted, and reworked in a competitive fashion and in time a new law can be passed with the data resulting from variation of the distributed competing implementations.

This does not solve the tragedy of the commons directly but instead solves the problem that causes it, aversion to corruption.  The risk of unexpected (to the population of citizens) consequences is near negligible as laws with purposely or unintentionally hidden results can quickly be revoked.  In other words the risk that state defectors will do more damage than defectors at large.  Power as an end to itself is far less feasible at any scale.

Legal distribution should be compatible with any government type like republic, monarchy, technocracy, communism, etc.  Two notable exceptions are theocracy or anarchy.

Royal Monarchies – The psychopaths biggest society



Royalty, the master society, is another society under psychopathic control.  The best scenario for psychopaths cooperating, specifically with family.  The best case it not great though.  Royals are a fickle bunch, historically turning on each other in a way that seem inexplicable to most people.  Sure some archaic or unknown rule is sited when they eat their own, but it’s just and cruel and random as it feels from outside.

Most moral agents don’t take royalty seriously as a moral force.  They can be ethical, and ethical monarchs have existed, but they are the outliers, not the norm.  A moral monarch is inherently locked in a psychopathic society, specifically their family.  Most benevolent behavior from monarchs can be traced to forms of competition.  The monarchs want to enjoy their better lifestyle, greater longevity and physical pleasures.  In exchange they do their best to attack things that do (or may) threaten the more immediate health of their whole society.  This has a predictable effect on technology as original improvements in any device or system often first appear to the socially minded as disruptions in the social or economic order.

It’s simple but important to explicitly point out the the royals are the ultimate masters of the ultimate authority, and you are just a slave or subject.  This suits not only the psychopath as a royal, but many psychopaths of no status in the kingdom.  Most roles are clearly defined with little change over a lifetime, making social behavior more predictable and scripted roles simpler to maintain.  Also, it makes those of lower social status mere playthings to psychopaths hungering for social control satisfying the goals of protection, competition, and amusement.

How does a psychopathic family maintain control?  The family or kin society is the largest society any psychopath can belong to.  They do sometimes have feelings for close family that we can feel for anyone we meet.  Not compassion such as an empath might feel but a biological yearning to impress or protect them.  Family is the only group they ever have or ever can belong to.  From their perspective their ‘love’ for each other is more sincere than the empathy other humans feel for each other.  Because defaulting to trust is ubiquitous among most humans, they see it as cheap and useless.  ‘Everybody has it so who would want it?’, they might ask.  They take our honesty as proof of inferiority to the small and specific concern they share with their blood family.  They obsess over the one considerate feeling for any other human being they actually have.

For the would be royal family, kin is the only super-aliance that could ever exist.  Not only is it the largest, but the only society they can ever belong to.  So of course they value the impression they leave on family more than any other.  This indicates that royal families started with their most socially successful member legitimately (or maybe not) winning power.  As their ability to support a larger organization grew they begin to appoint family members to positions of power.  Not because they were superior or even because they could trust them, but because of the enormous social pressure psychopaths put on their own families to display loyalty under any conditions or under any abuse.  Regardless of the empathic or psychopathic attributes of each member, this forces the family society into a psychopathic society.  Valuing only each others status in the competition of displaying loyalty to the family.

Appointing sub-par family members to important roles or positions would be questioned as the practical failures pile up.  It can threaten not only the psychopaths free ride on their more capable brethren, but the most successful member of the family’s status as well.  So to avoid accusations of nepotism, accusations themselves receive the harshest punishment.  The most successful family becomes above reproach.  Royalty is not given to the family as an honor for outstanding duty, although that may be the ruse, but instead is implemented by the family itself as a security measure against a psychopathic family members unemployment.  Probably initiated by one of the less successful family members at the start.

Since often royalty will interbreed or only breed with other royalty, and psychopaths breed faster than empaths, it’s easy to see how it’s only a matter of time before the highest member of the ruling family is a psychopath.  Of course the new king (or queen) is considered infallible.  Without the long term risk assessment (aka:conscience) of an empath, and with all logical suggestions being considered backtalk at best or high treason at the worst, it’s easy to see how many kingdoms so suddenly and catastrophically failed.  Not only do royal monarchies have poor resistance to psychopathic control, their status as royals couldn’t exist without it.