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Video intro to Civgene

CIvgene can be complex and confusing, but if you’ve got an hour, I lay out the basics in a simple way.   Good way to get started.


Civgene presents simple effective solutions to AI


There is growing concern that AI or artificial intelligence will ruthlessly enslave humanity.  These fears are real, and on the current path, very justified.

Some background.

Lets separate this in to it’s two separate threats.

The first threat is that AI achieves intelligence with no counterpart either in the human or computer world, and then decides humanity is no longer useful or worthwhile.  Some know this is as the singularity.

This may be solvable by hard wiring a conscience in a very similar fashion as described by civgene.  An emotional metamind with mandatory emotional recall.  With a distracting and sometimes painful compulsion to also consider a rationally inaccessible risk calculation created passively and involuntarily.  Initially populated both by parental type training, and real world experience, but constantly creating further compound emotion associations to signal danger in both a useful and intrusive way.  In a word, digital empathy.

The second and more immediate threat, that automation will obsolete the vast majority of human thinking or skilled jobs but unlike the industrial revolution those people will become unemployable.

This is a problem that has already been solved.  Psychopaths are natural centrist statists.  Centralizing power both because they want to become the master of all other people(and the other people become slaves), but also because they regard empathy as a myth, a fraud, and an erratic defect.  Much like a purely rational super intelligent AI might view the whole of humanity.

That centrism comes at a price. a large and growing graft proportional to the growing proportion of psychopaths in a particular civilization (they eventually collapse it)  Legal distribution, designed to add risk to centrisim for the sake of itself does so by using democracy to override bluntly wasteful laws.  Laws can be intentionally wasteful, diverting economy of scale to increased power for a few, or UNINTENTIONALLY wasteful, like forcing people to work a longer work week than the economy needs, in turn creating a glut of labor and enslaving the people that can get jobs.

This of course varies case to case as most law and economics, but that’s the beauty of distributing one law at a time.  A distributed law responds to public calls of no confidence with new segmented market data.   (A lack of uncontaminated market data being the most cited failing of persistent socialism/communism.)  It is the solution to socialism meant as a temporary repair to an ailing people, but becoming de-facto permanent rule as a tool of oppression. (a 40 hour work week was a blessing 100 years ago, and now is a curse) It is a populist relief valve against too much power on the statist side of the intentionally hidden axis on the political compass.

The problem is arbitrary labor force hourly requirements creating a glut of labor.  The present state is slavery or obsolescence, but cooperation and prosperity can return if law speeds up to match the recent blinding speed of technology.

Please see the background page for more information on the civgene theories and legal distribution.



‘I was just following my superior’s orders’ – Nuremberg principle IV

Is obedience a virtue?  It certainly is treated as such by some.   Obedience may bring to mind strict parents or the rank and file of the military.   Certainly some good has come from both.  It seems to contradict the idea that the human right to fork or to walk away from and split with authority is valid at all.  With some exploration of the word and it’s uses for good, it becomes clear that humanty’s understanding of obedience must be a misnomer.

To answer this we need to look at what virtue itself is about.  A virtue is personal attribute (transitory or not) that reflects both morality and accomplishment.  In other words a person with an accomplishment behind them that deems them worthy of respect (Please see an earlier post for exploration of that word.)  Morality is of course some variation of conscionable behavior.

The very concept of obedience falls apart as a virtue.  The conscience as defined by civgene (psychopaths as our predecessors) indicates that moral thought is comprised of reason (defined), and the metamind part of reason will always be subconscious. A virtue must include both parts of reason (the hunch and rational thought.)  With enough time, your gut will contradict your orders, and unrationalized obedience becomes a vice.

I’m not saying the obedience has no place in civilization.  The lions share of humans may be empaths, but we share the world with psychopaths.  Psychopaths lash out at a world which rejects their master/slave model.  They can be treated well with the right considerations and restrictions, but they will never participate in self contained cooperation.  They simply lack the tools.

To share a particular mission with psychopaths we need to revert to their way of thinking, temporally.  The oath is the solution to this conundrum.  To the psychopath the oath has no subconscious impact, just more master/slave orders to follow, but to the emapth it is ceding one’s personal conscience to a self realized principle.  The consequences of disobedience tie directly back to that oath.    When orders conflict with oath, the commander has broken the very respect upholding the oath has earned him.  He is no longer acting in a virtuous way.

So when an empath follows orders from a parent or a commander, that right to fork is only temporally, voluntarily, ignored.  You can be obedient to an open principle, but no human owns your destiny, except you.  Your conscience owns immoral orders as if they were your own mistakes.   Abusing your conscience in any fashion slowly destroys your understanding of right and wrong.  Morally dubious orders program your subconscious with false risks, crippling your abilty to think in a complete way.  You become oblivious to danger at all levels.  Your temporary submission to achieve the goals of your mission, has made you less capable, which in turn endangers it.

An immoral parent with a gambling addiction may corral you into friends that take money management lightly, a mentor may exploit you sexually as payment for hard to come by experience, and a commander may demand you kill people who pose no violent threat to anyone.  Please consider the respect you have, and may one day be afforded by your society.  That respect reflects your virtues, including operating under oath, and refusing to operate when that oath is violated.

Specifically on children, they and parents have an unwritten oath.  Society demands it, for it’s own good.  The parent genuinely emparts their understanding of the world, and the child genuinely incorporates it into their metamind as their starting point.  A way to get by until their metamind begins adapting to their own experiences.   Forming an understanding of how to invest in themselves and their world without being taken, robbed or crushed in any number of ways.  Children are not slaves to be exploited.  The legitimate oath is by design, temporary, conditional, and only fully functional when perpetually transitional towards functional adulthood.

Psychopaths only compete and never cooperate.  They do not obey moral principles, only hierarchy.  We have some distance to travel before they can be identified and are never given authority over data or other human beings.  They may recite an oath aloud, but it’s up to you to make sure they follow it.  You do yourself, them and humanity as a whole a service when you shun disloyalty to a moral oath.  That is what an oath is for.  A bridge between two groups of humans who behave as two different sets.  Shunning externally simulates the metamind for those without one.   Immediate direct consequence is the only way to impart moral principles to those without conscience.

An oath can externally recreate the functionality of a meta-psychopath for a group of otherwise principled humans.  A conditional temporary suspension of personal reason to well thought out societal rationalizations.  Just obedience is possible if a moral oath is served with integrity.  Obedience need not be slavery, but in the absence of moral thought, it surely is.

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2013 study: Entertaining conspiracy theory indicates emotional blance


A month ago I wrote that conspiracy theories, assuming you treat them as theories until proven otherwise, are an excellent exercise for the health of your conscience.  It turns out that those who believe (misused word IMO) in conspiracy theories, are more emotionally balanced in general, and less prone to rage and outburst.  A typical psychopathic symptom.

This matches my ideas about the prevalence of psychopathic society and the personal effects of subscribing to it.  Particularly individuals becoming  proto-psychopaths and nullifying the use and influence of the conscience as directed by external reprogramming of emotional metadata.

The article that originally sources this study, also cites a new book.  The quote is as such.  “The CIA’s campaign to popularize the term ‘conspiracy theory’ and make conspiracy belief a target of ridicule and hostility must be credited, unfortunately, with being one of the most successful propaganda initiatives of all time”

I would love to know if this is just a plausible theory or substantiated.  We have mentioned previous proven CIA psyops here.  It would be interesting to see if the CIA would continue this practice, discouraging conspiracy theory that is, if it was common knowlage that the result was likely proto-psychopathy and diminished role of the conscience.  The only two societies furnished by history as successful with large numbers of psychopaths in the population are the time share aka: the cooperative model of conscionable behavior or outright slavery.  Not to say proto-psychopaths are identical to genetic psychopaths, but the behavior is close enough that the genetically supported models are a plausible expectation of widespread proto-psychopathy.  In addition it seems unlikely that large percentages of proto-psychopaths would make it any easier to catch sociopath stage psychopaths.

Another book for the stack.  🙂

Tie a bell around their neck.



Previously I have written about how to create a type one civilization without genetic screening for psychopaths.  But what if we did genetic screening for the civilization gene?  What would a genetic study look like?  How would society look after the discovery of the civilization gene?

A couple of samples.

Dr Hare has previous suggested the only way to really protect society from psychopaths is to tie a bell around their neck. We already do that, sometimes. The ASPD or ego stage psychopaths volunteer themselves for screening by the criminal justice system. This is no accident. The antics of ASPD psychopaths in jail(like attempts on Dr Hare’s life) led him to his numerous studies on the subject. The Hare was born in the pen, to be used in the pen.

People have a fundamental right to free will and to define their relationships, and may fraternize, interact, conduct business with, and even reproduce with who they like, including psychopaths. These rights shall not be infringed. This is the fundamental underpinning for the right to fork ANY organization including national governments. The right of rejection of government authority is the flip side of giving psychopaths rights that they are wired to abuse.


God and the devil. Pencils and pens.


Sign on the dotted line, ink only please.  Forgiveness may be the way of largest religion in the world, Christianity, but certainly not of any state, democratic and free market or not.  Actions are immutable as such any legal structure will tell you.  Do the crime and you do the time.

Mutability and moral relativism, considering each case based on circumstances, certainly could lead to a complete breakdown of civilization.  While most assume this as the usual cause it may be that a second population, a population of strictly amoral psychopaths, has simply grown too large for moral agents to support.  But lets pair it back and consider only strictly legal cases.  Ones where an action was reprehensible but only subject to social pressure.

A few examples of this might be a 60 year old man dating an 18 year old friend of his daughters.  Or a person who intentionally drives in unusually risky way, on the worst road they can find, secretly hoping insurance will replace a car they have tired of.  How about a neighbor who lets his five dogs bark all night, every night, simply because their is no rule against it in his town.  From the strictest dictatorship, to most trusting and lax commune, there will always be those who break natural law.

Good law simply codifies already accepted practice in natural law.  Of course this means that all good law has an awkward stage.  The moment before people recognize the utility in codifying it, but when society has accepted it en masse.  I noticed this recently in the case of drivers with a cell phone glued to their ear.  Only a few years ago we were clearly in an awkward stage where natural law was in full force, but penalties where not codified.  Now they are.  Ink was put to paper, and accidents due to cell phone use while driving went down.

So why were the 60 year old, the regretful car owner, and keeper of the hounds not targeted?  You may argue that they were missed, but I don’t think so.  Legal penalties have a cost too.  Many legal consequences can follow you for your sentence, plus 7 years, and some others for life.  You are no longer part of many societies and at least in part the civilization, but instead a slave to it.  Uncodified natural law is collective statement against trust in the mechanisms of hierarchy.

Here’s where the pencil and pen come in.  The pencil, the instrument of ideas.  Change, adjust, or wipe out whole pages.  It’s totally mutable.  The icon of forgiveness.  Compare this to the pen.  Every mistake, no matter how small recorded forever.  Often there is not recourse.  Sign the right paper and become the undisputed master, sign the wrong one and you are doomed to slavery.  In the worst folklore, for eternity.

I’m sure you’ve heard never to sign anything without reading it first.  I’ve got something new to add to it.  Consider shunning those who favor the pen.  Both on a societal level and a personal one.  I’m not saying abandon law, but instead shun those who push new law that is not already common practice.  On a more personal level shun those who want you to commit in writing outside of your natural ways.  Be weary of those who would bring up your past errors long after forgiveness is or should be claimed.  Psychopaths love to force people into codified law.  Not primarily out of cruelty, but out of weakness.  They can not cope with not knowing who the master and who the slave is.  They have no handle on natural law, because natural law is formed by the collective conscience of a civilization.  Something they can only observe from the outside.

Royal Monarchies – The psychopaths biggest society



Royalty, the master society, is another society under psychopathic control.  The best scenario for psychopaths cooperating, specifically with family.  The best case it not great though.  Royals are a fickle bunch, historically turning on each other in a way that seem inexplicable to most people.  Sure some archaic or unknown rule is sited when they eat their own, but it’s just and cruel and random as it feels from outside.

Most moral agents don’t take royalty seriously as a moral force.  They can be ethical, and ethical monarchs have existed, but they are the outliers, not the norm.  A moral monarch is inherently locked in a psychopathic society, specifically their family.  Most benevolent behavior from monarchs can be traced to forms of competition.  The monarchs want to enjoy their better lifestyle, greater longevity and physical pleasures.  In exchange they do their best to attack things that do (or may) threaten the more immediate health of their whole society.  This has a predictable effect on technology as original improvements in any device or system often first appear to the socially minded as disruptions in the social or economic order.

It’s simple but important to explicitly point out the the royals are the ultimate masters of the ultimate authority, and you are just a slave or subject.  This suits not only the psychopath as a royal, but many psychopaths of no status in the kingdom.  Most roles are clearly defined with little change over a lifetime, making social behavior more predictable and scripted roles simpler to maintain.  Also, it makes those of lower social status mere playthings to psychopaths hungering for social control satisfying the goals of protection, competition, and amusement.

How does a psychopathic family maintain control?  The family or kin society is the largest society any psychopath can belong to.  They do sometimes have feelings for close family that we can feel for anyone we meet.  Not compassion such as an empath might feel but a biological yearning to impress or protect them.  Family is the only group they ever have or ever can belong to.  From their perspective their ‘love’ for each other is more sincere than the empathy other humans feel for each other.  Because defaulting to trust is ubiquitous among most humans, they see it as cheap and useless.  ‘Everybody has it so who would want it?’, they might ask.  They take our honesty as proof of inferiority to the small and specific concern they share with their blood family.  They obsess over the one considerate feeling for any other human being they actually have.

For the would be royal family, kin is the only super-aliance that could ever exist.  Not only is it the largest, but the only society they can ever belong to.  So of course they value the impression they leave on family more than any other.  This indicates that royal families started with their most socially successful member legitimately (or maybe not) winning power.  As their ability to support a larger organization grew they begin to appoint family members to positions of power.  Not because they were superior or even because they could trust them, but because of the enormous social pressure psychopaths put on their own families to display loyalty under any conditions or under any abuse.  Regardless of the empathic or psychopathic attributes of each member, this forces the family society into a psychopathic society.  Valuing only each others status in the competition of displaying loyalty to the family.

Appointing sub-par family members to important roles or positions would be questioned as the practical failures pile up.  It can threaten not only the psychopaths free ride on their more capable brethren, but the most successful member of the family’s status as well.  So to avoid accusations of nepotism, accusations themselves receive the harshest punishment.  The most successful family becomes above reproach.  Royalty is not given to the family as an honor for outstanding duty, although that may be the ruse, but instead is implemented by the family itself as a security measure against a psychopathic family members unemployment.  Probably initiated by one of the less successful family members at the start.

Since often royalty will interbreed or only breed with other royalty, and psychopaths breed faster than empaths, it’s easy to see how it’s only a matter of time before the highest member of the ruling family is a psychopath.  Of course the new king (or queen) is considered infallible.  Without the long term risk assessment (aka:conscience) of an empath, and with all logical suggestions being considered backtalk at best or high treason at the worst, it’s easy to see how many kingdoms so suddenly and catastrophically failed.  Not only do royal monarchies have poor resistance to psychopathic control, their status as royals couldn’t exist without it.

Self defense from sociopaths


As I mentioned in the BSA and Catholic Church child defense review, an intelligent sociopath stage psychopath may show no signs until a golden opportunity presents it’s self.  Without genetic screening how do you protect yourself?  Actually there are quite a few things you can do.   They may require permanent life changes, but it’s well worth it.  You won’t need to wait until society catches up to enjoy the benefits.

The key to happiness is a commitment to enlightenment.    Once you know how to know yourself, then making the world a better place becomes the obvious goal.  The key to both of these stages is knowing who to trust.  If you know who to trust, everything else falls into place.   It’s all about conserving energy for endeavors that first help yourself, and ultimately strengthen your ability to help others.

Train Yourself

  • Know yourselfYou have emotions attached to every memory.  You can’t (and shouldn’t) change them all, but if you know WHY you have that emotional reaction then you own it.  If you can’t be surprised, you can’t be manipulated.  Your emotions may be hurtful or damaging, and destructive, but are never inaccurate.  That’s what you feel.  Understand them all.  Learn to counteract old destructive emotions, with positive ones that value you, your loved ones and your societies.  If you understand the old emotions and add new positive emotions, the old ones become
    far less dangerous or destructive.  The conscience is a game of averages.
  • Study psychopaths – Learn about how psychopaths act in narcissistic, ASPD and sociopath stages, and how intelligence and wealth accelerates the progression.  Consider how someone who views all others as either their master or their slave would interact with the world.   You can study many other animals for examples.  Know what a golden opportunity is, not just in reality, but from different perspectives, points of view,and intelligence levels.  Most importantly always remember that all people project what they want to see onto others.  They will project superficiality onto you, and you compassion and empathy on them.
  • Become a meta-psychopath –  Intentionally hide your emotions and act like a psychopath under some conditions.  This is very dangerous and not for everybody.  Your conscience can quickly become overloaded with negative emotions, making you the monster you set out to fight.  Once you understand how other people work, and completely know yourself (your emotions), you can put them aside for a larger purpose.  Undercover police are a great example of how this might work.  Avoid hierarchical psychopath cooperatives as they become police states and cults, and you may not be allowed to abandon your post when the needs of your conscience demands it.  For hands on training you can join a society that is a psychopath cooperative.  This is where psychopaths are allowed some psychopathic behavior in exchange for strict limits as to when and where they can act out.  Typical examples might be black markets, counter-cultures, and activist collectives.  Of course I am NOT endorsing any illegal activity here.  For example the global heavy metal society may be one example of a completely legal, non-hierarchical counter-culture that is mildly psychopathic.


Identify psychopaths

  • Perform the questionnaire – Take the Hare attributes and Thomas Sheridan’s attributes and rate 6-10 people from 1-5 (not true to very true) for each attribute.  You must make sure to include yourself, and at least one person you are sure is not a psychopath to create a baseline.  If anyone has all the required attributes and many of the others, you have identified them.
  • Play the dupe – If you truly know yourself then bragging, boasting and generally displaying your full prowess is not needed.  Learn how to get people to underestimate you.  You will know you are succeeding when you become the subject of cruel jokes and endless ribbing and brow beating.  The psychopath will quickly assert themselves as them master and begin to order you about.  Now you have found them.
  • Set traps – Leave a variety of easy scores laying about.  Leave a $100 as bookmark on a coffee table book.  Leave your most powerful pain killer prescription bottle in the medicine cabinet in your bathroom with an exact number of placebo (probiodics work great)  pills in it.  Set your boss up to take credit for a project of yours at work.  Send a flirty, loyal but unknown friend to chat with your boyfriend, and see if he takes the bait.  If they take the bait no need to confront them.  The goal was identification, mission accomplished.
  • Examine their past – Don’t be afraid to ask tough questions about their past, not only of them but previous friends.  It doesn’t need to be a job interview.  Ask to see photo albums.  Ask about old cars.  Previous houses, towns.  Psychopaths love to brag so make it about how great their things and awards were.  This takes some time but this should yield research-able leads about their entire life.  If not, the risk is too great to continue.
  • Observe behavior

Ending the madness

Once you know who to trust your following actions should be a fairly easy decision.  It may be difficult to walk the path, but please persevere.  Shun all psychopaths.  Interact with them as minimally as possible.That way the next time they see a golden opportunity, you won’t be involved.  If must interact with them be sure you have a trusted witness.

Unless you are comfortable and skilled as a meta-psychopath, you should not remain in a society with known psychopaths.  Instead focus on local societies.  Use the rules of the societies to rout them, or find/form societies that have not yet been infiltrated and controlled.

If you are financially involved with a psychopath, minimize interactions to business, record everything, and make a plan to exit the relationship as soon as possible.

One day I will expand and revise this list.  Of course I am open to suggestions.  I hope this helps.