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The end of all republics


The words are hard to find when discussing the chaos in the 2016 presidential election in the psychopath trap known as the United States government.  People, even both parties subconsciously captive proto-psychopaths, realize that something huge has happened, even if they can’t determine what.  I think I’ve sorted it out.

I noticed that cyber-security specialists, for the moment, seem to fall almost completely on the statist point on the political compass.  People of all political affiliations group around a single point of view.  That cryptographicly signed, leaked emails, must be ignored.  A point a view that without it’s massive scope and current context would ever have been proffered by even a significant minority of them a mere six months ago.  Today It dawned on my rickety brain why.  They are fighting the leading edge of a trend that changes their career path.  Facing their own obsolescence.

I am not talking about the cyber security analyst at large trying to harden network structures against attack and limit damage when that fails.  I’m talking specifically about internet based evidence gatherers.  Internet cops.  Specialists of formal investigation and the resulting digital custody chains.  In one long mathematically indisputable batch of emails the ability of LEOs to have any effect, or to be effective, died.

The robots are coming and they are from Wikileaks.

Lets talk some math.  DKIM is a method of signing an email.  The entire thing including the header (sender, postmark and return address).   Some of the wikileaks emails are signed by Gmail with 2048 bit encryption.  Odds that the 2048 bit DKIM encryption signed emails have been altered is roughly 1 in 64 trillion.  This may just seem like a really big number to you until you realize this number represents the biggest number of any evidence chain.  The BEST case (the best tests and samples) for DNA being incorrect is 1 in 20 billion.  Usually it’s more like 1 in 10 million with more realistic samples, genetic target and affordable testing.  Forget the physical evidence point of view.  With a fatal car accident every hour in the United States (for example) there is a 1 in 300 million chance any particular physical sample is corrupted after being onboard during a fatal car crash.

Why does this matter?  Because the most reliable method of written evidence delivery, can now be sent from a random, anonymous, source on the Internet.  Police, even international spies, need not apply.  In addition, a corrupt government can no longer forge statistically significant contrary evidence in defense of a corrupt government.

The technology is now proven that it is no longer in the the interest of people to hire expensive, flawed LEOs, but instead insist that their governments just use DKIM for all digital communications.  Chain of custody included.  Cybersecurity custody professionals, perhaps subconsciously, have been protecting their own employment prospects from the automation wave.

So when do all the republics die?

If citizens had correct conceptual understanding of their own societies, that would probably NOT happen.  Unfortunately that is not the case.  Several theories about psychopaths have become part or near fact since the 1970s, coming as close as psychology ever does to hard science.   They are largely considered to be 1-3% of the population, are attracted to wealth and power, are both ruthless and incurable, and are the highest functioning mental illness.  Simply put they are attracted to corrupt opportunities of government power in the psychopath trap.  They become gridlocked in that trap as career politicians, winning small victories while calculating risks from many blackmails from their peers.  It’s dirty, and ruthless, and law is created and enforced like sausage is made.  In unappetizing fashion.

In a world where psychopaths are fact, if you are foolish enough to think you have a ‘team’ in this fight, you probably have no idea how it works.

When countries, outsider candidates or even random citizens can introduce evidence with a better chain of custody than even the very best evidence the police for a country can produce, it throws the psychopath trap in disarray.  Despicably maintained but carefully balanced power, suddenly shifts as LEOs suddenly pull cornerstones from their mooring.  This, sometimes, is why they protest enforcing the law.  Like pulling a rotten tooth from the mouth, it’s a grotesque and unnerving, if necessary job.

It is entirely possible that a political and psychopathic union may form during lulls in evidentiary activity.  If enough time passes without a leak or a whistleblower, they may temporarily stabilize key support and convert the republic into some variation of dictatorship.  This is where enlightened countries may be entirely lost to tyranny.  This is where stupid psychopaths below the top rung do anything to save their own skin.  There is justice among the horror as it won’t work for most.

Now that this technology exists (it need never be ‘approved’ to be effective) and the purge has begun, it is in the interest of insiders, even the dirtiest psychopaths, to both flee and keep the signed leaks coming.  This is the signal that the trio of psychopath choice (double down, defect and die) only has one option left, defect.  This is because dictatorships have far fewer key supporters, so most key political positions will be eliminated.  With the leading indications of their internal enforcement methods coming to light, it’s clear that many if not all key supporters will be hunted and/or executed if they do not qualify for the short list of required keys.  Psychopaths don’t do self sacrifice.  He who panics first, panics best.  A person with an uncaptured built in risk engine (the conscience) would know that.  The smartest psychopaths should keep council with them.

Republics that proffer law and order without at least a superior custodial track for cryptographically signed communications will be known as democratic in name only.  A rapidly fading role awaits them on the global stage.

The republic reborn

If you are lucky enough to live in one of the republics that remains representative during this process, what will you be given?   A technocratic republic for sure.  One where hierarchy is not just casually but formally mistrusted.  Where communications from officials in office are mandated to DKIM verification.  A system where legal distribution looms over the would be corrupt secret deals in all new law.  A place where voters would vote using the spoiler and gerrymandering free approval voting on a blockchain, verifiable from anywhere by private key, but who’s anonymity would be protected by both technology and law.  A system where debt is allowed but all currency and money is free in return.  A system where free trade could never include cessation of human rights in the trade.  A system where a type one civilization may finally be possible.

Until then it’s simply an ugly waiting game.  Patience, luck and work.  A slow motion mudslide pushing away establishment key supporters.  Until the first time hidden allies don’t scurry away when a stone is moved.  Blackmail interlock cascade exhaustion.  People will say, ‘lets see what went wrong’, but it’s already obvious.  Secret alliances plotting against the public at large.  In a word, corruption, intentionally placed in places the public can’t reach it.  Placed by people, often psychopaths and their minions, who took advantage of a system that while sceptical was not sceptical enough.

2013 study: Entertaining conspiracy theory indicates emotional blance


A month ago I wrote that conspiracy theories, assuming you treat them as theories until proven otherwise, are an excellent exercise for the health of your conscience.  It turns out that those who believe (misused word IMO) in conspiracy theories, are more emotionally balanced in general, and less prone to rage and outburst.  A typical psychopathic symptom.

This matches my ideas about the prevalence of psychopathic society and the personal effects of subscribing to it.  Particularly individuals becoming  proto-psychopaths and nullifying the use and influence of the conscience as directed by external reprogramming of emotional metadata.

The article that originally sources this study, also cites a new book.  The quote is as such.  “The CIA’s campaign to popularize the term ‘conspiracy theory’ and make conspiracy belief a target of ridicule and hostility must be credited, unfortunately, with being one of the most successful propaganda initiatives of all time”

I would love to know if this is just a plausible theory or substantiated.  We have mentioned previous proven CIA psyops here.  It would be interesting to see if the CIA would continue this practice, discouraging conspiracy theory that is, if it was common knowlage that the result was likely proto-psychopathy and diminished role of the conscience.  The only two societies furnished by history as successful with large numbers of psychopaths in the population are the time share aka: the cooperative model of conscionable behavior or outright slavery.  Not to say proto-psychopaths are identical to genetic psychopaths, but the behavior is close enough that the genetically supported models are a plausible expectation of widespread proto-psychopathy.  In addition it seems unlikely that large percentages of proto-psychopaths would make it any easier to catch sociopath stage psychopaths.

Another book for the stack.  🙂

Conspiracy theory

  It’s healthy to partake in conspiracy theory, provided you don’t believe it until sufficient facts back it up.
  • You could gain a new understanding of the world.
  • You can better understand people who believe the conspiracy theory.
  • Conspiracy theory is a variation of the hunch.  Hunches are at the core of all good police and intelligence work.
  • A well thought out conspiracy theory is a variation of faith.  Faith is the moral underpinning of rational society.
  • A conspiracy theory can be an excellent exercise in civics.  Understanding the morality and impact of different actions on society.  Include overt ones.
  • Most importantly you emotionally condition yourself not to over react if the conspiracy theory or a similar one actually turn out to be true. 9/11 is a perfect example of this.  Remember if people can make you have an emotional reaction more intense than you expected, they can manipulate you.
Therefore it’s nearly a certainty that people who mock casual discussion of conspiracy theories are are up to no good.  Very likely they are in the emotional manipulation business.

Proto-psychopaths and Meta-psychopaths


Credit for the proto-psychopath goes to Thomas Sheridan.  I first read about it in his book ‘Puzzling People.’   It is an important part of the puzzle.  He mainly talks about proto-psychopaths having been so badly reprogrammed that their conscience is effectively shut off.  Their resulting behavior is indistinguishable from a psychopath.  An empath would need to be under a continuous interactive reprogramming effort.  As we know the metamind is constantly changing as it’s data changes.  Add enough new data with no reprogramming and a conventional conscience will reform, possibly bringing with it terrible guilt in the face of psychopathic acts.  They have been reprogrammed, probably with great effort and care, to eliminate or cancel out conscionable emotional effects.   Proto-psychopaths are most likely to occur in a slavery or cult setting, where they are living with one or more psychopaths.

I suggest that there is a second form of emapth who can act like a psychopath, the meta-psychopath.  They have an active conscience, but they look, can act and can function like a psychopath.  Their metamind has been more or less completely resolved with their logical mind.  While they still have emotional metadata and still have compulsory emotional recall,  they know the source of all their emotions and are able to completely cancel out the distracting or possibly crippling effects of their emotional responses.  In other words, this behavior is only possible if they know themself.

I’m inclined to think that there are several factors, possibly in concert, contributing to an empath becoming a meta-psychopath.  I emphasize ‘becoming’ here because the metamind is fluid, changing emotional context with experience, and subsequently the meta-psychopaths ability to act as a psychopath devoid of outward conscionable reactions.  Emotional resiliency(or emotional quotient), youthful exposure to psychopaths, life changing emotional events, or even planned conditioning may all play a factor.

Some adult examples of people who might be meta-psychopaths are spys, police, soldiers, politicians, or business leaders.  People who can blend with psychopaths on the surface, working toward long term conscionable goals in secret.  I use adults careers to create clear examples of the use of role, but career may not be directly related to how someone became a meta-psychopath.

Empathic children may pretend to be psychopaths as defensive tactic.  While it’s doubtful they can be so worldly as to never be surprised by their own emotions, they pretend as if this is the case.  It may be a sign that they are being exposed to an actual psychopath.  Interestingly while this duplicitous posture may make them social failures or outcasts at a young age, they may later become a successful adult meta-psychopath, coming into a position do great good for their society as moral agent able to navigate psychopathic societies.  Unfortunately their existence further clouds the landscape and provides a cover for psychopaths.

Why we need intelligence agencies


Been quite a bit in the news on whistle-blowers (not the newly invented ‘leakers’ a trigger word)  lately.  The NSA has been trashed by the Snowden leaks.  The CIA humiliated and damaged by the Wikileaks papers.  At one level this is journalism at it’s finest.  But if social sentiment turns to far against them this can go really really wrong.

It turns out a varient of Freud’s subconscious model id,ego,superego is also displayed in psychopaths narcissist, ASPD, and sociopath.  We are all most familiar with the ASPD stage.  They are popular villain, namely one who wears his disdain on his sleeve.  Up to thinly veiled (or unveiled) no good both in fictional and real world courtrooms.  Narcissists, while threatening to advance into an ASPD are strategically comical to the self aware, lost in a maze of their own image.  The real problem is sociopaths.

Sociopaths are usually intelligent, sometimes wealthy and well connected. Partly because it is so difficult to navigate the ASPD government trap that is the rule of law in the western world.  They have exited the gauntlet.  They know who they are and will never show you until the chips are down.  That is the nature of their logically constructed superego.  Their conscience construct or system of limits can be defined as ‘give away nothing.’

Law, and the police that follow it are powerless against them.  They just don’t have the tools, because often they don’t break the law.  When they do they make sure to cover their tracks with blackmail and mechanics so complicated that the court system can’t reconstruct it without a career change.  To them the world is a ripe crop of golden opportunities.  Companies, societies, and even whole countries built on trusting relationships are social engineering attacks waiting to happen.

Who can stop them?  Sometimes no one, or when it goes really wrong, society itself.  But sometimes, the right person, operating at their level of intelligence can throw a wrench in the just the right place, and stop their ghastly machines.

When the intelligence agencies are down on their luck, the sociopaths know it and are on the move.  Time for a little soul searching.  If your privacy is already dead (it is) who really benefits when the NSA gets shut down?  Even just for a minute.  Who can move in the open when the spys are staring at their shoes?  Not a condemnation, but certainly a suspicious consideration.

I’m sure best sociopaths can walk though the psychological exam stapled to their job application.  Such is the world of mirrors and smoke.  Every organization with meaningful power has them in the ranks.  But for every applicant with their own purpose 100 well meaning people who truly want to make society better apply.  Many will fail to crack the code, but some have the tools AND the talent.  The best spies are the only effective police for the sociopath.

Thanks to Michael Westens of the world.  You know who you are even if we don’t.  Without you society is lost.