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Avoiding nuclear cascade failure


Civgene is the theory that human beings are genetically two separate behavioral sets, psychopaths and empaths (non psychopaths.)   Empaths are far more populous and their behavior is largely (if not entirely) responsible for civilization as we think of it.  Anyone can bear a child who is a genetic psychopath.  Psychopaths breed more quickly than non psychopaths (ignoring moral consequences allow psychopaths to have more children) with a higher likelyhood of bearing a psychopath.  Their proportions grow, and eventually they collapse their civilization by collapsing trust based mechanisms, through corruption and graft.

This presents a technological problem for the modern world.  Economic collapse or rapid simplification was a simple enough solution in the past.  Suddenly economies could no longer support the psychopaths, and they died off reducing their portion of the population, with collateral damage.  Like a fever in your body fights a flu.  Now there are 400+ nuclear power plants which as Fukushima demonstrated, could rapidly destroy the planet.  A fever so severe it kills the host.    The key is they need constant attendance by educated workers, which will be difficult to maintain when the basic supplies no longer flow.

There is new hope.  There are quite a few generation III+ nuclear power plants going up next year in 2017.  While these do not hit the ideal target of one month unmanned operation, they can remain unmanned without power or supplies for 72  hours, and a skeleton crew can keep them operating indefinitely.  A defining feature is the plants finally use natural forces like gravity and condensation, to circulate cooling water making meltdown far less likely.  This is great news.

Generation III+ may be the good enough to survive an economic collapse in conjunction with some onsite family relocation and stockpiling of basic supplies for that key skeleton crew of workers, but that work is just beginning.  The hundreds of existing plants need to be shut down and replaced ASAP.   We need the global economy to survive until that work is complete.  Unfortunately the economy is already collapsing in uncontrolled localization and simplification.  Collapse is already in progress.

I suggest citizens consider legal distribution as a solution to a limited and controlled check on destructive corruption.  Both in perception and efficiency, legal distribution can provides a check valve, away from power centers, on the most flagrant and arm folding corruption.  Corruption so severe it outweighs economy of scale at it’s current scope.  Rather than destroy entire governments, citizens can set up a soft but functional landing for the components of government they trust the least.  Creating a framework of negotiation to prevent critical economy of scale from shrinking smaller than it is while subject to the waste, while cutting the most egregious bower brokers off from frustrating and impoverishing the public.  This will preserve trust and avoid another disaster caused by multiple supply lines cut to near zero by sudden credit seizure and poverty.

Today pervasive new technologies abound, and can solve real world problems like potential nuclear reactor cascade failure.  Many of these technologies are slowed by those power brokers because of disruptive properties that benefit market participants, but not non-obvious taxing beneficiaries.  If we get out of the way enough for the market to get a footing, it can keep local economies and their power plants in good health, long enough to upgrade them to a system that will not bring the earth to sudden radioactive ruin.  The point of no return.

What is happening to the global economy?


Psychopaths are exerting disproportional influence on the economy.  Some empaths have been captured  either by cult or by  political ideologies, becoming temporary proto-psychopaths.  This  leads to collapse, and a  rout of genetic psychopaths.   A brutal but effective means to reversion to a trust and metamind based economy.

We broke that mechanism when we split the atom.  If we let that happen again, the nuclear power plants could melt down, as they will fail disaster not fail safe when their daily mechanizations are no longer attended by knowing employees.  Perhaps this was by design as part of MAD, but it’s guillotine hanging over the planets head now.

Green loosely matches the Adam Smith model.  As we approach the red psychopathic supplements for trust behaviours, (substituting debt for money for example) we approach the dystopia Marx and Engels observed but lacked to data to understand.   Just in time, open source has demonstrated the vital importance of the right to fork.   If we support that right through systemic changes we can back away from the edge of the cliffs of collapse.

Discuss this with your families this Thanksgiving and perhaps we can make a change for the better.  Please share your ideas and comments.

EDIT: I left this post up for completeness but there is a newer superior 3d graph.


Stuxnet reaching far beyond targets


If you don’t know Stuxnet is a militarized virus designed specifically to destroy Iranian nuclear targets.  Turns out it isn’t as discriminating as originally thought.

Of course Stuxnet did it’s job, delaying Iranians nuclear program.  A success.  Why hasn’t it since stopped?

First the botched GE/Fukushima plant design failing, then the government shutting the nuclear watchdogs, now this.

How sane is a society that builds a weapon which can cause multiple nuclear accidents, and doesn’t install an off switch?  When will we take nuclear power seriously?  Radioactive heavy metals don’t care that they make you sad, or dead.  It’s not like nuclear weapons who’s fallout fades in months.  Once it’s out, it’s out.  Killing life in the oceans, air, and soil for tens of thousands of years.

Type one civilization paper complete


Major additions to the type one civilization paper. Added a comprehensive section on how to reform national governments to reduce corruption. Please reread and share.

Here is an excerpt.

I would suggest a new political party would be needed. The distribution party, or the distributors of law. Endorsing capitalist republics, but ones with minimal powers under constant scrutiny and subject to regular legal distribution. Fiscally conservative but socially liberal. Dedicated to rewriting laws and their allocated funding to the smallest locales possible.

Please comment, share, like and discuss.

Warning for psychopaths


You benefit from our society.

We are masters of low likelihood, high impact risk.  Each of us has a second mind dedicated just to long term risk.  Most don’t use it effectively all the time.  Make no mistake, we can at any time.  We have emergent problem solving and multi-generational knowledge that you don’t.  Small data can have a big impact.

  • We have sole capacity for investment and imagination.
  • We alone can create new technologies.

Our economy needs to progress with less waste to prevent the impending economic collapse and subsequent nuclear disaster.  Earth and it’s occupants, including you, are teetering on the edge of biological collapse.  Your parasitic role is about to kill the host.  Timing varies, but you will die to.

What’s are the consequences?  Pain, ruination, and your death.

To protect yourself from death do not interfere with the following…

  • Making spent nuclear fuel rod storage far more anti-fragile.  Even if it means giving up your goals.
  • We will rout out corruption and specifically wasteful psychopath control at all levels.  The economy can not be allowed to collapse yet.

We are not like you.  You never were ‘master.’  Society is your master.  Empaths have long given you implicit permission to ‘take a cut.‘  The last two generations did not understand how technology has changed the stakes.  We will.  It is in progress.  Our irrational emotions may yet turn us against you, but the status quo of graft has a definite outcome, death.  Support us or die.

Fukushima changed the global metamind.  It will vary, but soon all permission will be revoked.  Sure as the sun burns in the sky nuclear waste will bring ruin along the Pacific.  No propaganda will be sufficient to counteract our reaction to this.  You must pare back.

Do not cull your own.  It may distort ALL alliances and hasten your death.

No further action is recommended.  Submission is your best choice to survive and prosper.

Humanities nightmare, realized


Our worst nightmare is one step closer to being realized.

First read how self limiting psychopaths can spell nuclear disaster via economic collapse.

Then read how the psychopath trap of USA government wants to beat the game built the keep them busy doing nothing by merging the economy and government OR killing one of them off.

And now for the grand finale, lets put them together.  Entire United States nuclear watchdog agency sent home due to government shutdown.  Also most of the staff maintaining the plants are sent home as well.

As if to top this off with a satanic joke, just today Japan put out a call for international assistance with the degrading situation at Fukushima.  What kind of government do we have than can’t at least temporarily redirect those workers to designing a permanent solution while we don’t use them!?  We did already commit to paying them, did we not?

The way this is going, no amount of health insurance will heal this global suicide.  Something is deeply insincere about the rhetoric.  Somehow ‘I told you so’ doesn’t seem to cut it.  It’s time to cut free from selfish logic.  Time to become a type one civilization, or else.

Violence is not a solution


It could be said that there is no problem that can not be solved with violence.   I would concur that some problems can be solved with violence, but problem is the solution is always temporary.  Philosophies, even bad ones, are ratified in the blood of their purveyor.  Populations become more fearless as they cornered and become more threatened.   Natural resources and lives are wasted in conflict.  Psychopaths are no exception.

It seems that the lack of the civilization gene is not dominant.  Everyone has the warrior gene, if there even is such a single gene.  The behaviors it promotes are observed in all higher mammals.  Past civilizations have routed psychopaths.  To them all they had was a hammer so every problem looked like a nail.   They thought the effectiveness of their campaign would end their rein forever, not realizing their yet unborn child could be the next psychopath, through no fault of their own.  The best tool we have had until the 1970s, was a system that focused their aggression, drive, and selfish logic on the public good, a capitalist republic.

But we live in a different world now.  With work we can positively identify psychopaths with use of an MRI AND written tests.  With known pools of genetic material we can search for the civilization gene.  Once we have it we can screen.  Without the risk of intelligent test takers providing the answers the test expects.  Simply knowing what an ethical course of action is does not indicate an intent to follow it.

The ethics of screening are clear.  Law enforcement agencies already do it.  So do parole boards.  So corporations.  There is no outcry.  No once says this is unfair to the psychopaths.  We have already signed off on screening, so why not be effective at it.

It is insane to leave these tools on the table unused.  The clock is ticking and we will reach some critical mass of waste.  Once that happens the economy will fold and the empaths loose the opportunity to screen rather than exile and murder.  Probably forever.

A vote for no action is a vote for violence.  If we are lucky, which I doubt, it will simply land us right back where we are right now one day.  In the nuclear age it seems to me to be a pointless risk.  A temporary solution is no solution at all.