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The peril of hope.


When is hope helpful? A simple explanation of hope is a wish. Wishes, ungrounded, lend to magical thinking. Magical thinking being when insight or intuition is used without attempting to apply rational knowledge and logic. More specifically hope is projection of bliss into the future.

Future bliss sounds noble. It is desirable for all humans and animals. Everybody wants bliss. While the utility of perpetual bliss is unmeasurable, it’s likelihood is not. Even in perfect systems life is subject to random events. Scarcity and suffering, to at least a small degree is inevitable. Never ending bliss is practically speaking, a fantasy.

The human conscience is a risk engine. The wider the variety of data, both positive and negative in perception, the better it is at assessing risk. Negative events do not need to be directly experienced, though, those are more powerful. Humans can learn from others negative experiences, if we have access to them. Hope is a strictly positive spectrum. It’s lens filters out negative experiences. While a person is still forming emotional prototypes, the fewer negative experiences they have, the more poorly they will handle them.

The conscience catalogues our memories as an emotional timeline. Rational recall of memories evoke emotional states and emotional states evoke memories.  Magical thinking, most typically in children, is a lack of reason. Rational thinking does not reliability examine’s the conscience’s insights. Until the ‘age of reason’ (typically 8 years old) children can not reliably process their own insights and check them for provability or even explain-ability. A lie told to a young child is a lie believed, wished and hoped.

A conscience tuned with exhaustive reasoning usually provides a moral compass for the future. Hope sidelines this process. It provides a seemingly moral workaround, but only justified by a hope coloured incomplete risk engine. As adjunct to faith (knowing something you can’t prove) it bolsters ideas that have already survived reason. Without reason and faith, hope is effectively magical thinking.

Unreasonable and reasonable hope

  • Unreasonable hope: Insight(bliss) -> logical mind -> bliss based rationalization -> more bliss
  • Reasonable hope: Insight (a blend of bliss, despair and will to action) -> logical mind -> rationalization -> faith or fact (successful reason) -> faith (facts don’t need hope) -> reasonable hope (hope that’s been through the process of reason)

Hope is self perpetuating, and inferior to reason driven and inherently sceptical faith. It may occur if no emotional rewards are provided to children for challenging magical thinking at the age of reason along with emotionally negative events. It is impossible to weigh risk without negative examples for comparison. All scenarios do not need to be personally experienced, that’s both cruel and rejects the validity of imagination and empathy, but without some personal loss, imagination has no prototypes by which to scale despair.

Hope’s legitimate utility is a stand in for faith, in those too young or innocent to reason.

Reject hope as a substitute for reason by exposure to limited experiences with pain. Ideally in small, short, doses. Such as quality parenting allows. Once your prototypes are formed, seek limited exposure and understanding to the worst humiliations of others. Not habitually, but enough to maximize the risk calculating yield of your own failures. No level of competence is above failure. Infallibility is a sign of hope substituting for faith, and that is a hope based fantasy. Periodically go to your fear. Ground your hopes in faiths both provable and unprovable. Understand the pain of carrying truth alone. Now your conscience has been seasoned with realistic risk. If you don’t, your conscience has no idea what you are in for.

EDIT: A Warning about faith.   A healthy, stable society can help steer you away from poorly rationalized faiths (via shared faiths), but that can fail.  They can be destructive too.  Faith without quality reason is a setup for witchhunts, cult, and every downside to both logic, and hope.  Only active curation of the metamind(the conscience) can result in reason, and ultimately that curator must be you.  Know yourself.  Start small and focus on the most inclusive compassion ethics and logic allow.  Think long and often, act deliberately, and face, ‘The ends don’t justify the means,’ before you act.

RAD confirms civgene amnesia prototyping


RAD or Reactive Attachment Disorder fits the civgene Amnesia Prototyping model perfectly.

“defined as a condition where an individual has difficulty forming lasting relationships and lacks the ability to be genuinely affectionate toward others.  In addition, persons with RAD do not learn to trust others and do not appear to develop a conscience.”

What creates the conditions for RAD?

“This is believed to be caused by abuse or separation (physical or emotional) from one’s primary caregiver during the first three years of life”

The metamind model explains what is happening.  The non-psychopath’s brain is in a different mode at this age.  Instead of forming memories the metamind is forming types of memories or prototypes.  If a child is forced into risk assessment for survival (severe abuse) or has no emotional input whatsoever (Daniel Solomon ignored in an orphanage), prototypes are never created, and the metamind (the conscience/subconscious) can’t compare unlike things.  The metamind is a risk engine fed by emotional metadata.  With no data to output, no risk is modeled, and no conscience is displayed.

Of course the solution has already been found.  Attachment therapy.  What’s new is Civgene’s contribution to why it works.  A sufficient number of prototypes need to be formed so emotional structures can be attached to all memories, realizing the full biological EQ (and ultimately IQ) and forming a complete metamind.  The therapy works because such an extreme trust is formed (in the absence of risk) that during the therapy.  Hopefully in stretches of time that are long as possible. The key is no real consequences for the subjects actions, hence the conscience sends no risk signals.  In that environment the metamind may change modes to prototyping.  In that case it can write new emotional memories as prototypes doing the work that couldn’t occur at a young age.  Writing the prototypes that would have naturally formed in between 2 and 8 years old.

The bad news here is, there has been much false hope for curing actual psychopaths.  RAD victims may act like young psychopaths, but are not, nor ever will be psychopaths.  They are reverting to the pre-civilization gene jealousy conscience (acting like a psychopath.)  They have a metamind, but it never fully formed do to a lack of nurturing programming from guardians.

RAD untreated is a preventable, predictable, possibly lifelong, perpetuation of the first state of the metamind for humans born with one.  The states are undeveloped(including RAD), suppressed(transitory), metapsychopathy, and protopsychopathy.




‘I was just following my superior’s orders’ – Nuremberg principle IV

Is obedience a virtue?  It certainly is treated as such by some.   Obedience may bring to mind strict parents or the rank and file of the military.   Certainly some good has come from both.  It seems to contradict the idea that the human right to fork or to walk away from and split with authority is valid at all.  With some exploration of the word and it’s uses for good, it becomes clear that humanty’s understanding of obedience must be a misnomer.

To answer this we need to look at what virtue itself is about.  A virtue is personal attribute (transitory or not) that reflects both morality and accomplishment.  In other words a person with an accomplishment behind them that deems them worthy of respect (Please see an earlier post for exploration of that word.)  Morality is of course some variation of conscionable behavior.

The very concept of obedience falls apart as a virtue.  The conscience as defined by civgene (psychopaths as our predecessors) indicates that moral thought is comprised of reason (defined), and the metamind part of reason will always be subconscious. A virtue must include both parts of reason (the hunch and rational thought.)  With enough time, your gut will contradict your orders, and unrationalized obedience becomes a vice.

I’m not saying the obedience has no place in civilization.  The lions share of humans may be empaths, but we share the world with psychopaths.  Psychopaths lash out at a world which rejects their master/slave model.  They can be treated well with the right considerations and restrictions, but they will never participate in self contained cooperation.  They simply lack the tools.

To share a particular mission with psychopaths we need to revert to their way of thinking, temporally.  The oath is the solution to this conundrum.  To the psychopath the oath has no subconscious impact, just more master/slave orders to follow, but to the emapth it is ceding one’s personal conscience to a self realized principle.  The consequences of disobedience tie directly back to that oath.    When orders conflict with oath, the commander has broken the very respect upholding the oath has earned him.  He is no longer acting in a virtuous way.

So when an empath follows orders from a parent or a commander, that right to fork is only temporally, voluntarily, ignored.  You can be obedient to an open principle, but no human owns your destiny, except you.  Your conscience owns immoral orders as if they were your own mistakes.   Abusing your conscience in any fashion slowly destroys your understanding of right and wrong.  Morally dubious orders program your subconscious with false risks, crippling your abilty to think in a complete way.  You become oblivious to danger at all levels.  Your temporary submission to achieve the goals of your mission, has made you less capable, which in turn endangers it.

An immoral parent with a gambling addiction may corral you into friends that take money management lightly, a mentor may exploit you sexually as payment for hard to come by experience, and a commander may demand you kill people who pose no violent threat to anyone.  Please consider the respect you have, and may one day be afforded by your society.  That respect reflects your virtues, including operating under oath, and refusing to operate when that oath is violated.

Specifically on children, they and parents have an unwritten oath.  Society demands it, for it’s own good.  The parent genuinely emparts their understanding of the world, and the child genuinely incorporates it into their metamind as their starting point.  A way to get by until their metamind begins adapting to their own experiences.   Forming an understanding of how to invest in themselves and their world without being taken, robbed or crushed in any number of ways.  Children are not slaves to be exploited.  The legitimate oath is by design, temporary, conditional, and only fully functional when perpetually transitional towards functional adulthood.

Psychopaths only compete and never cooperate.  They do not obey moral principles, only hierarchy.  We have some distance to travel before they can be identified and are never given authority over data or other human beings.  They may recite an oath aloud, but it’s up to you to make sure they follow it.  You do yourself, them and humanity as a whole a service when you shun disloyalty to a moral oath.  That is what an oath is for.  A bridge between two groups of humans who behave as two different sets.  Shunning externally simulates the metamind for those without one.   Immediate direct consequence is the only way to impart moral principles to those without conscience.

An oath can externally recreate the functionality of a meta-psychopath for a group of otherwise principled humans.  A conditional temporary suspension of personal reason to well thought out societal rationalizations.  Just obedience is possible if a moral oath is served with integrity.  Obedience need not be slavery, but in the absence of moral thought, it surely is.

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Science behind civgene: The puzzle box


Responding to some rather silly accusations that I just made civgene up.   This was always intended as a destination in hard science, at the least.   First the septic may want to look at the paper on falsification.   And then go on to answer why civgene is not just ‘the pack gene’ plus intelligence.

Now for a behavior feather in the cap of civgene. Imagination vs visualization.  You many want to see some earlier psychopath/animal vs empath comparisons here.

Humans know humans can be trusted.  Humans know visible appearance (the primary sense) can differ from attributes. The foundation of imagination.


Direct to movie.

Autoplay is off on the movie below. Usually you click or tap and try space bar. It’s a little over 3 minutes long.

The key here is the failure of the primates to recognize either that a human pointing was an attempt to assist or that the identically sized boxes are actually different weights.

Now for one of the original foundations of civgene.  The puzzle box experiment.  Please fast forward to 41:30.  I have not preset the video to that for you because the whole thing is worth watching, but the last 20 minutes are key. If it’s taken down it’s a Nova called ‘Ape Genius’ if it’s ever taken down.

There are three testable differences that separate humans from apes.
1. Apes have vastly superior visual memories.
2. Humans quickly reconcile that an object may not be as it visually appears.
3. Apes won’t suspend their own observations when taught by demonstration.

Evolution favors imagination over imitation.

LGBT tolerance education should be case by case


The problem with teaching tolerance of sexual identity to kids, is that you can’t avoid sexualizing them in the process.  Instead, schools should focus on tolerance in general.

Parents know kids, even kids that will turn out to have alternative sexual lifestyles later, are not naturally thinking about sex. They can’t be prejudiced against their peer’s choice of partner, because while they may have a vague idea they DON’T have a lucid, explicit idea what a sexual partner is. There is sensibility to this obscurity. There is no denying the urges that will ultimately perpetuate the species, but sexual activity vastly expands a psychopaths opportunity to manipulate an inexperienced child. To trap them as their obedient ward, using their own chemical signals to reprogram their conscience against them. Spoiling the likelyhood of eventual self realization and the profits it provides for all.

There is a huge difference between punishing a kid for beating up another kid because he/she commonly refereed to as gay (true or not) and teaching kids how to be gay. I went to high school with an openly gay boy and he was forced out of school by violence. That is the real problem. Kids don’t have to like his lifestyle genetic or not, but they must respect the boundaries of his body and not socially interfere with his education. He (or she) is no one’s slave despite some’s obsession with a psychopathic hierarchy.

I’m not saying 16 year olds can’t or don’t have sexual urges, that’s absurd. I’m just saying institutionally rewarding them for that is regressive. The institution must indoctrinate the innocent in order make sexuality part of the curriculum. Instead schools should work against prejudice in general using what kids must know to be part of civilization.

The same kids that were violent with my gay classmate hated me too. Because I was different. This was the tell. It had nothing to do with his sexuality. It wasn’t even about bullying though most would stop there. It was about intolerance for people who deviate from the pack. The subconscious determination to attack any kid that doesn’t march in lockstep. That’s the problem. That was the problem in my school, in Columbine, and it’s still the problem.

Mandatory sexual indoctrination of the innocent doesn’t solve the problem, and it makes a new one. Prejudice with kids is usually about exposure and normalization of their parents conscience and their prejudices. Normalizing sex isn’t necessary. Instead normalizing tolerance has a better yield and forces no conversations some kids are not ready for. Focus on accepting, or as a better than hate fall back, at least keeping a distance from behaviour you don’t understand. The passive half of shunning. This covers bullying and better prepares children to reserve judgement until they are ready to seek the facts on their own. Only then can you guide them and answer their questions. A behaviour which practiced consistently not only stamps out prejudice, but prepares future adult citizens to be a functional civic agents of a republic. Tolerant, self resolved and driven to be passionately curious.

EDIT: Changed the title to reflect the suggestion, not the risk

Childhood love and EQ

Love-and-EQJust click on the image for the big version.

I recently realized a very simple way to describe the difference between a protopsychopath and metapsychopath.  Both are when an empath (not a psychopath) suspends their conscience temporally, allowing them to act like a psychopath.

The difference is, who is in control of the change.

A protopsychopath is captured by outside forces.  A person or persons uses emotional manipulation to negate the useful warnings of the target’s conscience.  Careful control of nearly every experience (it can take an entire childhood or lifetime for example.) can result in a protopsychopath, an empath who not only respects the master/slave model, but lives by it.  In the diagram the most likely candidate would be a person with a low EQ and little parental love.

A metapsychopath is an empath in control of their emotions.  Not that they don’t have them but that they can temporally suspend them in order to interact with psychopaths and psychopathic societies with minimal personal influence.   It is a defense against emotional mind control, and can be a way to initiate and function in a psychopathic alliance.  Great empathic leaders must visit and use these powers to varying degrees.

It is important to remember that both states are temporary and induced by a rational intelligence.  The conscience is both self healing and anti-fragile.  In other words, simply removing a protopsychopath from external influence, can completely break control given enough experiences.   Likewise metapsychopaths will fall out of practice if not exposed to psychopathic behaviour for a period of time.  This is why empaths with high EQs and a difficult background (possibly post childhood) make great leaders.   They are driven to condition themselves against selfish binary behaviour and may seek it out simply for practice with their metapsychopath skills.

The civilization gene and gay marriage

First Gay Wedding Show In Paris

The civilization gene reveals some interesting things about gay marriage.  I will not discuss the idea that marriage is an institution for the benefit of children.  That is accepted as the ultimate truth, though there are exhaustive facets of this truth to explore.

There is a functional aspect to requiring spouses to be a man and a woman.  Animals have a natural inclination to care for their genetic young where they may or may not care for the other young of their species.  Humans share this inclination as displayed by psychopaths.  A gay couple could have one, or in the case of adoption, zero genetic parents with a hard wired predisposition to care for their young.

This is only a problem for gay couples who happen to have one or two psychopaths in the couple, who want to raise children.  Non psychopaths are inclined to care for children simply because they human.  It’s a side effect of having a conscience (not a psychopath), gay or not.

It’s not helpful that psychopaths tend to be more prevalent in the gay community.  Increasing the chances that a psychopathic gay may be given custody of a child.  Both child rearing and marriage can have financial and social benefits for the unscrupulous, attracting psychopaths of all three emotional stages.

One main reason that psychopaths like to spend their time in the gay community is the lack of social support from society at large.  Abused gay partners and spouses are treated as if ‘they deserved it’ by their community.  So the community’s prejudice resulting from observing more psychopaths among gays, also creates the situation where someone who sees sex as a simple bodily function (most psychopaths) can hide out in the gay community avoid discovery and consequences.  The prejudice is self feeding in this society.

Coming back to non psychopath gays (doubtlessly most of them) simply having a conscience gives them the ability to love a child in a way that will benefit them as if it were from their genetic parent, dwarfing simple animal genetic ‘love’.  The adopted parent(s) can both help shape the child’s emotional map, and empart non-rational aspects of their own conscience and it’s benefits to the child.  In fact the civilization gene indicates wonderful hope for the success of adoption in general.  That the attributes of the child (patience, IQ, stamina, etc) can be no more important than simply having a loving parent to help forge a versatile accurate metamind (aka:conscience).   This explicitly includes empathic gays.

The recommendation for any society suffering from prejudice is to actively seek out and shun psychopaths among their ranks.  Prejudice is dull weapon wielded against societies and cultures that mimic the behavior of psychopaths.  It seems as though this cultural influence comes directly from actual psychopaths.  Dismiss and shun them and the prejudice will be damaged.

Brainspotting (fake empathy)


Psychopaths in all stages (narcissist, ASPD, sociopath) sometimes need to pretend they have compound emotions that they don’t really feel.  Being ideological makes us vulnerable to their scripts.  The more ideological you are the more they can manipulate you with your own cognitive dissonance.  The inverse is also true.  If your logical mind uses rationalization to know your subconscious self, wasting mind power on defending your ideology becomes unnecessary, freeing valuable mind power to detect anomalies in your own conscience. These anomalies are often a sign someone is trying to manipulate you.

Here are a few examples of manufactured empathy designed by psychopaths to manipulate you.

Celebrity gossip:  Psychopaths love to chat about the stars.  Particularly if a celebrity has a great misfortune that many people are in consensus about.  The card trick is simple.  Turn on the teevee and consume every perspective on the awful fate befalling some star.  Then at a convenient time regurgitate word for word the script that was read to them.

The clue:  Look for a similar but distinct situation with a neighboor or friend (who is not on social media) and ask them about that.  They’ll hem and haw.

Pet perversion:  Psychopaths know that people project all kinds of irrational love and trust on their pets.  They will profess astonishment at an abused cat on the TeeVee but then beat, ignore, or experiment with their own dog behind closed doors.  ‘Isn’t it awful’ they’ll say.

The clue:  The animal is just a prop to them.  They’ll talk it up but it will be malnourished, untrained, or allowed to run loose.  They just as soon throw it in front of your car to trade an animal slave for a human one.

The one true ism:  Sociopaths drool over the prospects for enslaving whole populations with a clever qip.  Be it nationalism, racism, religious fundementalism, feminism, etc.  You name it.  If it pushes one group over another, the world has a whole lot less peers and a whole lot more masters and slaves, and making their their need for rank and file more rationial with each recruit.  Healthy idiology is both personal and contextual.  Empathic humans expound joy and revel in enlightenment and realization.

The clue: Do the ‘betters’ in your favorite idea act more like children sharing a new skill they’ve discovered, or zookeepers?  Are they teaching you what they’ve learned about fishing or simply throwing you some fish to keep you well fed, for now?   Don’t be passive.  Ask questions until you stump them.  They will slip and show themselves.  Trust your gut.  Then you will know if it’s just a handout (a Pavlovian training mechanism) or a hand up (the compassion of a peer).

The children:  ‘but what about the children’  It’s a cliché.  It almost goes without saying.  But there is a subtle point which may assist you.  Psychopaths do actually care for their children.  Almost all animals do.  It’s not the same as the love we show but it’s just as real to them.

The clue:  Psychopaths turn to their own experience as children when parenting.  A combination of harsh punishment and public denial would have protected them during their ASPD episodes, so they impart the same on their children psychopath or not.  They may let their children run amok and only punish them when they are caught.  The real lesson is not emotional programming of the conscience (pointless to them) but instead the simple logical message ‘don’t get caught.’  This results in some radical hypocrisy, especially for those in public life.

Anything you care deeply about: If you wear your heart on your sleeve they will use the knowlage to chain you up and clean you out.

The clue:  If someone depicts them self as an emotional match that is simply too good to be true, it probably is.  Know yourself emotionally (internal or external psychotherapy) and the distortion of the manipulation attempt should send your conscience reeling.

This is not even close to comprehensive, but gives you some examples of how fake empathy can be used to open your mind just enough that your metamind falls out.  Explore your mind to discover your own ideas.  The isms that truly suit your mind will always have an element of faith.  It greatly behoves you to operate on a hunch.  That’s what your conscience is for!  That is how you become your own leader.  You must be your own leader to truly treat your peers as equals.