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Childhood love and EQ

Love-and-EQJust click on the image for the big version.

I recently realized a very simple way to describe the difference between a protopsychopath and metapsychopath.  Both are when an empath (not a psychopath) suspends their conscience temporally, allowing them to act like a psychopath.

The difference is, who is in control of the change.

A protopsychopath is captured by outside forces.  A person or persons uses emotional manipulation to negate the useful warnings of the target’s conscience.  Careful control of nearly every experience (it can take an entire childhood or lifetime for example.) can result in a protopsychopath, an empath who not only respects the master/slave model, but lives by it.  In the diagram the most likely candidate would be a person with a low EQ and little parental love.

A metapsychopath is an empath in control of their emotions.  Not that they don’t have them but that they can temporally suspend them in order to interact with psychopaths and psychopathic societies with minimal personal influence.   It is a defense against emotional mind control, and can be a way to initiate and function in a psychopathic alliance.  Great empathic leaders must visit and use these powers to varying degrees.

It is important to remember that both states are temporary and induced by a rational intelligence.  The conscience is both self healing and anti-fragile.  In other words, simply removing a protopsychopath from external influence, can completely break control given enough experiences.   Likewise metapsychopaths will fall out of practice if not exposed to psychopathic behaviour for a period of time.  This is why empaths with high EQs and a difficult background (possibly post childhood) make great leaders.   They are driven to condition themselves against selfish binary behaviour and may seek it out simply for practice with their metapsychopath skills.

What is the conscience?


The fast version is: Psychopaths were the last human breed pre-civilization. A mutation occurred, forcing a human (and eventually most of them) into mandatory emotional recall. Not only can your rational mind remember your emotions, but you must feel them as you remember things. Now you have two pathways to every memory, the logical (conscious) mind, AND the emotional (subconscious) metamind. The metamind is a more specific name for both the subconscious and the conscience. They are the same thing.

So now when I say ‘basketball’ or show you a picture of a tree, you mind can access memories relating to this two ways. The logical conscious pathways or the emotions associated with that tree (which you immediately feel to a small degree) This forms a passively driven risk engine. Lets say you broke your arm in that type of tree (or playing basketball), or that’s a memory from the day your parents were divorced, when you remember that thing you also logically reference that important memory. The negative emotion from the tree (danger) now activates ALL memories (via the subconscious) with the same negative emotion.

Via MRI psychopaths do not have this secondary mind. That’s why they don’t feel guilt.

That’s how someone can have a panic attack, that’s how propaganda can be used to manipulate you, that’s how gaslighting can drive you mad, that’s how you can feel an outpouring of emotion for someone you have never met simply because they look like someone else, etc, etc.

The conscience is specifically, mandatory emotional recall. Caused by the civgene mutation.

Why is this PITA a genetic advantage? Cause logic doesn’t scale, and the conscience is REALLY fast. Effectively instantaneous. That ‘oh ****’ moment you feel in a local bar, or hunting a mammoth, can save your life.

The key is managing it’s side effects (uncontrollable, unexplainable, perhaps destructive emotions) is reason. Reason is the process of using logical mind to rationalize and eventually personally normalize and tune the messages from the conscience.

The best part though is the side effect. We all trust each other more. We strive for normalcy and feed off each others emotions. Without that, currency, investment and the economy of scale would not be possible. Why plant seeds (and be stuck in one spot) and tend to them when a psychopath can walk right into your hut rape you, kill you (even worse keep and enslave you), eat all your food and then move on to the next hut. You trust that the men (and women) in your village will hear the ruckus and protect you. They recognize the risks of failed investments effect the whole village.

Kinda funny since lots of guilt is about money. Heh.

Forgiveness is a weapon

Warrior Monks Of Shaolin Temple

The dangers of propaganda and to less of an extent marketing have long been established.  But how do they work?   Either by rearranging your emotions or generating brand new ones people can change your behavior without your consent.  When being blitzed by these techniques you really only have two options.  You can either remove yourself from the outside influence, or you can recognize and actively ignore the external messages.

The emotional maps that can be used to manipulate you can be derived from broader societal trends, or can extracted from you personally using psychoanalysis techniques.  Scale effects the technique, but not the result.  If  I can trigger and emotional reaction in you, I can change your mood and to some degree your behavior.  Even if you are aware of the attempt and actively trying to stop me.

As mentioned simply removing yourself from the environment is effective.  For example turning off the television or more personally shunning a psychopath.  Once they can no longer communicate with you, you will not form further emotional connections and they can not interfere with the metamind’s predictive abilities.

But we know that the real world is rarely so simple.  You may need to endure many sources of emotional manipulation during any day.  Further, being self aware can help you to block emotions, but the very act of blocking intruding emotions can make you angry or depressed.  Now upset that you have been toyed with, you may still change your behavior, perhaps drastically, providing a wanted response.  This two layer manipulation is insidious, but hardly unstoppable.

Contrary to popular belief, forgiveness is a wholly personal affair.  While it may play an important role in your particular faith, it serves the health of your mind directly.  Another popular belief is that forgiven is forgotten.  It is critical that you separate these two things.  Forgiveness is your best method to completely stop external manipulation of your emotions without changing your behavior.  Forgetting is opening up yourself to further manipulation attempts by people and organizations that you may have already identified as a psychopath or psychopathic.

Consider forgiving the psychopathic cultures and psychopaths in your life.  Not as a benevolent act of compassion, but as an act of self defense.  Recognize psychopathic behavior for what it really is, the selfish whims of the mentally limited.  Show them pity and you , not them, will be saved from the torment of a distorted conscience



I have always thought this word was terribly abused, but didn’t really understand why until after the first time a known psychopath uttered it to me.

Most people associate respect with feelings for their parents.  This makes sense as our childhood is peppered with variants of ‘respect your elders.’  Through childhood emotional associations, the word gathers a new emotional sum in the metamind.  Logic can be overwhelmed with mandatory emotional recall of love and wisdom.  In the worst case respect can wrongly come to mean an act of the conscience itself.

In adulthood the word is not used that way.  It is used to establish rank.  A deviation among empathic humans, but not a catastrophic one.  To civilization, respect means variants of rank and division of labor and importantly the associated responsibility.  Respect is used to honor those who commit themselves to others.

Psychopaths can form alliances, but can’t commit to others in a selfless way.  Yet they love the word respect.  They love it’s logical connotation of rank and it’s emotional value of love and wisdom in empaths.  To them it defines a master-slave relationship, and is a tool for enforcing it.  When a psychopath tells you to respect him or her, they are telling you your rank.  They are identifying you as their slave.  To them phrases ‘show some respect’, and ‘how dare you do that to me!’ are variations of the same theme, blind obedience to your master.  Their position is master, of you.

Parents I know it is easy to fall back to order and rank and use the word respect with your children, but you are conditioning them to enslavement by clever psychopaths.  You are programing their conscience to be used against them.  Instead of emphasizing your command and control I humbly propose using consideration or considerate in it’s place.  Specifically associating accomplishment with how you treat other people.  Creating a pathway to bettering themselves not just in isolation, but with the societies on which we all depend.

Social side effects of the conscience


Social side effects of the conscience

  • Normalcy bias
  • Vulnerability to propaganda
  • Susceptibility to marketing
  • Vulnerability to gaslighting
  • Natural law
  • The onset of money (a trust proxy)
  • Rapid long term risk calculation

The above are all side effects of the conscience, the constantly readjusting mean of our emotional experiences.  Societal mechanisms unlocked by the civilization gene.  This is what happens when a rational, logical intelligent being is forced to have mandatory emotional recall when accessing their memories.  As unaware individuals having a conscience makes them weaker in some ways but stronger in others.  As a group they form civilization.  It gets really interesting when enough individuals become aware of their own conscience and how it works.
Now they can return to the ruthless logic of the psychopath when needed, but they can also participate in common good that forms civilization itself.  All of their strengths and none of their weaknesses.

The list of side effects becomes.

  • Natural law
  • The onset of money (a trust proxy)
  • Rapid long term risk calculation

Have you neutralized your emotional triggers?  Recognized the source or your emotions? Shielded yourself from Propaganda?  Rejected the knee jerk dismissal of normalcy bias?  Trained your self to recognize more distant marketing?  Learned how to spot and committed to avoiding psychopaths to prevent personal gaslighting?  No?  You need to do these things to join a type one civilization.  No top down membership card required.  Just the will to better yourself, and some basic knowledge on how to trace your own emotions too their root memories.  It can be for selfish reasons.  The result of true self knowledge is the same.  A stronger world.  A much stronger you.

The power of suggestion

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What is the power of suggestion?  It falls in to a group of techniques directly speaking to an empath’s (a non-psychopath’s) metamind or their subconscious.

The danger should be immediately obvious.  Your emotions strongly influence your decisions.  This is not mysterious or questioned.  Your parents used this to get you to act in a way that protected you from danger long before you really understood the danger rationally.  The power of suggestion is a guilt trap, an ‘I told you so’ just waiting to happen.

Suggestion is similar to propaganda in that is is inserting alien information into your mind.  But instead of attempting to insert emotion, it sets up a time bomb or tripwire for you to stumble over later.  Not comprised of an out of context emotion like propaganda, but instead a brief, almost forgettable rational memory, describing a future event.

The problem is of course intent.  If an irrational suggestion is made that something terrible will happen, to you or something you care about, your metamind subtly assigns a despair emotion before you file it away.  You forget about it because it has no rational context, so it never comes up.  But then later when the terrible thing happens your metamind reactivates the otherwise orphaned memory.  Without knowing why you feel you ‘should have known.’ Suddenly you feel regret and guilt about a terrible thing you had no way to rationally foresee and were not a party to.

Why is this important?  The despair diminishes or even blocks the ‘will to action’ primary emotion.  Simply by telling you that I will harm you later out of context, I can block your ability to react.  You will be paralysed with guilt.

Of course this goes a long way to explain why conspiracy theories are marginalized.  Conspiracy theories sabotage the guilt trap by building a rational pathway to the previously isolated memory holding the despair emotion.

If you trust a source of information that despises conspiracy theory, they may be protecting their suggestions of guilt to your subconscious.  If you discover this to be true, consider a strict regimen of shunning for your source.  Their techniques are manipulative and disingenuous.

Self defense from sociopaths


As I mentioned in the BSA and Catholic Church child defense review, an intelligent sociopath stage psychopath may show no signs until a golden opportunity presents it’s self.  Without genetic screening how do you protect yourself?  Actually there are quite a few things you can do.   They may require permanent life changes, but it’s well worth it.  You won’t need to wait until society catches up to enjoy the benefits.

The key to happiness is a commitment to enlightenment.    Once you know how to know yourself, then making the world a better place becomes the obvious goal.  The key to both of these stages is knowing who to trust.  If you know who to trust, everything else falls into place.   It’s all about conserving energy for endeavors that first help yourself, and ultimately strengthen your ability to help others.

Train Yourself

  • Know yourselfYou have emotions attached to every memory.  You can’t (and shouldn’t) change them all, but if you know WHY you have that emotional reaction then you own it.  If you can’t be surprised, you can’t be manipulated.  Your emotions may be hurtful or damaging, and destructive, but are never inaccurate.  That’s what you feel.  Understand them all.  Learn to counteract old destructive emotions, with positive ones that value you, your loved ones and your societies.  If you understand the old emotions and add new positive emotions, the old ones become
    far less dangerous or destructive.  The conscience is a game of averages.
  • Study psychopaths – Learn about how psychopaths act in narcissistic, ASPD and sociopath stages, and how intelligence and wealth accelerates the progression.  Consider how someone who views all others as either their master or their slave would interact with the world.   You can study many other animals for examples.  Know what a golden opportunity is, not just in reality, but from different perspectives, points of view,and intelligence levels.  Most importantly always remember that all people project what they want to see onto others.  They will project superficiality onto you, and you compassion and empathy on them.
  • Become a meta-psychopath –  Intentionally hide your emotions and act like a psychopath under some conditions.  This is very dangerous and not for everybody.  Your conscience can quickly become overloaded with negative emotions, making you the monster you set out to fight.  Once you understand how other people work, and completely know yourself (your emotions), you can put them aside for a larger purpose.  Undercover police are a great example of how this might work.  Avoid hierarchical psychopath cooperatives as they become police states and cults, and you may not be allowed to abandon your post when the needs of your conscience demands it.  For hands on training you can join a society that is a psychopath cooperative.  This is where psychopaths are allowed some psychopathic behavior in exchange for strict limits as to when and where they can act out.  Typical examples might be black markets, counter-cultures, and activist collectives.  Of course I am NOT endorsing any illegal activity here.  For example the global heavy metal society may be one example of a completely legal, non-hierarchical counter-culture that is mildly psychopathic.


Identify psychopaths

  • Perform the questionnaire – Take the Hare attributes and Thomas Sheridan’s attributes and rate 6-10 people from 1-5 (not true to very true) for each attribute.  You must make sure to include yourself, and at least one person you are sure is not a psychopath to create a baseline.  If anyone has all the required attributes and many of the others, you have identified them.
  • Play the dupe – If you truly know yourself then bragging, boasting and generally displaying your full prowess is not needed.  Learn how to get people to underestimate you.  You will know you are succeeding when you become the subject of cruel jokes and endless ribbing and brow beating.  The psychopath will quickly assert themselves as them master and begin to order you about.  Now you have found them.
  • Set traps – Leave a variety of easy scores laying about.  Leave a $100 as bookmark on a coffee table book.  Leave your most powerful pain killer prescription bottle in the medicine cabinet in your bathroom with an exact number of placebo (probiodics work great)  pills in it.  Set your boss up to take credit for a project of yours at work.  Send a flirty, loyal but unknown friend to chat with your boyfriend, and see if he takes the bait.  If they take the bait no need to confront them.  The goal was identification, mission accomplished.
  • Examine their past – Don’t be afraid to ask tough questions about their past, not only of them but previous friends.  It doesn’t need to be a job interview.  Ask to see photo albums.  Ask about old cars.  Previous houses, towns.  Psychopaths love to brag so make it about how great their things and awards were.  This takes some time but this should yield research-able leads about their entire life.  If not, the risk is too great to continue.
  • Observe behavior

Ending the madness

Once you know who to trust your following actions should be a fairly easy decision.  It may be difficult to walk the path, but please persevere.  Shun all psychopaths.  Interact with them as minimally as possible.That way the next time they see a golden opportunity, you won’t be involved.  If must interact with them be sure you have a trusted witness.

Unless you are comfortable and skilled as a meta-psychopath, you should not remain in a society with known psychopaths.  Instead focus on local societies.  Use the rules of the societies to rout them, or find/form societies that have not yet been infiltrated and controlled.

If you are financially involved with a psychopath, minimize interactions to business, record everything, and make a plan to exit the relationship as soon as possible.

One day I will expand and revise this list.  Of course I am open to suggestions.  I hope this helps.

Muppets vs Reptiles


Since the popular press seems to be utterly clueless about psychopaths, many people first learned about who they really are on the Internet. In that case it is very likely heard them refereed to as reptiles. This word can be a useful tool. It’s a strong reminder that reptiles have more primitive motivations and drives. If you threaten a predator reptile, even unintentionally, their solution will likely be to kill you. But there is a downside to. It dehumanizes them, like it or not, they are human.

Let look at their characterization of us to understand this. The muppet. Hyperactive, floppy headed, hopelessly social, cute, and completely insane. But this is not accurate is it. Sure some people are just like this, but a human can be none of those things and still be successful at both cooperation and competition. It is seriously doubtful the entire ensemble of American revolutionaries were psychopaths, yet they were brutal, elusive, effective, and choose the rattlesnake as their mascot.

The muppet makes it easy to forget that we are all reptiles underneath. It’s almost a subtle lullaby psychopaths sing to themselves, to forget that the world is filled with monsters that can have all of their strengths and none of their weaknesses. Everyone comes into life as a psychopath. Selfish, brutal, manipulative, expecting of handouts, and without a care in the world except of ourselves. But we grow out of it. First we connect with kin as do all animals, but then we reach out. Sometimes were wrong but many of us learn multiple effective techniques at knowing who to trust. We seem soft and stupid on the outside, but our primitive selves still lurk underneath.

Well we have a lullaby we sing to ourselves too. One where psychopaths are these distant almost impossible creatures. We stick our fingers in our ears and hum as loud as we can, hoping that a human without a conscience is just a ridiculous fantasy. Be make absurd movies about soulless monsters that look like us but are made of completely different stuff, be it swamp slime or nanites, or rotting flesh. But the truth is much scarier. The truth is they are just like us. We teeter on the precipice of immorality. Just one gene from the edge.

This is the problem with calling psychopaths reptiles. It feels great. I know, for me to. It has been recently been proven we have an entire section of our brain dedicated just to seeing snakes. We can solve a lurking snake problem, deep inside, we know we’re good at it. But it means we can’t take the problem seriously. We could take it seriously if we really understood ourselves. We fear what we don’t understand.

The psychopath is easy. Golden opportunities, slaves and masters, and a complete lack of guilt. There it is in one puny sentence. Easy as pie. The problem is us. We terrify, ourselves. We don’t run from the psychopath because we fear them, we fear they will push us one step too far. They will do something that lets the beast within, out. It’s OK. We’re all human. The beast within is part of ALL of us. Study it, understand it, and then control it. Then you can understand and deal with a psychopath. If you don’t, one day you will be pushed past the brink. You’ll meet the scariest monster you can imagine. You.