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I’ve moved past the warrior gene


I have, I really have.  A couple of months ago I posted a great National Geographic video where they clearly lay out that there is no freaking way (to be technical) that the ‘warrior gene’ is a vital component of psychopathy.

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It certainly could be argued that the lack of the civilization gene and the presence of the ‘warrior gene’ (which should be named the fly off the handle gene or the loose your temper gene) is a lethal combination.  Together a psychopath would not only have the predisposition to get an early start on the ego or ASPD developmental stage, but barring both luck (socioeconomic privilege) and high intelligence never leave it’s orbit for sociopathy.  A psychopath with the ‘warrior gene’ would be apt to solve EVERYTHING with both his or her body and invent confrontation where little conflict had previously existed.  Truly a nightmare criminal in the making.

Please understand that psychopaths are not inherently violent.  While their aloof dreamlike view of other humans means the ego stage can be violent, that with understanding and caution, they can live fairly normal lives.  The key is both awareness and understanding of challenges that the lack of a metamind presents them with.  Treating them like empaths is asking for confrontation, but understanding and accommodating their binary view of other humans, allows for distant but respectful relationships.

Compassion and trust, hopefully not to a fault, is the foundation of civilization itself.  Non psychopathic humans are filled with an almost endless fountain of hope and trust, but also with a keen sense of unrealized danger.  This strange combination, not just intelligence is what binds us together.  When we leave psychopathy and it’s simple minded master/slave social approach behind, civilization will finally dominate mankind.  Civilization is the logic of compassion.

Real Genius – Did early social models detect psychopaths?

Interesting series on the top 30 or so geniuses of all time.  Feel free to watch and enjoy as a simple mental exercise.  Nothing to do with the usual subjects of this blog, at first.  It seems that some of the smartest people of all time spent some of their IQ parsing away the problems of social behaviour.

As you get near the top of the list in part three and part four, three names stand out.  Turns out Christopher Hirata (#16) has developed a social model outlined in ‘The Physics Of Relationships’  William Sidis  (#8) Also discussed  ‘chemical affinity’ as being a formulaic basis for human relations, and before them both and Einstein’s personal favourite Johann Wolfgang Goethe (#1) Not only a vast model of human behaviour, but demonstrated it’s function in his fictional work ‘Faust.’

Alas I have not read any of their works.  I am greatly interested to see if there is an equivalent of psychopaths in their models.  Specifically, people who can never resist a golden opportunity.   Playing a role as a universal solvent like say water, dissolving other bonds at every opportunity.  One day.

Here are the videos, enjoy.

Self defense from sociopaths


As I mentioned in the BSA and Catholic Church child defense review, an intelligent sociopath stage psychopath may show no signs until a golden opportunity presents it’s self.  Without genetic screening how do you protect yourself?  Actually there are quite a few things you can do.   They may require permanent life changes, but it’s well worth it.  You won’t need to wait until society catches up to enjoy the benefits.

The key to happiness is a commitment to enlightenment.    Once you know how to know yourself, then making the world a better place becomes the obvious goal.  The key to both of these stages is knowing who to trust.  If you know who to trust, everything else falls into place.   It’s all about conserving energy for endeavors that first help yourself, and ultimately strengthen your ability to help others.

Train Yourself

  • Know yourselfYou have emotions attached to every memory.  You can’t (and shouldn’t) change them all, but if you know WHY you have that emotional reaction then you own it.  If you can’t be surprised, you can’t be manipulated.  Your emotions may be hurtful or damaging, and destructive, but are never inaccurate.  That’s what you feel.  Understand them all.  Learn to counteract old destructive emotions, with positive ones that value you, your loved ones and your societies.  If you understand the old emotions and add new positive emotions, the old ones become
    far less dangerous or destructive.  The conscience is a game of averages.
  • Study psychopaths – Learn about how psychopaths act in narcissistic, ASPD and sociopath stages, and how intelligence and wealth accelerates the progression.  Consider how someone who views all others as either their master or their slave would interact with the world.   You can study many other animals for examples.  Know what a golden opportunity is, not just in reality, but from different perspectives, points of view,and intelligence levels.  Most importantly always remember that all people project what they want to see onto others.  They will project superficiality onto you, and you compassion and empathy on them.
  • Become a meta-psychopath –  Intentionally hide your emotions and act like a psychopath under some conditions.  This is very dangerous and not for everybody.  Your conscience can quickly become overloaded with negative emotions, making you the monster you set out to fight.  Once you understand how other people work, and completely know yourself (your emotions), you can put them aside for a larger purpose.  Undercover police are a great example of how this might work.  Avoid hierarchical psychopath cooperatives as they become police states and cults, and you may not be allowed to abandon your post when the needs of your conscience demands it.  For hands on training you can join a society that is a psychopath cooperative.  This is where psychopaths are allowed some psychopathic behavior in exchange for strict limits as to when and where they can act out.  Typical examples might be black markets, counter-cultures, and activist collectives.  Of course I am NOT endorsing any illegal activity here.  For example the global heavy metal society may be one example of a completely legal, non-hierarchical counter-culture that is mildly psychopathic.


Identify psychopaths

  • Perform the questionnaire – Take the Hare attributes and Thomas Sheridan’s attributes and rate 6-10 people from 1-5 (not true to very true) for each attribute.  You must make sure to include yourself, and at least one person you are sure is not a psychopath to create a baseline.  If anyone has all the required attributes and many of the others, you have identified them.
  • Play the dupe – If you truly know yourself then bragging, boasting and generally displaying your full prowess is not needed.  Learn how to get people to underestimate you.  You will know you are succeeding when you become the subject of cruel jokes and endless ribbing and brow beating.  The psychopath will quickly assert themselves as them master and begin to order you about.  Now you have found them.
  • Set traps – Leave a variety of easy scores laying about.  Leave a $100 as bookmark on a coffee table book.  Leave your most powerful pain killer prescription bottle in the medicine cabinet in your bathroom with an exact number of placebo (probiodics work great)  pills in it.  Set your boss up to take credit for a project of yours at work.  Send a flirty, loyal but unknown friend to chat with your boyfriend, and see if he takes the bait.  If they take the bait no need to confront them.  The goal was identification, mission accomplished.
  • Examine their past – Don’t be afraid to ask tough questions about their past, not only of them but previous friends.  It doesn’t need to be a job interview.  Ask to see photo albums.  Ask about old cars.  Previous houses, towns.  Psychopaths love to brag so make it about how great their things and awards were.  This takes some time but this should yield research-able leads about their entire life.  If not, the risk is too great to continue.
  • Observe behavior

Ending the madness

Once you know who to trust your following actions should be a fairly easy decision.  It may be difficult to walk the path, but please persevere.  Shun all psychopaths.  Interact with them as minimally as possible.That way the next time they see a golden opportunity, you won’t be involved.  If must interact with them be sure you have a trusted witness.

Unless you are comfortable and skilled as a meta-psychopath, you should not remain in a society with known psychopaths.  Instead focus on local societies.  Use the rules of the societies to rout them, or find/form societies that have not yet been infiltrated and controlled.

If you are financially involved with a psychopath, minimize interactions to business, record everything, and make a plan to exit the relationship as soon as possible.

One day I will expand and revise this list.  Of course I am open to suggestions.  I hope this helps.

Politics is prejudice

I just saw a very interesting video by Stefan Molyneux.  Some great info in here.  It discusses in depth what happens when you don’t know yourself.  Essentially your ability to reason drowns in your unchecked emotions which you then justify after the fact.  Wow that sounds like most of the Internet.  That also sounds like a metamind ripe for manipulation by propaganda.

But that’s not even the real kick for me.  It was the conclusion.  It could be summed up simply as “Politics is prejudice.”  Makes sense to me.  This makes perfect sense if the United States Government is a psychopath trap.  Prejudice is a bad conclusion drawn from good observational data.  The observation that another society has included and is subject to manipulation by psychopaths.  Who is more manipulative than psychopaths intentionally drawn to political power?  (Nobody, it’s a rhetorical question.)

So if you are a ‘liberal’ or ‘conservative’ attacking the other ideology you are actually saying the same exact thing.  ‘You are insane.  Your party is promoting psychopaths.’

By all means, enjoy a pointless flame war below.

Don’t call me stupid!


Since we’ve essentially got two brains we have a nice social advantage.  If an empath is unintelligent, they may still have the advantage of multi-generational emotional knowlage.  That is dependant on wise careful parenting.  This scenario is almost common knowledge.  Even possibly a stereotype.  One pop culture example might be Forest Gump.  Guided by simple idioms and warm emotions, freakishly ‘lucky’, but not the brightest bulb in the box.


This is a nice advantage.  If someone calls you ‘stupid’, true or not, you can take comfort in the fact that someone in your family or even your society may not have been so dull, and you carry their wisdom with you.  But you already knew that didn’t you.  :)

Psychopaths on the other hand are one trick ponies.  If they don’t have the ponies upstairs, there isn’t much hope.  They feverishly work with logic and their limited prototypes to demonstrate their cleverness.  It only takes a little push to send them over the edge.  Be a shame if they lost their temper in court don’t you think?