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Civgene can provide objective morality



Video explaining how you can derive objective morality from civgene.

You can use behaviours unique to empaths to derive objective morality from science itself.  Non-psychopathic behaviours are like atoms which in turn can be used to build rights, much like molecules.

More to come.

Edit 3/25:  Updated video.  Clearer and more concise edits with clips.

CRISPR changes everything


Some mental illness may no longer need to be diagnosed through social tests.    While the United States busys itself with corporate protectionist legislation like the TPP to protect the major drug companies, some of the world is experimenting with the new precise, cheap and repeatable gene editing method known as CRISPR.

In the past gene editing was hit or miss.  Practiced more like chemistry, it was more like a million misses to a marginal hit.  Identifying a gene was not enough, splicing it became a major endeavor for companies like Monsanto.   Experiments on human DNA (except perhaps if you count our GMO diet) was effectively impossible.

As of 2015, the CRISPR technique, takes a precise strand of DNA and inserts it, reliably, in a larger DNA strand, precisely where it is told to insert it.   This is the holy grail of both nano scale assembly, and made to order DNA.  The mind reels.  Designer babies are eminent.  Greatly reduced aging is possible.  DNA based nanites can built to both manufacture on the table top and enhance human attributes.

These are in the future (AFAIK), but before all that, apparently we have already begun to use it verify genetic disease.  The technology is not even a year old and Chinese scientists have already implanted a suspected autism gene in monkeys, to see if their behavior varies.  It does.

The implications are huge for all illness from athletes foot to cancer, but it’s important that the first study is on behavioral disease.  If the civilization gene is correct and psychopathy is genetic, we could be close to a completely different world.  There are no suspect genes (other than the debunked warrior gene) at the moment, but it is possible to find, were the right people to take interest.  Now, a new way to verify that first study is readily available.

Conversely should some mental illnesses become officially understood to be genetic, psychopaths should  be easier to diagnose.  Psychopaths are the highest functioning mental illness.  ASPD stage psychopaths are well known for feigning other mental illnesses to evade detection.  A narrower field of patients through genetic screening for other disease means less misdiagnosis, and more understanding of the social consequences of widespread psychopathy.  That ultimately means real targeted help for the psychopaths.

Multiple personality disorder and psychopaths


When a person is suffering from Multiple Personality Disorder or formally known as Dissociative Identity Disorder (aka:DID) the attributes of their personalities may vary in interactivity with other personalities, and frequency that a particular personality is active.  Some DIDs experience the appearance of new personalities, particularly under stress.  This brings up an interesting question.  Is there a risk that a DID can spontaneously spawn a personality that is a psychopath?

In a model where a particular physical part of the brain is associated with the conscience the answer is definitively yes.  A new personality that was physically isolated from lets say the amygdala, and previous personalities, would not be able to form empathy.  If their isolation did not change that personality could stay a psychopath indefinitely.

While data is spotty, it seems to me if the conscience were an isolated organ of the brain, there would be many more crimes committed by newly split multiple personalities.  Usually personalities share knowledge, and take up specific areas of the brain as identified by MRI.  If this were the case why wouldn’t a psychopathic personality, isolated from key parts of the brain, form every time a DID first fractured?  If a psychopathic personally formed nearly every time or even sometimes, wouldn’t it immediately seek retribution against those who harmed it?

In the metamind model behaviour is more consistent with early DID behaviour.  First the bad news.  All empaths are born as effective psychopaths as infants and their metamind is fully active by the time they are about 7 years old.  So a brand new personality could ethically be an infant and effectively a psychopath.  The new personality would likely speak very simply if at all and be very physically oriented.

The good news is, they would also be a narcissist and very inward looking, if not threatened or otherwise goaded into confrontation with the outside world.  This would improve over time as their isolated metamind collected emotional data.  If enough time passed for the new personality in a safe environment, it could be as conscionable as any other empath.  A safe environment may not be possible or likely though, as the new personality may only appear under stressful conditions.

If you are a DID and are going to attempt to reach a new, isolated, possibly psychopathic personality, you should try to reach them with a passive gentle minded personality, not an aggressive one.  Narcissists isolate themselves intentionally for protection from a world they don’t understand, and reaching them with an aggressive approach will garner an aggressive life or death response, known as narcissist rage.

Please if you are suffering from DID seek a therapist who specialises in DID cases, especially if you think an isolated personality may be psychopathic!