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Intro to marketing and thoughts on Trotter


Marketing uses logical conscious decision making (available to both empaths and psychopaths) to override the subconscious risk analysis machine (the metamind.)

One correction.  While Bernays and Freud believed him, this idea of humanity as a crazy herd was actually Dr. Totter. His ideas were not just used by the capitalist marketers as the example above, but simultaneously by the communists as well. So while marketing must obviously have some true premise, the cornerstone of it’s blanket justification have been used by the full spectrum of left and right to justify the destruction of the other.

Communists justified manipulation of ‘the herd’ to destroy capitalism, and capitalists justified manipulating ‘the herd’ to destroy communism.  Trotter outright fails the test for legitimate principle since it is wholly dualistic.  The dark side of Darwin, our new (new to Trotter and his well heeled followers) status as animals can mean anything, at any time, to anyone.  ‘Instincts of the herd in war and peace’ can be used to justify any action by either side in a conflict with diametrically opposed sides, so it must not justify anything at all.

Subconcious Oylmpics – Classic video subliminals.


This video was too well done, I have to post it.   Importantly I can indeed spot at least two of the extracted messages at reduced speed.  So I’m passing it along to  you.  Step through it and see if you can spot the messages.

Once you have I suggest a technique to harden your metamind.  Use this as an opportunity to use your rational mind to train it.   Since the original video uses a very predictable pattern (the transition between song lines) use determination and your rational mind emphasize your anger or amusement (or whatever YOU want) at the attempt to adjust your compound emotions.  If you do this on a regular basis, you may find your metamind can actually WARN you against a propaganda manipulation attempt.

It would be irresponsible of me not to warn you the safest way to avoid manipulation is simply not participate in possible sources.

Use your rational understanding of what is happening here retrain your conscience to serve it’s true purpose.  A risk management engine.

EDIT:  If you are having trouble catching the scrolling subliminal text try this video.  It is slowed down even more.


The Metamind/Conscience/subconscience, society and long term risk



“I do not want a good General, I want a lucky one”
— Napoleon

It’s all the same thing.  The Metamind is the conscience and the subconscious.  That final puzzle piece the civilization gene just snapped it all into place.  What exactly the civilization gene did is still unclear, but it’s likely some sort of nerotransmiter.  Their are loads in case you didn’t know.  Some mutation at civilizations dawn, forced us to feel when we remember.  Knocking us out of our psychopathic socks and into another man’s shoes.  Feeling our memories instead of simply referencing them.  It makes us crazy, it makes us erratic, but most importantly it almost seems to make us psychic.

Do not be discouraged by the brutal thuggish ways of the ‘rational’ human.  They are not where our secret lies.   Trust, not a stupid forced one, like one might have from lower intelligence, but instead informed and committed, is.  Not just in our own actions but in the actions of others.  Others that we know, that we have connected with, that regardless of their tact or temper, authentically cares.  Just like us they can’t help it.

Our broad conversations without saying a word, our flashes of insight, our shifting language, and our common understanding are all not some lucky accident.  Instead it is our metamind’s peeking out through our conscious minds, speaking through our hopes and dreams.  Twisting our guts in the face of risks.

Each of our consciences provides an intelligent and highly informed second opinion of how situations we have never faced can effect us.  Now and much later.  Not just next month or next year but how it could effect your great grandchildren.  This is why we fixate on psychopaths.  They, with their unlikely compliance with the social contract, they threaten the integrity of our emotional information.  Repeated deliberate lies don’t just soil your emotional data, but the life saving data of the generations to come.

Of course risks like these can only be expressed and understood in means and averages.  Long term consequences to our health and our planet terrify us even if we disagree on what they are.  Not the psychopaths.  They live to play today and fade tomorrow.  The average psychopaths ring the bells in our mind like the story of the grasshopper and the ant.  But the exceptional ones, can they spin a tail.  Without remorse they work through broadcast to silence our warning bells.

I doubt few would accept such practice as ‘fair game’ if they realized that liberty bell they smashed into a thousand pieces survived hundreds of years prior.  Passed on from generation to generation, parent to child, until 50 years of propaganda pounded it to bits.

That famous Darwin misquote applies.  “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.”  Our metamind gave us a huge local advantage.  We could get a wiff of violets and smell trouble, or look at the clouds in the sky and suddenly know what to buy at the market, based on an experience our great grandfather had.  All combined with the powers of the rational mind to work backward from the right conclusion.

Now, some of us have had our powers stripped from us.  Completely reprocessed by the clever music placement and linguistic back flips of our televised entertainment.  Your hard won generational emotional metadata smashed to bits.

Some of us have faired much better.  We learned to know ourselves in the face of the blaring noise of ‘public opinion’ on the idiot box.  With the help of fellows like Jim Henson we trained ourselves to tune it out.  Silence the manufactured queues.  Even decoding the interference at a rational level.  Seeing it for what it is.  Not quite a plan, but certainly an agenda.  An agenda to make the world more suitable for the psychopaths trapped in short term thinking.  We’ve adapted to the change.  Now we are embedding our emotional data in our lessons to our children and grandchildren.

The only question left is were we on to you, all along?  Was this passed down from our parents experiences with elixir salesmen and Ponzi schemes?  Do we even know?  Even if I did, I’ll never tell.


Welcome to the subconcious olympics

I am concerned about the growing number of subconscious queues deployed quite intentionally to change our perception of the world.  Lets look emotional intruders together.

Subliminal shot put.

Set a timer and see how many seconds it takes you to find it.

Can you find the subliminal image in this advertisement?  Took this one at a local train station.


OK here’s an ad at the distance it was intended to be viewed.  Can you see it now?


Stumped?  The answer is below.  Just use your mouse to highlight it.

There is a long black penis pointed downward with the red wine glass as the tip.

Post your scores below.  Good job subconscious athletes!