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How does prejudice happen?


It is important I did not start with the question ‘what is prejudice?’  It would be like asking ‘what is glare?’ of a blind person.  Inevitably the conversation would revert to ‘how does glare happen?’  So let’s start at the beginning.

Prejudice is a process, not a state.  It’s a slight of hand.  A trick.   More specifically prejudice is a projection.  It starts as people from one culture are exposed to psychopaths from another.

The exposure may or may not be direct.  Non-psychopaths or empaths can be trapped for a lifetime by their own conscience.  These are called proto-psychopaths.  In this situation the trapped conscience demands only obedience to a puppeteer of it’s owner.  This is important because many generations of proto-psychopaths can perpetuate long since stale prejudices.

Psychopaths love to bring up, point out, and otherwise insight prejudice.  It presents opportunities to take control of the minds of proto-psychopaths and the naive to human potential for evil.  Derisive thinking is inherently emotional thinking, and strong emotional reactions drown out the conscience’s signals of risk.

Think of is this way.  A conscionable nudge, or a gut feeling about the nearby proximity of a psychopath, will be imperceptible in a crowded subway car of emotions about past psychopaths.  So by reacting to another societies evil of the past, you deny your own ability to navigate both your own present and your future.  All this time later the psychopath, who neither you or the persons who trained your prejudices may have ever met, is still manipulating you.

The only way to restore your risk manager, or your conscience, is to forgive them.  Don’t forget, that’s foolhardy.  Accept those psychopaths for what they are, a sporadically born, genetically bound, subset of human behavior.   A group of people who can not cooperate, but only compete.  Also forgive the obedient proto-psychopath, who may not have not the social means or the EQ to break free from the emotional noise of prejudice on their own.

If you really do forgive them, if you accept their limitations, you have been freed.  Not just in some relativistic artsy or spiritual kind of way, but in a plain practical way.  Forgiveness is a weapon.  The distracting noise is gone.  You can now see the people in your society and in others society for what they really are.  You can diffuse and even obliterate emotional attacks meant to silence and darken your heart.  You can trace hate to it’s source, and NOW you can really end the cycle.

What is prejudice?  It’s a failure to forgive.

Brainspotting (fake empathy)


Psychopaths in all stages (narcissist, ASPD, sociopath) sometimes need to pretend they have compound emotions that they don’t really feel.  Being ideological makes us vulnerable to their scripts.  The more ideological you are the more they can manipulate you with your own cognitive dissonance.  The inverse is also true.  If your logical mind uses rationalization to know your subconscious self, wasting mind power on defending your ideology becomes unnecessary, freeing valuable mind power to detect anomalies in your own conscience. These anomalies are often a sign someone is trying to manipulate you.

Here are a few examples of manufactured empathy designed by psychopaths to manipulate you.

Celebrity gossip:  Psychopaths love to chat about the stars.  Particularly if a celebrity has a great misfortune that many people are in consensus about.  The card trick is simple.  Turn on the teevee and consume every perspective on the awful fate befalling some star.  Then at a convenient time regurgitate word for word the script that was read to them.

The clue:  Look for a similar but distinct situation with a neighboor or friend (who is not on social media) and ask them about that.  They’ll hem and haw.

Pet perversion:  Psychopaths know that people project all kinds of irrational love and trust on their pets.  They will profess astonishment at an abused cat on the TeeVee but then beat, ignore, or experiment with their own dog behind closed doors.  ‘Isn’t it awful’ they’ll say.

The clue:  The animal is just a prop to them.  They’ll talk it up but it will be malnourished, untrained, or allowed to run loose.  They just as soon throw it in front of your car to trade an animal slave for a human one.

The one true ism:  Sociopaths drool over the prospects for enslaving whole populations with a clever qip.  Be it nationalism, racism, religious fundementalism, feminism, etc.  You name it.  If it pushes one group over another, the world has a whole lot less peers and a whole lot more masters and slaves, and making their their need for rank and file more rationial with each recruit.  Healthy idiology is both personal and contextual.  Empathic humans expound joy and revel in enlightenment and realization.

The clue: Do the ‘betters’ in your favorite idea act more like children sharing a new skill they’ve discovered, or zookeepers?  Are they teaching you what they’ve learned about fishing or simply throwing you some fish to keep you well fed, for now?   Don’t be passive.  Ask questions until you stump them.  They will slip and show themselves.  Trust your gut.  Then you will know if it’s just a handout (a Pavlovian training mechanism) or a hand up (the compassion of a peer).

The children:  ‘but what about the children’  It’s a cliché.  It almost goes without saying.  But there is a subtle point which may assist you.  Psychopaths do actually care for their children.  Almost all animals do.  It’s not the same as the love we show but it’s just as real to them.

The clue:  Psychopaths turn to their own experience as children when parenting.  A combination of harsh punishment and public denial would have protected them during their ASPD episodes, so they impart the same on their children psychopath or not.  They may let their children run amok and only punish them when they are caught.  The real lesson is not emotional programming of the conscience (pointless to them) but instead the simple logical message ‘don’t get caught.’  This results in some radical hypocrisy, especially for those in public life.

Anything you care deeply about: If you wear your heart on your sleeve they will use the knowlage to chain you up and clean you out.

The clue:  If someone depicts them self as an emotional match that is simply too good to be true, it probably is.  Know yourself emotionally (internal or external psychotherapy) and the distortion of the manipulation attempt should send your conscience reeling.

This is not even close to comprehensive, but gives you some examples of how fake empathy can be used to open your mind just enough that your metamind falls out.  Explore your mind to discover your own ideas.  The isms that truly suit your mind will always have an element of faith.  It greatly behoves you to operate on a hunch.  That’s what your conscience is for!  That is how you become your own leader.  You must be your own leader to truly treat your peers as equals.

Self defense from sociopaths


As I mentioned in the BSA and Catholic Church child defense review, an intelligent sociopath stage psychopath may show no signs until a golden opportunity presents it’s self.  Without genetic screening how do you protect yourself?  Actually there are quite a few things you can do.   They may require permanent life changes, but it’s well worth it.  You won’t need to wait until society catches up to enjoy the benefits.

The key to happiness is a commitment to enlightenment.    Once you know how to know yourself, then making the world a better place becomes the obvious goal.  The key to both of these stages is knowing who to trust.  If you know who to trust, everything else falls into place.   It’s all about conserving energy for endeavors that first help yourself, and ultimately strengthen your ability to help others.

Train Yourself

  • Know yourselfYou have emotions attached to every memory.  You can’t (and shouldn’t) change them all, but if you know WHY you have that emotional reaction then you own it.  If you can’t be surprised, you can’t be manipulated.  Your emotions may be hurtful or damaging, and destructive, but are never inaccurate.  That’s what you feel.  Understand them all.  Learn to counteract old destructive emotions, with positive ones that value you, your loved ones and your societies.  If you understand the old emotions and add new positive emotions, the old ones become
    far less dangerous or destructive.  The conscience is a game of averages.
  • Study psychopaths – Learn about how psychopaths act in narcissistic, ASPD and sociopath stages, and how intelligence and wealth accelerates the progression.  Consider how someone who views all others as either their master or their slave would interact with the world.   You can study many other animals for examples.  Know what a golden opportunity is, not just in reality, but from different perspectives, points of view,and intelligence levels.  Most importantly always remember that all people project what they want to see onto others.  They will project superficiality onto you, and you compassion and empathy on them.
  • Become a meta-psychopath –  Intentionally hide your emotions and act like a psychopath under some conditions.  This is very dangerous and not for everybody.  Your conscience can quickly become overloaded with negative emotions, making you the monster you set out to fight.  Once you understand how other people work, and completely know yourself (your emotions), you can put them aside for a larger purpose.  Undercover police are a great example of how this might work.  Avoid hierarchical psychopath cooperatives as they become police states and cults, and you may not be allowed to abandon your post when the needs of your conscience demands it.  For hands on training you can join a society that is a psychopath cooperative.  This is where psychopaths are allowed some psychopathic behavior in exchange for strict limits as to when and where they can act out.  Typical examples might be black markets, counter-cultures, and activist collectives.  Of course I am NOT endorsing any illegal activity here.  For example the global heavy metal society may be one example of a completely legal, non-hierarchical counter-culture that is mildly psychopathic.


Identify psychopaths

  • Perform the questionnaire – Take the Hare attributes and Thomas Sheridan’s attributes and rate 6-10 people from 1-5 (not true to very true) for each attribute.  You must make sure to include yourself, and at least one person you are sure is not a psychopath to create a baseline.  If anyone has all the required attributes and many of the others, you have identified them.
  • Play the dupe – If you truly know yourself then bragging, boasting and generally displaying your full prowess is not needed.  Learn how to get people to underestimate you.  You will know you are succeeding when you become the subject of cruel jokes and endless ribbing and brow beating.  The psychopath will quickly assert themselves as them master and begin to order you about.  Now you have found them.
  • Set traps – Leave a variety of easy scores laying about.  Leave a $100 as bookmark on a coffee table book.  Leave your most powerful pain killer prescription bottle in the medicine cabinet in your bathroom with an exact number of placebo (probiodics work great)  pills in it.  Set your boss up to take credit for a project of yours at work.  Send a flirty, loyal but unknown friend to chat with your boyfriend, and see if he takes the bait.  If they take the bait no need to confront them.  The goal was identification, mission accomplished.
  • Examine their past – Don’t be afraid to ask tough questions about their past, not only of them but previous friends.  It doesn’t need to be a job interview.  Ask to see photo albums.  Ask about old cars.  Previous houses, towns.  Psychopaths love to brag so make it about how great their things and awards were.  This takes some time but this should yield research-able leads about their entire life.  If not, the risk is too great to continue.
  • Observe behavior

Ending the madness

Once you know who to trust your following actions should be a fairly easy decision.  It may be difficult to walk the path, but please persevere.  Shun all psychopaths.  Interact with them as minimally as possible.That way the next time they see a golden opportunity, you won’t be involved.  If must interact with them be sure you have a trusted witness.

Unless you are comfortable and skilled as a meta-psychopath, you should not remain in a society with known psychopaths.  Instead focus on local societies.  Use the rules of the societies to rout them, or find/form societies that have not yet been infiltrated and controlled.

If you are financially involved with a psychopath, minimize interactions to business, record everything, and make a plan to exit the relationship as soon as possible.

One day I will expand and revise this list.  Of course I am open to suggestions.  I hope this helps.

Type one civilization paper complete


Major additions to the type one civilization paper. Added a comprehensive section on how to reform national governments to reduce corruption. Please reread and share.

Here is an excerpt.

I would suggest a new political party would be needed. The distribution party, or the distributors of law. Endorsing capitalist republics, but ones with minimal powers under constant scrutiny and subject to regular legal distribution. Fiscally conservative but socially liberal. Dedicated to rewriting laws and their allocated funding to the smallest locales possible.

Please comment, share, like and discuss.

Masters and slaves


Masters and slaves.  It’s a binary view of the world, and an important one.  It’s how every creature on earth, sans empathic human beings, view the world.  We think we see mammals forming partnerships like us, but ultimately it’s projection.  Even if the species is highly loyal to a mate, troop or pack, inside that organization, there IS a pecking order.  We (most of us) are the only animal that defaults to cooperation and compassion.  The inclination of self sacrifice with no implied promise personal gain.  This is no criticism.  It’s what makes us civilized.

If you have the misfortune of meeting someone you know is a psychopath, you may get to witness it in action.  Watch carefully as they probe you with scripts containing emotional triggers.    At a glance the conversation may seem casual, but the topic seems to change a lot (less true the more intelligent they are.)   At one level they are trying to see if they can control you.   The logic is simple, if they are not controlling you, than you may be controlling them.  But that is not even what their ultimate goal is.  They are trying to decide who is the master, and who is the slave.  That way they know how to interact.

It’s kind of a flip side to our attempts at partnerships.  When we meet another human being we have the implicit assumption that they will be generally honest.  We casually converse not to compete but to find common ground, and better compliment our strengths and weaknesses.  An aware empath can defeat our ingrained assumption by imposing tests and barriers, but this is an intellectual triumph against our better nature.

It must be very frustrating for psychopaths.  Not so much that they are offended by our rewardless self sacrifice (although they personally may be) but that we are so chaotic.  So disorderly.  One minute the husband is in charge, and the next the wife is.  Well who is the master already?  They simply view the world as one big power struggle.  Compassion is a bizarre fantasy for the mentally ill.

This is especially important when considering institutional slavery.  I need not explain why slavery crushes the spirit of empath who is not self aware.   The constant punishment in place of the implicit expectation of a reasonable effort is daunting and impossible to completely resolve.  Naturally, we function primarily by positive enforcement, and leave negative reinforcement behind with our childhood.

The psychopath on the other hand is comfortable with the situation.  Naturally nobody wants to be a slave, but they simply accept their position as a slave as natural and temporary.  They thrive as slaves where empaths crash and burn.  While they may say the words, in their mind they are not calling to their god to return them to the civilized world.   Their thoughts are simple on the matter.   If I were the master, I’d do the same thing.  They look up to their captors as teachers and betters.  It is simply another pack structure.  A structure they wish to reach the top of.

This theory too has predictive value.  It predicts the method by which slavery destroys a country or society.  As slavery is in place for generations, slave populations will become increasingly more populated with psychopaths, at a faster rate than the enslaving population.  When the slaves are freed, the psychopaths join the existing population and number of psychopaths jumps up.  So does waste, corruption and their effects on the economy of scale.  Accelerating the civilizations downfall.

A secondary effect is clear.  Aware observers in the civilization notice it taking a turn for the worse.  They correctly correlate it the the release of the slaves, but then incorrectly blame the race, religion, culture or genetics of the past slaves as inferior.  The truth is the slave keeping itself is to blame, for torturing their empathic members to destruction and promoting the psychopaths.

The lesson is clear.  Do not keep slaves.  It is morally abhorrent, and it will destroy your civilization.  Humanity has tools we need to step out of the pattern.  The question now is, do we do the right thing?  Do we free minority groups from their ridiculous stigmas?  Can we deal with individuals instead based on capabilities and civic nature?  I certainly hope so.


Racisim: Hypocritical social critiquite of other empaths emotional triggers.


We are blind to our own cultures handling of psychopaths. The nature of our emotional triggers in the superego which are of course played by those without a conscience in our own society make us so. But when we see another society with different triggers we more easily spot their psychopaths. We dance and follow our own pied piper, but shake our head in condemnation when we see our counterparts do the same. This is the basis of racism.

In this explanation racists are responding rationally, but with incomplete information.  They are seeing legitimate behaviour aberrations as emotional triggers are pulled for empaths.   They can see the these triggers (as opposed to the ones they ignore for their own racial society)  because they are unimportant to them.  But they are actually seeing the psychopaths in the ‘other’ race, and the emapth’s irrational emotional response to them.

What do you think?