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Animal Odd couples


Interesting video from PBS, circa 2012.    Inter species relationships.  Watching the animals care for each other seems hauntingly compassionate.   Perhaps perceptively contradictory to the nature of psychopaths.

In this episode the relationships all have something in common.  The relationships between animals are initiated and subsidized by empathic humans.  Perhaps there are clues within cross species partnerships to better relationships between emaths and psychopaths, for both parties.   You might want to look at the sponsored sociopathy post for a human specific analysis.

Sponsored sociopathy



Persistent shunning is effective when a psychopath tries to treat you as a slave.  Is this cruel?  Not at all, you are actually helping them.  You are sharing the virtues of your conscience.  By isolating them from risky social situations, you are helping them to avoid the long term social risks they cannot weigh subconsciously.  More so than than the empaths who are oblivious to their exact disorder, you are acting as their guardian.

Without compound emotions, psychopaths can’t feel fear like we do, only despair.  Human fear is despair imagined in the future.  Fear requires imagination.  Imagination is not just visualization, but subconscious immersion with emotional context.  You could argue that animals display fear, but they are strictly reacting to an occurrence now.  I argue fear indicates a future time component.  Animals are reacting to something they associate with attributes of a past pain, or the basic attributes of danger (a loud noise for example.)  Remove the stimulus and the despair will retract at a predictable pace.  Not necessarily true for a human.  An empathic human will also react to perceived future risk.  Depending on the circumstances, possibly as long as the rest of their life.

Since first putting together the civilization gene theory, I’ve been haunted by the question.  Will the shunning be relentless?  Perhaps not.  Psychopaths have a choice.  Any particular psychopath could decide operate in the open with the logical tools they do have.  If a psychopath were to openly acknowledge civilization as their master, they would then have a framework for treating other humans as peers.To be clear, a psychopath can offer a slave like submission on an individual or small basis, but this is a risky proposition for the propositioned empath(s).  The societies around them and civilization itself are not aware of their psychopath nor in some cases that such a person can even exist.  So when such an agreement is challenged, the psychopath can simply lie and say no agreement existed.  Further they can lie and say they never displayed the negative behavior that brought the agreement to bear.  That is the likely choice to be made by someone driven entirely by selfish logic.  With near certainty if they perceive a golden opportunity.

A zero trust network is needed.  Science is possibly the first such information classification system.  First information is proposed.  Then tests are formulated by someone with both the means and the interest.  Finally the results are verified by anyone with the means to do so.  The cheaper information verification is, the better the system works.

Traditional science has huge barriers to entry for some scientific verification.  Enormous grants are needed to build extravagant machinery and hire vast staffs to perform multi-year experiments that are then locked behind large paywalls guarded by minimally staffed scientific journals.   But more recently open source software has catapulted computer science to the fore with a barrier of entry to one computer, internet connection and food, clothing and electricity for a staff of one.   Just now (in history) Bitcoin and it’s ilk have further scaled the zero trust (scientific) method down to a mere single statement with instant verification on a global scale.

Psychopaths now have simple mechanisms to commit themselves to the greater good.  They simply need a cell phone with a small piece of free software and a golden opportunity that drives them to use it.  They simply need to state under the rigors of vetted mathematics, that they are indeed a sociopath and are prepared to submit to civilization itself.

What does it mean to be part of this commitment to humanity?  Both a commitment to those empaths who have not grown beyond their default state of trust, and to psychopaths who recognize they are being offered assistance navigating or even conquering the oddities of a world built on irrational compassion.  It would looks like this.

Psychopath’s duty

  • Dedication to logic.
  • Admit to sociopathy.
  • Admit civilization and society as your master.
  • Admit a lack of conscience creates social problems.
  • Openly establish trusted sources of criticism (empath sponsors.)
  • Accept criticism from your sponsors.
  • Demonstrate implementation or dismiss feasibility of criticism.
  • Psychopaths must admit that empathic sponsors are capible of Kohlberg’s post conventional thinking.

Empath’s duty

  • Vigilence.  Sponsorship means always being prepared to revert to shunning.
  • Psychopaths have no singular authority over data.
  • Psychopaths have no direct reports.
  • A commitment to a reasoned approach to inclusion baring violation of the above.
  • Sponsors must understand that Kohlberg’s conventional stage is the final moral destination for psychopaths.

The essence of this system is for empaths to lend, and verify the reception of, the post conventional properties to the conscience to sponsored sociopaths.  In return the psychopath can enjoy more (though obviously not limitless) social freedom.  The ability to move freely around people who will shun rather than punish or attack them for missing some ‘common sense’ about long term risk.  Who instead of condemning them for not displaying a behavior they simply can’t display, will lend their abilities to navigate day to day risks.  Instead of doubling down on social pressure (more importantly the consequences of not complying) allowing the sociopaths isolated downtime to logically asses their environment and subsequently control their mood swings.

While this will likely fail for any psychopaths in narcisistic or ASPD stage (described in ‘psychopath labels’) there is real promise for assisting an intelligent logical sociopath into a sponsored conventional stage.  This would be both beneficial to psychopath and to society as a whole as the long term risky behaviors are reduced.

Warning for psychopaths


You benefit from our society.

We are masters of low likelihood, high impact risk.  Each of us has a second mind dedicated just to long term risk.  Most don’t use it effectively all the time.  Make no mistake, we can at any time.  We have emergent problem solving and multi-generational knowledge that you don’t.  Small data can have a big impact.

  • We have sole capacity for investment and imagination.
  • We alone can create new technologies.

Our economy needs to progress with less waste to prevent the impending economic collapse and subsequent nuclear disaster.  Earth and it’s occupants, including you, are teetering on the edge of biological collapse.  Your parasitic role is about to kill the host.  Timing varies, but you will die to.

What’s are the consequences?  Pain, ruination, and your death.

To protect yourself from death do not interfere with the following…

  • Making spent nuclear fuel rod storage far more anti-fragile.  Even if it means giving up your goals.
  • We will rout out corruption and specifically wasteful psychopath control at all levels.  The economy can not be allowed to collapse yet.

We are not like you.  You never were ‘master.’  Society is your master.  Empaths have long given you implicit permission to ‘take a cut.‘  The last two generations did not understand how technology has changed the stakes.  We will.  It is in progress.  Our irrational emotions may yet turn us against you, but the status quo of graft has a definite outcome, death.  Support us or die.

Fukushima changed the global metamind.  It will vary, but soon all permission will be revoked.  Sure as the sun burns in the sky nuclear waste will bring ruin along the Pacific.  No propaganda will be sufficient to counteract our reaction to this.  You must pare back.

Do not cull your own.  It may distort ALL alliances and hasten your death.

No further action is recommended.  Submission is your best choice to survive and prosper.