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CRISPR changes everything


Some mental illness may no longer need to be diagnosed through social tests.    While the United States busys itself with corporate protectionist legislation like the TPP to protect the major drug companies, some of the world is experimenting with the new precise, cheap and repeatable gene editing method known as CRISPR.

In the past gene editing was hit or miss.  Practiced more like chemistry, it was more like a million misses to a marginal hit.  Identifying a gene was not enough, splicing it became a major endeavor for companies like Monsanto.   Experiments on human DNA (except perhaps if you count our GMO diet) was effectively impossible.

As of 2015, the CRISPR technique, takes a precise strand of DNA and inserts it, reliably, in a larger DNA strand, precisely where it is told to insert it.   This is the holy grail of both nano scale assembly, and made to order DNA.  The mind reels.  Designer babies are eminent.  Greatly reduced aging is possible.  DNA based nanites can built to both manufacture on the table top and enhance human attributes.

These are in the future (AFAIK), but before all that, apparently we have already begun to use it verify genetic disease.  The technology is not even a year old and Chinese scientists have already implanted a suspected autism gene in monkeys, to see if their behavior varies.  It does.

The implications are huge for all illness from athletes foot to cancer, but it’s important that the first study is on behavioral disease.  If the civilization gene is correct and psychopathy is genetic, we could be close to a completely different world.  There are no suspect genes (other than the debunked warrior gene) at the moment, but it is possible to find, were the right people to take interest.  Now, a new way to verify that first study is readily available.

Conversely should some mental illnesses become officially understood to be genetic, psychopaths should  be easier to diagnose.  Psychopaths are the highest functioning mental illness.  ASPD stage psychopaths are well known for feigning other mental illnesses to evade detection.  A narrower field of patients through genetic screening for other disease means less misdiagnosis, and more understanding of the social consequences of widespread psychopathy.  That ultimately means real targeted help for the psychopaths.

James Fallon


Got to meet with James Fallon and a few other interested doctors for an hour today and discuss what else, but psychopathy.  He was open to my ideas.  He seems charming enough and focused on science.  I complemented him on his unusual dedication to logic.

I discussed my dismissal of the warrior gene as a possible source of psychopathy, and the national geographic piece that inspired it.  He concurred that the most effective warriors would be calm and controlled.

He was able to casually corroborate my psychopath labels paper (the id -> ego -> superego) and the conscience as a long term risk manager.  He seemed particularly interested in both emotional metadata and the metamind model.

He provided some insight into the advantages that psychopaths have.  Particularly the minimal amount of sleep they require.  A major advantage in labor intensive fields.  The night-time mental wanderings (maintenance and problem solving?) of an empaths subconscious seems to double their downtime.

I’m hoping more will come this.  Time will tell.  Dr. Fallon your contributions are welcome here.  Thanks for your time.

Tie a bell around their neck.



Previously I have written about how to create a type one civilization without genetic screening for psychopaths.  But what if we did genetic screening for the civilization gene?  What would a genetic study look like?  How would society look after the discovery of the civilization gene?

A couple of samples.

Dr Hare has previous suggested the only way to really protect society from psychopaths is to tie a bell around their neck. We already do that, sometimes. The ASPD or ego stage psychopaths volunteer themselves for screening by the criminal justice system. This is no accident. The antics of ASPD psychopaths in jail(like attempts on Dr Hare’s life) led him to his numerous studies on the subject. The Hare was born in the pen, to be used in the pen.

People have a fundamental right to free will and to define their relationships, and may fraternize, interact, conduct business with, and even reproduce with who they like, including psychopaths. These rights shall not be infringed. This is the fundamental underpinning for the right to fork ANY organization including national governments. The right of rejection of government authority is the flip side of giving psychopaths rights that they are wired to abuse.


I’ve moved past the warrior gene


I have, I really have.  A couple of months ago I posted a great National Geographic video where they clearly lay out that there is no freaking way (to be technical) that the ‘warrior gene’ is a vital component of psychopathy.

In case you didn’t notice you can click on the keywords on the right.  You can look at all my thoughts on warrior gene, or any other category in one quick click.

It certainly could be argued that the lack of the civilization gene and the presence of the ‘warrior gene’ (which should be named the fly off the handle gene or the loose your temper gene) is a lethal combination.  Together a psychopath would not only have the predisposition to get an early start on the ego or ASPD developmental stage, but barring both luck (socioeconomic privilege) and high intelligence never leave it’s orbit for sociopathy.  A psychopath with the ‘warrior gene’ would be apt to solve EVERYTHING with both his or her body and invent confrontation where little conflict had previously existed.  Truly a nightmare criminal in the making.

Please understand that psychopaths are not inherently violent.  While their aloof dreamlike view of other humans means the ego stage can be violent, that with understanding and caution, they can live fairly normal lives.  The key is both awareness and understanding of challenges that the lack of a metamind presents them with.  Treating them like empaths is asking for confrontation, but understanding and accommodating their binary view of other humans, allows for distant but respectful relationships.

Compassion and trust, hopefully not to a fault, is the foundation of civilization itself.  Non psychopathic humans are filled with an almost endless fountain of hope and trust, but also with a keen sense of unrealized danger.  This strange combination, not just intelligence is what binds us together.  When we leave psychopathy and it’s simple minded master/slave social approach behind, civilization will finally dominate mankind.  Civilization is the logic of compassion.

Dr. Brunner warrior gene, NOT the psychopath gene.


Great video from National Geographic.  A little slow, but a fun watch.  Talks about Dr. Brunner’s discovery of the MAO-A gene.  The gene actually works like a Serotonin mop.  Sucking it out of the system after it has sent it’s signal.  The shortened MAO-A gene doesn’t function normally and fails to absorb serotonin.  It only happens in the X chromosome, so women don’t seem to be effected.  They are protected by the second chromosome.

The video was smart to point out that the gene indicates a propensity for violence, not a guarantee.  It’s pretty clear that it was misnamed.  It’s not really ‘the warrior gene’ more like the ‘aggression’ or the ‘fly off the handle’ gene.  Brings up a good question.  Is the first degree murder harder to prove for a person with a ‘fly off the handle gene?’   Yes in my opinion it is.   This is a double edged sword though.  It should ALSO be harder to get early parole.  Good behavior mean less about your future when you can’t fully control your behavior.  Change the environment and bang.  This isn’t just conjecture, this is exactly how ‘the Hare’ works against psychopaths at parole hearings.

Great job National Geographic.  Warrior gene as the cause of psychopathy?  Totally busted.  Straight up behaviorism, also busted.  Not only that but providing hard facts that a behavior’s likelihood can be genetic.

I want to bring up something the video spelled out so I can point to it later.  The short MAOA gene does the same thing that prescription SSRIs do.  SSRI stands for Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor.  It does just what it sounds like.  It forces natural Serotonin to stay in the system.  The exact same thing the ‘Warrior Gene’ defect does.  But does it have the same effect on behavior as the warrior gene you wonder?  Yes, considering most of the recent mass shootings have been committed by people taking SSRIs!  I’d love for someone to prove me wrong, but it looks to me like prescribing SSRIs is a terrible idea.  It’s like turning on the warrior gene!

Self diagnosed scientist sociopath

Assuming science is working as it should, not a bad field for a psychopath to go into.   No singular power over data.  Or is there?  Scientists need repeatable predictions to make real headway in science.  If they cheat, they may unload some grant cash from the NIH, but eventually the lies will be caught when someone else tries the experiment.

Sorry doc, but I’ll take a meta-psychopath as a surgeon over a sociopath any day.   Just don’t have that kind of faith in the malpractice insurance market to keep him on the straight and narrow.

A hope here for a guild of psychopaths who have dedicated themselves to logic.  But don’t want to be naive, juries still out on that one.  Clearly one of the better outcomes for an intelligent psychopath, full self awareness as an advanced sociopath.

He talks about multiple warrior genes, and points out that he has them.  Might seem like some anecdotal proof.  Of course the warrior genes could indicate if someone is also a psychopath that they are more likely to get stuck in the psychopathic subconscious ASPD/ego stage.   Which likely means jail.  Which is by far the largest group of psychopaths physiologically analyzed.  Not the greatest sole pool to pull data from, or to come to sociological conclusions from either.

Good video.  Bring you thinking cap.

Thanks!  More videos please.

What you talking bout willis?


Rather than force people to read the ridiculous tomes on this blog, I have made a terms page, explaining rarely used, misused, newly defined, or new words.  One day when I have more time I’ll make it even shorter.

Of course I am open to correction or criticism.

Interesting article debunking the warrior gene


Googled around a bit and found an article trashing the warrior gene as inconclusive.   Unfortunately it partly does so by saying attributing any behavior to a particular gene is too simple to be true.  In my defense ‘Ancient Breed’ and the civilization gene stems from social/economic observation not genetics, AND I have contended that it could be a small group of rapid succession mutations (though I doubt it.)

This is the really interesting part.  I have contended that while conflict actually helps empaths grow (by building useful emotional metadata) that it damages psychopaths.  Particularly if they can’t get relief from their negative environment so they can quietly build their logical understanding of what just happened.    That logical growth, and the explosion that can follow the lack of it,  is why psychopaths need social isolation.  The kind of social isolation like you can obtain living like a hermit or that you can buy with vast wealth.

Now that I’ve front loaded the hell out of you, here is the quote.

“A third of these men carried the MAOA-L variant.  Now, aged 26, this group was indeed more likely than the others to have developed antisocial disorders and violent behavior – but only if they had been poorly treated or abused as children.  Moffitt and Caspi concluded that the so-called “warrior gene” affects a child’s sensitivity to stress and trauma at an early age.  Childhood trauma “activates” bad behavior, but in a caring environment it’s effect is quashed.”

Here was Ed Yong’s blog in discover

And here it is in nat geo (which seems broken today)

And the permalink to the article (PAYWALL)