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Civgene can provide objective morality



Video explaining how you can derive objective morality from civgene.

You can use behaviours unique to empaths to derive objective morality from science itself.  Non-psychopathic behaviours are like atoms which in turn can be used to build rights, much like molecules.

More to come.

Edit 3/25:  Updated video.  Clearer and more concise edits with clips.

Civgene: Why multitasking lowers IQ/EQ


Interesting brain study.

This seemed tangential to civgene until i read this part.

“Talentsmart has tested more than a million people and found that 90% of top performers have high EQs. If multitasking does indeed damage the anterior cingulate cortex (a key brain region for EQ) as current research suggests, doing so will lower your EQ while it alienates your coworkers.”

There is a simple explanation for this in the metamind model of the conscience/subconcious.  Rationalization, the process of logically assessing our subconscious emotional risk signals, is interrupted, or worse conflated with other signals (the core tool of propaganda and gaslighting).  Many people (rightly) feel uncomfortable following un-rationalized intuition, so they ignore it.  Becoming no better than a psychopath at assessing the immediate and current risks.

Further if lower effective intelligence results from frequent interruptions this strongly supports the idea that human intelligence is more than just a strong memory and fast logic processing.  Very specifically it indicates that some part of subconscious thought management process(civgene says the metamind) is not only part of intelligence, but makes sense if it has it’s OWN memory structure(civgene indicates this is emotional metadata).

The metamind model could have predicted the outcome of this study.  It explains it succinctly.  Always a good sign.

Prediction:  If this study is replicated and the metamind is accepted as the explanation, then some time in topical psychotherapy (talk therapy) should be able to restore previously tested IQ and EQ scores.  The damage isn’t permanent.

Is civgene just apophenia? Why don’t you run an experiment?


I was asked a variant of the above question, here is my response.

Proof is expensive, and hard.

I estimated finding the psychopathy gene would cost be about 30-50 million dollars.   Not to mention if I’m correct I’d need at least a few political favors from powerful government figures to keep it from being shut down.  If I am correct it is certain some people ‘in charge’ are psychopaths, know it, and don’t want to be caught.

Here’s the link I sent you a while back.

Which includes the following.

That’s where the 30-50 million comes from.  Proof may well cost 100 million dollars.  That’s why.  If a study is funded, I’ll help anyway I can.  Of course I’d love to hear flaws in how such a study might work versus my suggestions.

I could be wrong, but I doubt it’s apophenia.   But here’s how to convince me it might be.  Use logic or good data to disprove one of these axioms.  I’ll be happy to elaborate more on the ‘weak spot.’

  1. Copernicus observed and theorized.  Adam Smith observed and theorized.  Darwin observed and theorized.  Observation and positing theories is how new science is done.  It just happens in this case I didn’t need a huge grant from the NIH simply make the observations.  The details were hidden in plain sight.  Now I would like one to prove the theory they provide.  I noticed them partly because I have such a strange group of perspectives and interests.
  2. All people have some ‘good’ in them is incorrect.  Some (not all) people will never revert to behavior that is a mean benifit to humanity.  This is based on Hare’s psychopath work.   BTW his work is used to parole (or not parole) convicts.  Ignoring this science not only refutes the science he helped create but is passing a blind eye to real peoples hurt (no parole) resulting from the bad science.  Our perception that they need ‘one more chance’ is a projection of who we are onto them.  (this last point is illustrative)
  3. Hare’s work, specifically the psychopathy checklist has endured not only scientific peer review, but judicial review in multiple countries.
  4. Psychopaths display no behaviors that can’t be found in the body of mentally healthy adult humans.  The reverse is not true.  Most humans display regular symptoms of a conscience (perhaps with periodic omissions or exceptions in the form of psychopathic behavior), psychopaths never do.
  5. People are out to get you, but they are not working together.  To me this draws the line between authentic apophenia/paranoia and reasonable caution.  There is an argument against this, but interestingly you need to assume at least part of civgene is true to make it.  As another illustrative point, I have had some success with speculation on science trends in the past (open source.)
  6. Game theory or selfish logic, fails in the real world.  Most people help each other, at least sometimes, even when there is no benefit.
  7. Economic explanations of the foundation of civilization are muddy, overly complex and incoherent.   Archaeological remnants of civilization appear suddenly indicating a rapid change in behavior with technologies at their onset.
  8. Many facts about psychopathy are brand new.  There was no coherent definition of it until the 1970s.  So it’s the right time for these ideas.  Modern science of psychopathy couldn’t have happened without microcomputers, a pre-requisite for the MRI, a prerequisite for some repeatable experiments.  So… the earliest it could have happened was the 1970s.
  9. Psychopaths know they are different.  A psychopath knows they function and operate differently than the people around them, even if they don’t know they are a psychopath.  Psychopaths are relatively indifferent about lying and are highly competitive so they are VERY unlikely to admit they are sick or strange unless they think it provides them a competitive advantage somehow.  All these facts come directly from Hare’s work.  They are critical to crafting the psychopathy checklist.

These are key points that formed civgene.  Since then I’ve been just using the new lens to bring events into focus.

Because some of the most powerful stand to loose their most prized possessions (money, power) if civgene is proven, it’s important to proceed to remediation of the damage without the proof.  I lay this out in the type on civilization paper.

That’s why I didn’t just stop at civgene.  No they can’t trust each other or work together, but many callous people have a common interest.  To prevent civgene from being fact.

BTW I also have a paper on how to falsify civgene specific theories.

And why I think this fell on me.

You may disagree, and I may be a nut, but that doesn’t prove I am wrong either.  Thank you for your points.

What is the Distribution Party?



Today is election day in the United States.  What better time to discuss a new, populist, party.  Please pass this around today and tomorrow, the fifth of November.

I originally brought up the idea of a new political party in my Type One Civilization paper.  It is a solution to avoiding empowering psychopaths, without having a specific gene to screen for.  It can be argued that both global and United States civilization is so corrupt and distorted that it is beyond saving.  I disagree.  Sun Tzu points out that an organized retreat is the hardest military action.  While this is true, it is not conclusive.  You can change the game by agreeing to surrender, ending the two way violent conflict, obsoleting retreat.  This is what most empaths have resigned themselves to.   It is not necessary.  There is another way.  You can declare victory.

The core idea of the civilization gene is that psychopaths are the predecessor to modern man.  How did I conclude this?  Several ways, but the most compelling is the simplest to understand.  Psychopath behaviour is a subset of all human behaviour.  In other words they possess no qualities that every other normal human does not display.  Our conscience blocks us from displaying them more often, but they are present.  Why does simply knowing this make us victorious?  Because we are a superset of psychopathic behavior, and since each of us are best suited to adjust our own conscience to suit ones self, YOU are the most important impediment to having all of the psychopaths strengths, and none of their weaknesses.  Compared with them, you are a super human.  With such powers, how can you loose?

What has changed is that we now know who psychopaths are, and by inference, who we are.  The MRI, the Hare, and the failure of pure logic (ex:game theory) has revealed psychopaths to the interested empath.  This is new information.  This is very much the sister of the revelation of intricacies of the empath’s conscience to the Bernays, Gobbles and the like.  Marketing and propaganda, subsequently.  There are multiple actionable courses we can take to slip out of the yolks of propaganda and corruption of the hierarchies we ironically approved to free ourselves from the very reigns of psychopaths that now control them.

The Distribution Party is but one of many such paths.  Such as above, no hierarchy is needed to create the party.  This is critical as hierarchy can be used to distort the original intent.  It’s philosophy is simple and easy to verify.  A concateny of competing websites can easily list which politicians have some or any track record distributing law to smaller jurisdictions.  Distribution while simple is unlikely to be confused with any other kind of bill or law.   As it is so simple to identify it in action, it will fade in popularity when laws are sufficiently local that citizens can personally identify and attend to corruption.  Conversely, outbreaks of corruption will indicate further distribution is needed.

The idea is simple.  Corruption takes root where it is furthest from view.  The more distance a political leader has from their constituents, the more golden opportunities form to abuse their power.  If a psychopath happens to hold the office, they simply can not resist taking a golden opportunity.  Such is the strict purview of a conscience.  The traditional approach to solve this is to call for the revocation of the law, yet laws are never revoked.  Instead a fruitless argument persists over the balance of money and power until a yet larger crisis occurs, and it is forgotten and nothing is fixed.  Instead of arguing over who looses what, a distribution law can be passed.  Keep funding and legal language exactly the same, but split it into equal pieces (based exactly on the original funding methodology) for each state.  This can also be applied to lower level of government as well.  State to county.  County to Township.  Township to village.  The law and it’s funding are distributed until the corruption ceases.  You have now found the smallest safe scope for that law, and it’s funding, to be free of corruption.  Maximizing the largest possible, but not larger than possible, waste free economy of scale.

To be clear these laws may change or be completely eradicated by the smaller jurisdiction, but the funding will remain intact.  It will be as if the local (state,county,etc) legislature passed the law themselves.   Likewise they can nullify it with new law.  This can happen in the case of redundancy, waste, inefficiency, of simply a different point of view as to what the law should say.

Local jurisdictions may change the law.  If a laws original signing body become distressed as to the practice vs intent of a distributed law, they can simply revoke the original law or the distribution and it’s accompanying funding, but they will have to do so for all jurisdictions.  If they try to revoke just a convenient part of the distributed law, they face the same stalemate and bickering they always do.  Good legal distributions will include language prohibiting selective or partial favoritist revocation, but it is not necessary to maintain balance.

Distributed law is the necessary way to tackle psychopathic culture.  One where accumulation of power is an end on to itself.  It is an organized retreat from centralization gone one step too far, as evidenced by overt corruption or poor legal or economic performance indicating graft and waste.  Legal distribution can suit the ends of liberals and conservatives, statists and anarchists alike.  Conserving tax resources through efficiency, and preserving social programs through distribution.  Making government more successful.  Bringing it under direct influence and improving accountability.

No one should own this idea, but all should support it.  Please tell people you are part of the Distribution Party, tell others to say the same, and enjoy your victory.  It was always in the mind.

What is the conscience?


The fast version is: Psychopaths were the last human breed pre-civilization. A mutation occurred, forcing a human (and eventually most of them) into mandatory emotional recall. Not only can your rational mind remember your emotions, but you must feel them as you remember things. Now you have two pathways to every memory, the logical (conscious) mind, AND the emotional (subconscious) metamind. The metamind is a more specific name for both the subconscious and the conscience. They are the same thing.

So now when I say ‘basketball’ or show you a picture of a tree, you mind can access memories relating to this two ways. The logical conscious pathways or the emotions associated with that tree (which you immediately feel to a small degree) This forms a passively driven risk engine. Lets say you broke your arm in that type of tree (or playing basketball), or that’s a memory from the day your parents were divorced, when you remember that thing you also logically reference that important memory. The negative emotion from the tree (danger) now activates ALL memories (via the subconscious) with the same negative emotion.

Via MRI psychopaths do not have this secondary mind. That’s why they don’t feel guilt.

That’s how someone can have a panic attack, that’s how propaganda can be used to manipulate you, that’s how gaslighting can drive you mad, that’s how you can feel an outpouring of emotion for someone you have never met simply because they look like someone else, etc, etc.

The conscience is specifically, mandatory emotional recall. Caused by the civgene mutation.

Why is this PITA a genetic advantage? Cause logic doesn’t scale, and the conscience is REALLY fast. Effectively instantaneous. That ‘oh ****’ moment you feel in a local bar, or hunting a mammoth, can save your life.

The key is managing it’s side effects (uncontrollable, unexplainable, perhaps destructive emotions) is reason. Reason is the process of using logical mind to rationalize and eventually personally normalize and tune the messages from the conscience.

The best part though is the side effect. We all trust each other more. We strive for normalcy and feed off each others emotions. Without that, currency, investment and the economy of scale would not be possible. Why plant seeds (and be stuck in one spot) and tend to them when a psychopath can walk right into your hut rape you, kill you (even worse keep and enslave you), eat all your food and then move on to the next hut. You trust that the men (and women) in your village will hear the ruckus and protect you. They recognize the risks of failed investments effect the whole village.

Kinda funny since lots of guilt is about money. Heh.

Tie a bell around their neck.



Previously I have written about how to create a type one civilization without genetic screening for psychopaths.  But what if we did genetic screening for the civilization gene?  What would a genetic study look like?  How would society look after the discovery of the civilization gene?

A couple of samples.

Dr Hare has previous suggested the only way to really protect society from psychopaths is to tie a bell around their neck. We already do that, sometimes. The ASPD or ego stage psychopaths volunteer themselves for screening by the criminal justice system. This is no accident. The antics of ASPD psychopaths in jail(like attempts on Dr Hare’s life) led him to his numerous studies on the subject. The Hare was born in the pen, to be used in the pen.

People have a fundamental right to free will and to define their relationships, and may fraternize, interact, conduct business with, and even reproduce with who they like, including psychopaths. These rights shall not be infringed. This is the fundamental underpinning for the right to fork ANY organization including national governments. The right of rejection of government authority is the flip side of giving psychopaths rights that they are wired to abuse.


Kohlberg, psychopaths, and the pointless tragedy of Socrates


The problem with most of our modern social models is they assume that humanity is exactly one global set of behavioural variations.  This makes sense as actionable study of psychopaths has really started in the early 70s.  Without a concerted effort until the 1990s.  Psychopathy as completely different set of social behaviour is only 40 years old, and it’s most definitive test, the MRI word list, only 30.

Lawrence Kohlberg developed a theory of moral development.  Of course his development model assumes all humans could display all behaviours but this is not true.

It turns out only the first four stages of moral development are available to psychopaths.  The highest a human with only a master/slave model of interaction is a level four (of six) or the law and order model of society.  Level 5 is almost a literal definition of applied empathy, and level six is expanding empathy beyond the current physical and temporal constraints into a system of higher principals.  No empathy IS the definition of a psychopath.

For simplicities sake, I’m working on the principal the proceeding stages are automatically available (they seem to be) when a higher stage is accomplished.  Theoretically psychopaths could accept that society is their master and they the slave, IF they accept that all the empaths working together are superior to their self in every way, AND that is unlikely to change.  Without screening it is impossible to guarantee a psychopath will never perceive a golden opportunity rapidly plunging them back into a two or a one (what’s in it for me.) on Kohlberg’s scale.  So for now it seems they are reduced to the highest possible consistent state of a three, assuming that they have accepted a ‘social norm’ that many people would take a golden opportunity.  Unfortunately this is true enough in a society where their imperceptibility is the norm.

I have long contended that no society could be peaceful unless their entire membership is at least a four or law and order oriented.  Then post conventional agents could adjust the laws as needed, and the society could adapt to their environment without conflict.

When Socrates was threatened with death he contented that law and order were the minimal requirements for a peaceful civilization.  Without the aid of Kohlberg’s stages I think he was describing a level four citizen as a societies minimal requirement for progress and peace.  What Socrates didn’t know is that (absent genetic screening) that a percentage of indistinguishable humans could never become a stage four in moral development.  So long as some high functioning humans can’t get past a three, there can never really be peace.

I understand Socrates decision at both a gut and an intellectual level, but he didn’t have all the information.  He didn’t know that some people could never ever be reliable fours, and could never truly revere law and order, no matter how intelligent or logical they became.  That they just didn’t have a conscience, and we just couldn’t spot them every time.  If he did he would have realized that the social contract had always been invalid, because some of it’s signers traded a property they could not have ever owned.  The capacity for complete reliability.  He would have ran.  He would have raised and army, and he would have crushed the disintegrating country that condemned him.

What a tragic waste.

Type one civilization paper complete


Major additions to the type one civilization paper. Added a comprehensive section on how to reform national governments to reduce corruption. Please reread and share.

Here is an excerpt.

I would suggest a new political party would be needed. The distribution party, or the distributors of law. Endorsing capitalist republics, but ones with minimal powers under constant scrutiny and subject to regular legal distribution. Fiscally conservative but socially liberal. Dedicated to rewriting laws and their allocated funding to the smallest locales possible.

Please comment, share, like and discuss.