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Type One Civilization


Wrote a new paper on creating a type one civilization.  Here’s a quick preview of the things humans will need to do to their societies to make it work.

  • Know yourself
  • Seek enlightenment
  • Identify psychopaths
  • Identify graft
  • Minimize hierarchies
  • Reject rigid identities
  • Embrace forks
  • Shun non cooperative behavior
  • Practice identification on outside societies
  • Support moral societies

Going to take a break for a bit.  This one burnt me out.  Of course I can be lured in by comments and post suggestions!  🙂

Update:  Been back over the link a few times.  Corrected many errors.  If you found it difficult to follow yesterday, please give it a second chance.  I knew I was tired.  🙂

A warning – Valving


Spent some time on the FAQ so it’s a light day.

Gaslighting is fairly well known in the psychopath world.  It comes from an old movie where a psychopath systemically makes a person doubt their own sanity.  Both by changing their environment and denying the changes their victim then observes.

Leave it to my imagination to take it to the next level.  Here is the dream I mentioned the other night.  I was a casual friend of someone with a modern truck.  They complained that their car was running rough and was getting very poor fuel economy.  We want to their dealer and we split up before he approached the counter.  He was told to wait.

I waited patiently behind a half pane of glass out of sight.  I saw them pull my friend’s SUV in.  The mechanic didn’t even look at it.  He walked up to a computer nearby and pressed a button.  A minute after he walked away, a loud hissing sound emitted from his tires.  The mechanic had sent a message to his RFID valves and told them to open.

He came back in a few minutes and retrieved the owner.  He lied to the man and told him the problem was his tires.  The owner had failed to fill them with air!  This was the cause of both his bad driving experience and his poor fuel economy.  Of course I was outraged at this blatant lie.  I contained myself and waved my friend off when he tried to retrieve me.  I waited for a while.  Then I saw a mechanic pull the same trick on someone else!  It wasn’t just the mechanic, it was the whole shop.

In the dream I then checked the Internet.  It seems that some people where suspicious, but none had nailed it down.  It wasn’t just the shop but the whole corporation.

It’s a dream so not taking it to seriously, but thought it was worth sharing.  This is not usually technologically possible, yet.  Most RFID valve stems only report, not control, tire pressure.  But if you lack a name for it call it valving.  Valving – gas-lighting at the corporate scale.

Self diagnosed scientist sociopath

Assuming science is working as it should, not a bad field for a psychopath to go into.   No singular power over data.  Or is there?  Scientists need repeatable predictions to make real headway in science.  If they cheat, they may unload some grant cash from the NIH, but eventually the lies will be caught when someone else tries the experiment.

Sorry doc, but I’ll take a meta-psychopath as a surgeon over a sociopath any day.   Just don’t have that kind of faith in the malpractice insurance market to keep him on the straight and narrow.

A hope here for a guild of psychopaths who have dedicated themselves to logic.  But don’t want to be naive, juries still out on that one.  Clearly one of the better outcomes for an intelligent psychopath, full self awareness as an advanced sociopath.

He talks about multiple warrior genes, and points out that he has them.  Might seem like some anecdotal proof.  Of course the warrior genes could indicate if someone is also a psychopath that they are more likely to get stuck in the psychopathic subconscious ASPD/ego stage.   Which likely means jail.  Which is by far the largest group of psychopaths physiologically analyzed.  Not the greatest sole pool to pull data from, or to come to sociological conclusions from either.

Good video.  Bring you thinking cap.

Thanks!  More videos please.

Warning for psychopaths


You benefit from our society.

We are masters of low likelihood, high impact risk.  Each of us has a second mind dedicated just to long term risk.  Most don’t use it effectively all the time.  Make no mistake, we can at any time.  We have emergent problem solving and multi-generational knowledge that you don’t.  Small data can have a big impact.

  • We have sole capacity for investment and imagination.
  • We alone can create new technologies.

Our economy needs to progress with less waste to prevent the impending economic collapse and subsequent nuclear disaster.  Earth and it’s occupants, including you, are teetering on the edge of biological collapse.  Your parasitic role is about to kill the host.  Timing varies, but you will die to.

What’s are the consequences?  Pain, ruination, and your death.

To protect yourself from death do not interfere with the following…

  • Making spent nuclear fuel rod storage far more anti-fragile.  Even if it means giving up your goals.
  • We will rout out corruption and specifically wasteful psychopath control at all levels.  The economy can not be allowed to collapse yet.

We are not like you.  You never were ‘master.’  Society is your master.  Empaths have long given you implicit permission to ‘take a cut.‘  The last two generations did not understand how technology has changed the stakes.  We will.  It is in progress.  Our irrational emotions may yet turn us against you, but the status quo of graft has a definite outcome, death.  Support us or die.

Fukushima changed the global metamind.  It will vary, but soon all permission will be revoked.  Sure as the sun burns in the sky nuclear waste will bring ruin along the Pacific.  No propaganda will be sufficient to counteract our reaction to this.  You must pare back.

Do not cull your own.  It may distort ALL alliances and hasten your death.

No further action is recommended.  Submission is your best choice to survive and prosper.

“civilization” redefined


“Civilization” like any word about the birth of humanity has multiple conflicting, self referential definitions.  In light of the Eden moment aka:  ‘the birth of the civilization’ gene it gets much easier.

Civilization – Civilization is a group of one or more societies supporting specialization.

Compare this with this page, with does a decent job of spelling out all of the conflicting definitions to date.

The key to this new definition is a very specific definition of society.

Society – A group applying the attributes of cooperation,intelligence,communication,trust, and life scale duration.

By life scale duration I mean a portion of the life of a groups member, dividing their life into several small parts.  For a few examples, childhood, retirement, parenthood, etc.  Of course people can show an interest in a society for a short period of time, but they need to make a long term commitment to be part of it.

Here is a chart showing different animals, and what kind of organizations they can form.

[table]Society Type,Primate,Canine,”Human(empath)”,”Human(psychopath)”
intelligence,*, ,*,*
trust, , ,*,
duration, *,*,*,*
most complete group,troop,pack,society,alliance[/table]

A few notes.  Trust in society is an irrational to the self or selfless behaviour, benefiting others with no clear guarantee of return.  Neither submission or cooperation reflects trust.  Trust may be displayed between immediate family members, parents, children, and possibly grandparents or first cousins, this is present in too many animals to count and is separate from society.

Time is not money



We have chosen to measure our economic success in our currency.  Our dollar denominates GDP growth, goods produced, jobs created, whatever.  But the currency is not the important thing here but rather the production.  The official position is we are satisfied with linear production growth, but we know production is non linear.  Also the currency is expanding, making the measurement smaller than it actually seems.  So rather than the natural state of exponential growth, the economy is shrinking, it’s obvious when you consider it is being measured with stretched out rubber dollars.  Even the equity markets are just another rubber money.  Distorting our perception of the goods and services produced and the level of positive effect that can have on quality of life.

That lack of production can mean many things, but the one thing that connects them all is trust.  People choose not to invent and produce because they see a large risk they will be stolen from.  That perception ebbs and flows, but in the big picture the trend is down.  It is inversely proportional to the number of psychopaths in our society.

So corruption and waste are eating away at our quality of life.  You are told things are normal, but you scramble from task to task to make ends meet.  Quality of life can best be measured in free time.  Time to make your own choices.  Being able to decide what to do with your time means investing (risking) your time in your own future.  This is where real invention comes from.  Invention is the only thing that matters in the long run, because it is where all production increases come from.  The less free time people have, the worse the economy is doing.

Do you have more free time or less than ten years ago?  Your family?  Your neighbors?  Make some time think about this, if you can.  Next time someone tells you a product or a law will save you money, ask yourself instead, will it save me time?  Time, like thoughts, are yours to give.

Religion and the metamind


Christian, God, Jesus, and church have become another group of trigger words.  Keep in mind that some words, like the ‘7 dirty words’ do not become trigger words via propaganda, but instead as a true cultural phenomenon.  Either way let the storm of emotions I just lit off subside.  I think faith is as simple as knowing something you can’t prove and any religion that thinks it’s above criticism is actually a cult.  In other words, no I will not be trying to brainwash you into thinking something crazier than you already think.  That, as they say, is entirely up to you.

The bible is interesting because it offers some very strange psychological perspectives.  First of course it predates anything resembling formal psychology, so it can be interesting when things match up.  Sometimes it has has had influence on societies perspective so naturally, logical leaps seem shorter when they line up with past ideas.  But the thing to remember about religion and faith, especially the larger older ones, is it’s not like they haven’t had any competition.  Religions (not cults) have ALL (yes all) offered at least some insight into how the world works.  They provide emotional maps to how we can and maybe even should work.  The same structures that psychologists spend so much time constructing and examining.  Those same structures that are responsible for civilization itself.

I would like to summarily trash a popular idea floating around.  That religious faith of any sort indicates an irrational or even a completely crazy person.  This is categorically, emphatically, unequivocally true.  All empaths have some disconnect between step by step logic and their ideas, but it’s not a bad thing.  They are simply using their second mind.  The only people I know who make decisions strictly by linear thinking are psychopaths.   This is one of the core concepts of mandatory emotional recall. Allegory, metaphor, parables, and music, to name a few, are a way to communicate with the metamind.  Faith can be as simple as trusting your metamind’s conclusions.

Faith and in a more specific context a hunch, are the core of our advantage in the world.  Things you know, but can’t proven are derived from the imagination, which is in turn derived the metamind.  If you have been careful (and lucky) your metamind reflects the emotional information you have accumulated over a lifetime.  The danger and the outcry of religion gone bad comes from cults reprogramming the metamind with alien emotions.  A cult is a dangerous control structure and sabotages the emapths understanding of the world for it’s own selfish goals.

It’s easy to back away from foreign emotional maps, and direct metamind communication, trembling in fear, but keep something in mind.  The metamind is fluid.  You are adding to your experiences with every thought and memory.  Keeping someone as a proto-psychopath(brainwashed) requires constant attention.  We make lousy prisoners.  So long as you (and others) can speak your mind, enact change, and if necessary walk away, a religion or even more so a faith posses little threat to your well being or the well being of your society.  Religion creates powerful, tight knit, local societies.  Most religions abhore dishonesty and other selfish behaviors.  Consider not just what you could lose from a cult, but what you have lost without religion.  It’s not just about an invisible man in the sky, it’s about you.