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The Distribution Party endorses – Open Source


Open source may well be the most important invention of modern times.  It’s supporting invention is the Internet.  It replaces distribution hierarchies which have been installed throughout history to piggyback graft and systems of corruption onto the practical logistics of organization.  History will not be kind to it’s many opponents.

Open Source is social structure, supported by a legal structure and a near real time technical organizational system.  The social structure creates the fast technical organizational system using computer code, and uses the Internet to share is at near real time speeds.  The social structure requires near perfect adherence to core scientific principles.  Core principles being, ubiquitous opportunity peer review, experimental repeatability, and a working copy of the reference model and it’s complete plans.  It uses contracts and their supporting legal structure to prevent corruption.

Open source has been mistaken for a business model but it’s actually a social governance model, a utilitarian technocracy for the scientific method.  It uses competition and a legal restrictions on potentially arbitrary use restrictions.  In this it keeps the rules equally lax for all participants in the competition, a cooperative behaviour.  This lack of use restrictions allows for fluid and voluntary participation with any society, or the ability to form a new society should it become inefficient or ineffective, better known as forking.  Forking is critical at it’s core because any restriction on competition can become non-cooperative and form a basis for non-cooperation.  This allows for the orderly, rapid abandonment of a hierarchy should a psychopath obtain a prominent position within it.  Please see my paper on type one civilization for more details on the importance of avoiding rigid hierarchies.

At first Open Source was best known for it’s original success Linux.  Creating a computer science reference model for well understood problems, many if not most uses of computers can happen efficiently and effectively when running Linux.  Initially support for Linux, the GPL and open source was largely practical.  Solving the scaling problems of computer code originated and owned by historically large computer software corporations.

While not nearly as popular as Linux, RepRap has an order of magnitude more potential impact.  It is an open source 3d printer technology, laying lines of plastic extruded at a high temperature on a 2 dimensional descending platform.  The plastic components of the machine, the computer aided design, and the resulting plan files for actual objects are all open source and highly resistant to corruption and forking.  In addition to the scope of objects and devices that can be devised of plastic, scrap material recycling equipment, circuit boards, and other types of material like metal printing are all in various stages of planning and production.

Cryptocurrencies, specifically the reference model Bitcoin is opensource’s most important creation to date.  It enforces honesty and the retention of purchasing power of unspent currency.  While transactions are anonymous by default (with some careful planning) it uses a peer to peer system to distribute a ledger of all transactions ever performed to every Bitcoin wallet, commonly known as the block chain.  Despite some misconceptions, wallets can be traced back to people with a reasonable amount of ease, should a legal response be warranted.  New coins or ‘very hard to guess’ numbers are awarded to ‘miners’ who on average exert the most computational work to obtain them.  Unlike all currencies and equities today, new Bitcoins are allowed to be found by any miner by consensus, not issued to ‘special’ parties by decree or fiat.  All transactions are performed independently of any central authorities, forcing security services like banks to compete strictly on the quality of their service and price efficiency.

The broader open source communities dual will and action to avoid hierarchy has paid off.  Wildly successful without the usual hierarchical graft despite not having direct corollary of financial reward to cooperative effort contributed.  Economy of scale, uncorrupted, is humanities civilizing force.  It seems as if the scale of humans has been reached where the benefits of cooperation exceed the wealth extracting hard power of master/slave hierarchies.  Vast concentration of wealth and power is not necessary to promote economic growth, just the peer to peer information sharing power of the Internet, and the tools to use it when we personally need it.

Interventions – reboot the mind


Recently I was an outside third party to an intervention.  Just short of a fly on the wall.  This is interesting because the intervention directly involved a psychopath.

The person to be saved I think is an empath.  Heavily under the influence of the psychopath for their whole life.  The victim (the empath) was influencing the people around them to act in a callous and uncaring way.  Acting almost as a proto-psychopath.  Completely in the psychopaths trance as to what is ‘normal.’  Trying to resolve reality, and their faulty programming, an impossible task.

The psychopath, the empaths parent, instigated it to duck and cover.  The common society was starting to trace the bad behaviour all the way back to parent.  First a few conscientious observers, then the secondary victims, and it was narrowed down to the proto-psychopath and the psychopath.  Suddenly the psychopath went from slinging accusations against the secondary victims, to helping stage the intervention.  The projection instantly changed it’s focus.  When it was clear it could no longer be brushed under the carpet, the brainwashed minion was sacrificed.

The bad news is that this may well spell the end of the empaths involvement in those societies.  But the good news is it will have a lasting impression on the empaths mind.  The enormous emotional weight of being confronted on multiple lies by a group of people, in a group setting, could shock the metamind out of it’s trance.  Creating a difficult to dismiss web of logic and trust.

As painful as it is to be bombarded with emotional data like this, it seems it can only help.  That pain is information about risk the empath is missing!  Their entire ability to grasp risk has been compromised and something only slightly less likely than normal will destroy them without their conscience/gut/metamind to warn them.  Life is easy if you know who to trust.  It seems to me the key is for this to not be the last intervention, but the first in a series.  Remaining/adjacent societies need to broaden the context of interventions until the memories, and the clarity they can provide for interventions strong emotions, can no longer be logically orphaned or emotionally drowned out.  The criticism will help them see the parent as they really are, a psychopath.

Real Genius – Did early social models detect psychopaths?

Interesting series on the top 30 or so geniuses of all time.  Feel free to watch and enjoy as a simple mental exercise.  Nothing to do with the usual subjects of this blog, at first.  It seems that some of the smartest people of all time spent some of their IQ parsing away the problems of social behaviour.

As you get near the top of the list in part three and part four, three names stand out.  Turns out Christopher Hirata (#16) has developed a social model outlined in ‘The Physics Of Relationships’  William Sidis  (#8) Also discussed  ‘chemical affinity’ as being a formulaic basis for human relations, and before them both and Einstein’s personal favourite Johann Wolfgang Goethe (#1) Not only a vast model of human behaviour, but demonstrated it’s function in his fictional work ‘Faust.’

Alas I have not read any of their works.  I am greatly interested to see if there is an equivalent of psychopaths in their models.  Specifically, people who can never resist a golden opportunity.   Playing a role as a universal solvent like say water, dissolving other bonds at every opportunity.  One day.

Here are the videos, enjoy.

Royal Monarchies – The psychopaths biggest society



Royalty, the master society, is another society under psychopathic control.  The best scenario for psychopaths cooperating, specifically with family.  The best case it not great though.  Royals are a fickle bunch, historically turning on each other in a way that seem inexplicable to most people.  Sure some archaic or unknown rule is sited when they eat their own, but it’s just and cruel and random as it feels from outside.

Most moral agents don’t take royalty seriously as a moral force.  They can be ethical, and ethical monarchs have existed, but they are the outliers, not the norm.  A moral monarch is inherently locked in a psychopathic society, specifically their family.  Most benevolent behavior from monarchs can be traced to forms of competition.  The monarchs want to enjoy their better lifestyle, greater longevity and physical pleasures.  In exchange they do their best to attack things that do (or may) threaten the more immediate health of their whole society.  This has a predictable effect on technology as original improvements in any device or system often first appear to the socially minded as disruptions in the social or economic order.

It’s simple but important to explicitly point out the the royals are the ultimate masters of the ultimate authority, and you are just a slave or subject.  This suits not only the psychopath as a royal, but many psychopaths of no status in the kingdom.  Most roles are clearly defined with little change over a lifetime, making social behavior more predictable and scripted roles simpler to maintain.  Also, it makes those of lower social status mere playthings to psychopaths hungering for social control satisfying the goals of protection, competition, and amusement.

How does a psychopathic family maintain control?  The family or kin society is the largest society any psychopath can belong to.  They do sometimes have feelings for close family that we can feel for anyone we meet.  Not compassion such as an empath might feel but a biological yearning to impress or protect them.  Family is the only group they ever have or ever can belong to.  From their perspective their ‘love’ for each other is more sincere than the empathy other humans feel for each other.  Because defaulting to trust is ubiquitous among most humans, they see it as cheap and useless.  ‘Everybody has it so who would want it?’, they might ask.  They take our honesty as proof of inferiority to the small and specific concern they share with their blood family.  They obsess over the one considerate feeling for any other human being they actually have.

For the would be royal family, kin is the only super-aliance that could ever exist.  Not only is it the largest, but the only society they can ever belong to.  So of course they value the impression they leave on family more than any other.  This indicates that royal families started with their most socially successful member legitimately (or maybe not) winning power.  As their ability to support a larger organization grew they begin to appoint family members to positions of power.  Not because they were superior or even because they could trust them, but because of the enormous social pressure psychopaths put on their own families to display loyalty under any conditions or under any abuse.  Regardless of the empathic or psychopathic attributes of each member, this forces the family society into a psychopathic society.  Valuing only each others status in the competition of displaying loyalty to the family.

Appointing sub-par family members to important roles or positions would be questioned as the practical failures pile up.  It can threaten not only the psychopaths free ride on their more capable brethren, but the most successful member of the family’s status as well.  So to avoid accusations of nepotism, accusations themselves receive the harshest punishment.  The most successful family becomes above reproach.  Royalty is not given to the family as an honor for outstanding duty, although that may be the ruse, but instead is implemented by the family itself as a security measure against a psychopathic family members unemployment.  Probably initiated by one of the less successful family members at the start.

Since often royalty will interbreed or only breed with other royalty, and psychopaths breed faster than empaths, it’s easy to see how it’s only a matter of time before the highest member of the ruling family is a psychopath.  Of course the new king (or queen) is considered infallible.  Without the long term risk assessment (aka:conscience) of an empath, and with all logical suggestions being considered backtalk at best or high treason at the worst, it’s easy to see how many kingdoms so suddenly and catastrophically failed.  Not only do royal monarchies have poor resistance to psychopathic control, their status as royals couldn’t exist without it.

Endorsing a proposed bill, equity in law


We trust our politicians to be fair and honest, otherwise why would we elect them?  But that doesn’t mean we have to trust all the OTHER peoples politicians.  They never seem to be rooted in reality, right?

Even if their attitudes are aloof, no moral reason that they should be immune to the consequences of the laws that result from their actions.  They are not our masters, but instead our society is theirs.  This is a simple amendment that explicitly states in the highest law of the land, that politicians must use and are subject to the laws they pass, and can not give themselves special favors.

What a great place to start.  Sign up today.  The distribution party supports this measure!  This definitely falls under ‘but don’t try to make me pay for it!’

Prejudice – Real life situation, how to cope


I had an experience I’d like to share.  I went to a gun range to practice shooting.  In case you didn’t know I’m a New York City resident.  This range was outside of the city.  I arrived early and had a wait a bit for my turn.   There were two employees and a half dozen regulars talking to each other casually about guns.

From what I gathered at least three of the regulars were present or retired law enforcement.  Nobody gave me the creeps, and they all knew each other, so it was pretty clear these were all upstanding citizens.  They were loud and maybe a bit boisterous.  Perhaps it was a lifetime of a deafening hobby effecting their ability to hear their own voices.

I was first shocked when I signed in.  The manager told me I would be tolerated this visit but I was not welcome.  That I should not come back.  Looking to diffuse the situation and not waste my trip, I agreed.  I took it on it’s face and sat down.  That’s when the ribbing started.  Nothing was said directly said to me, but hypothetical conversation started among the regulars.  It’s rapid conclusion was that ‘city slickers’ should stay in the city.  One poor fellow who was also clearly a regular defended his status as ‘not a city slicker’ for a full minute.  This went on for the duration of the wait.  Without knowing anything about me except that I lived in NYC, it was clear everyone there was prejudiced against me.

Eventually it was my turn to shoot and I did.   I paid and left without any altercations.

What were they really saying?  They were criticizing my society, New York City.  As you know from the type one civilization paper, that prejudice is really the observation of psychopaths controlling someone else’s society.  What were they trying to accomplish?   Rationally nothing, or maybe trying to get me not to come back.  But subconciously, they were signaling to me that by living in the city I was supporting psychopathic control.  Their metaminds were trying to persuade mine that it was acting in an unconciousnable way.  They want to hold me responsible for some harm caused to them by a society I support, or to get me to hold myself responsible.  Is it rational?   Perhaps not, but it is useful information.  My society is being manipulated by psychopaths.

Of course this information is too vague to locate the psychopaths, and even if I could, what could I do?  NYC is a very large complex hierarchy which will excel at hiding them from me.  I certainly can’t identify them much less demand their removal.  All I can do identify the psychopathic behaviour and shun it. but how do I do that?

Well lets look at the context.  I’m at a gun range and nearly every conversation I heard was gun related.  So perhaps they are saying that NYC psychopaths are trying to do something to their hobby,  perhaps even their livelihood or freedom.  That fits perfectly.  NYC is the largest city in the country by a factor of two.  There are legitimate reasons to not want a gun in every house.  Mistakes are very costly.  Stray bullets can and do kill in cities.  It’s part of the population density.  But I’m not in the city. I’m at a gun range in a much less dense area.   If you don’t want to disarm, simply don’t travel to the city.

But that’s the rub.  The city and particularly it’s mayor are trying to change gun laws everywhere on earth.  The city is trying to change the world to suit it’s needs.  It is trying to eliminate guns everywhere so they can’t be brought into the city.  A wish of homogeneity of sufficient scope is ultimately psychopathic.  It’s insane to try and dictate rights of others, everywhere else, where population density isn’t so high.  The cities society must think it’s the master and the world is the slave.

So the city IS attacking these folks and they are angry that I am part of it.  They are right, it is my society.  I recognise this and before I leave I apologize for my city and promise never to return.  I would love to shun the city, but everything I can do that directly shuns their gun policies is illegal.  I can sell my home and leave but that doesn’t suit my smallest society, my family.  So because I won’t leave the society of my family, the city has become an ultimate authority for me.

My options are limited and there is really only one choice for me.  Work to make NYC less powerful.  Break it down into smaller pieces until it’s citizens can clearly see the corruption before them.  Not talking about cutting off funding.  Leave that intact and break it up fairly.  Instead return jurisdiction and regulation back down to to the burroughs.  Time for burroughs to make their own decisions.  The mayor of Manhattan is not your king.  It’s our responsibility to reign in the insanity.  It’s time we claimed responsibility for what we enable.

In case I seem flip, or damn casual about my intent to legally dismantle NYC into five smaller cities one law at a time, I don’t take this lightly.  Of course I don’t, it’s my society.  I actually choose it.  I grew up outside the city and longed for the equity of race and religion, the lower taxes, and the sensible convenience of a well established mass transit system.  In fact I was not predisposed to this conclusion and reached it while writing this post and reviewing my own document on a type one civilization.  I’m as shocked as you are, perhaps more so.  But until we can screen for psychopaths we don’t have a choice.  To protect our societies from those who only compete and wish to make us slaves, we must shrink our economies until they are obvious.  Only when we can screen out psychopaths at a distance, can we trust at a distance as well.

Welcome to the subconcious olympics

I am concerned about the growing number of subconscious queues deployed quite intentionally to change our perception of the world.  Lets look emotional intruders together.

Subliminal shot put.

Set a timer and see how many seconds it takes you to find it.

Can you find the subliminal image in this advertisement?  Took this one at a local train station.


OK here’s an ad at the distance it was intended to be viewed.  Can you see it now?


Stumped?  The answer is below.  Just use your mouse to highlight it.

There is a long black penis pointed downward with the red wine glass as the tip.

Post your scores below.  Good job subconscious athletes!

Kohlberg, psychopaths, and the pointless tragedy of Socrates


The problem with most of our modern social models is they assume that humanity is exactly one global set of behavioural variations.  This makes sense as actionable study of psychopaths has really started in the early 70s.  Without a concerted effort until the 1990s.  Psychopathy as completely different set of social behaviour is only 40 years old, and it’s most definitive test, the MRI word list, only 30.

Lawrence Kohlberg developed a theory of moral development.  Of course his development model assumes all humans could display all behaviours but this is not true.

It turns out only the first four stages of moral development are available to psychopaths.  The highest a human with only a master/slave model of interaction is a level four (of six) or the law and order model of society.  Level 5 is almost a literal definition of applied empathy, and level six is expanding empathy beyond the current physical and temporal constraints into a system of higher principals.  No empathy IS the definition of a psychopath.

For simplicities sake, I’m working on the principal the proceeding stages are automatically available (they seem to be) when a higher stage is accomplished.  Theoretically psychopaths could accept that society is their master and they the slave, IF they accept that all the empaths working together are superior to their self in every way, AND that is unlikely to change.  Without screening it is impossible to guarantee a psychopath will never perceive a golden opportunity rapidly plunging them back into a two or a one (what’s in it for me.) on Kohlberg’s scale.  So for now it seems they are reduced to the highest possible consistent state of a three, assuming that they have accepted a ‘social norm’ that many people would take a golden opportunity.  Unfortunately this is true enough in a society where their imperceptibility is the norm.

I have long contended that no society could be peaceful unless their entire membership is at least a four or law and order oriented.  Then post conventional agents could adjust the laws as needed, and the society could adapt to their environment without conflict.

When Socrates was threatened with death he contented that law and order were the minimal requirements for a peaceful civilization.  Without the aid of Kohlberg’s stages I think he was describing a level four citizen as a societies minimal requirement for progress and peace.  What Socrates didn’t know is that (absent genetic screening) that a percentage of indistinguishable humans could never become a stage four in moral development.  So long as some high functioning humans can’t get past a three, there can never really be peace.

I understand Socrates decision at both a gut and an intellectual level, but he didn’t have all the information.  He didn’t know that some people could never ever be reliable fours, and could never truly revere law and order, no matter how intelligent or logical they became.  That they just didn’t have a conscience, and we just couldn’t spot them every time.  If he did he would have realized that the social contract had always been invalid, because some of it’s signers traded a property they could not have ever owned.  The capacity for complete reliability.  He would have ran.  He would have raised and army, and he would have crushed the disintegrating country that condemned him.

What a tragic waste.