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I’ve moved past the warrior gene


I have, I really have.  A couple of months ago I posted a great National Geographic video where they clearly lay out that there is no freaking way (to be technical) that the ‘warrior gene’ is a vital component of psychopathy.

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It certainly could be argued that the lack of the civilization gene and the presence of the ‘warrior gene’ (which should be named the fly off the handle gene or the loose your temper gene) is a lethal combination.  Together a psychopath would not only have the predisposition to get an early start on the ego or ASPD developmental stage, but barring both luck (socioeconomic privilege) and high intelligence never leave it’s orbit for sociopathy.  A psychopath with the ‘warrior gene’ would be apt to solve EVERYTHING with both his or her body and invent confrontation where little conflict had previously existed.  Truly a nightmare criminal in the making.

Please understand that psychopaths are not inherently violent.  While their aloof dreamlike view of other humans means the ego stage can be violent, that with understanding and caution, they can live fairly normal lives.  The key is both awareness and understanding of challenges that the lack of a metamind presents them with.  Treating them like empaths is asking for confrontation, but understanding and accommodating their binary view of other humans, allows for distant but respectful relationships.

Compassion and trust, hopefully not to a fault, is the foundation of civilization itself.  Non psychopathic humans are filled with an almost endless fountain of hope and trust, but also with a keen sense of unrealized danger.  This strange combination, not just intelligence is what binds us together.  When we leave psychopathy and it’s simple minded master/slave social approach behind, civilization will finally dominate mankind.  Civilization is the logic of compassion.



I have always thought this word was terribly abused, but didn’t really understand why until after the first time a known psychopath uttered it to me.

Most people associate respect with feelings for their parents.  This makes sense as our childhood is peppered with variants of ‘respect your elders.’  Through childhood emotional associations, the word gathers a new emotional sum in the metamind.  Logic can be overwhelmed with mandatory emotional recall of love and wisdom.  In the worst case respect can wrongly come to mean an act of the conscience itself.

In adulthood the word is not used that way.  It is used to establish rank.  A deviation among empathic humans, but not a catastrophic one.  To civilization, respect means variants of rank and division of labor and importantly the associated responsibility.  Respect is used to honor those who commit themselves to others.

Psychopaths can form alliances, but can’t commit to others in a selfless way.  Yet they love the word respect.  They love it’s logical connotation of rank and it’s emotional value of love and wisdom in empaths.  To them it defines a master-slave relationship, and is a tool for enforcing it.  When a psychopath tells you to respect him or her, they are telling you your rank.  They are identifying you as their slave.  To them phrases ‘show some respect’, and ‘how dare you do that to me!’ are variations of the same theme, blind obedience to your master.  Their position is master, of you.

Parents I know it is easy to fall back to order and rank and use the word respect with your children, but you are conditioning them to enslavement by clever psychopaths.  You are programing their conscience to be used against them.  Instead of emphasizing your command and control I humbly propose using consideration or considerate in it’s place.  Specifically associating accomplishment with how you treat other people.  Creating a pathway to bettering themselves not just in isolation, but with the societies on which we all depend.

God and the devil. Pencils and pens.


Sign on the dotted line, ink only please.  Forgiveness may be the way of largest religion in the world, Christianity, but certainly not of any state, democratic and free market or not.  Actions are immutable as such any legal structure will tell you.  Do the crime and you do the time.

Mutability and moral relativism, considering each case based on circumstances, certainly could lead to a complete breakdown of civilization.  While most assume this as the usual cause it may be that a second population, a population of strictly amoral psychopaths, has simply grown too large for moral agents to support.  But lets pair it back and consider only strictly legal cases.  Ones where an action was reprehensible but only subject to social pressure.

A few examples of this might be a 60 year old man dating an 18 year old friend of his daughters.  Or a person who intentionally drives in unusually risky way, on the worst road they can find, secretly hoping insurance will replace a car they have tired of.  How about a neighbor who lets his five dogs bark all night, every night, simply because their is no rule against it in his town.  From the strictest dictatorship, to most trusting and lax commune, there will always be those who break natural law.

Good law simply codifies already accepted practice in natural law.  Of course this means that all good law has an awkward stage.  The moment before people recognize the utility in codifying it, but when society has accepted it en masse.  I noticed this recently in the case of drivers with a cell phone glued to their ear.  Only a few years ago we were clearly in an awkward stage where natural law was in full force, but penalties where not codified.  Now they are.  Ink was put to paper, and accidents due to cell phone use while driving went down.

So why were the 60 year old, the regretful car owner, and keeper of the hounds not targeted?  You may argue that they were missed, but I don’t think so.  Legal penalties have a cost too.  Many legal consequences can follow you for your sentence, plus 7 years, and some others for life.  You are no longer part of many societies and at least in part the civilization, but instead a slave to it.  Uncodified natural law is collective statement against trust in the mechanisms of hierarchy.

Here’s where the pencil and pen come in.  The pencil, the instrument of ideas.  Change, adjust, or wipe out whole pages.  It’s totally mutable.  The icon of forgiveness.  Compare this to the pen.  Every mistake, no matter how small recorded forever.  Often there is not recourse.  Sign the right paper and become the undisputed master, sign the wrong one and you are doomed to slavery.  In the worst folklore, for eternity.

I’m sure you’ve heard never to sign anything without reading it first.  I’ve got something new to add to it.  Consider shunning those who favor the pen.  Both on a societal level and a personal one.  I’m not saying abandon law, but instead shun those who push new law that is not already common practice.  On a more personal level shun those who want you to commit in writing outside of your natural ways.  Be weary of those who would bring up your past errors long after forgiveness is or should be claimed.  Psychopaths love to force people into codified law.  Not primarily out of cruelty, but out of weakness.  They can not cope with not knowing who the master and who the slave is.  They have no handle on natural law, because natural law is formed by the collective conscience of a civilization.  Something they can only observe from the outside.

Social side effects of the conscience


Social side effects of the conscience

  • Normalcy bias
  • Vulnerability to propaganda
  • Susceptibility to marketing
  • Vulnerability to gaslighting
  • Natural law
  • The onset of money (a trust proxy)
  • Rapid long term risk calculation

The above are all side effects of the conscience, the constantly readjusting mean of our emotional experiences.  Societal mechanisms unlocked by the civilization gene.  This is what happens when a rational, logical intelligent being is forced to have mandatory emotional recall when accessing their memories.  As unaware individuals having a conscience makes them weaker in some ways but stronger in others.  As a group they form civilization.  It gets really interesting when enough individuals become aware of their own conscience and how it works.
Now they can return to the ruthless logic of the psychopath when needed, but they can also participate in common good that forms civilization itself.  All of their strengths and none of their weaknesses.

The list of side effects becomes.

  • Natural law
  • The onset of money (a trust proxy)
  • Rapid long term risk calculation

Have you neutralized your emotional triggers?  Recognized the source or your emotions? Shielded yourself from Propaganda?  Rejected the knee jerk dismissal of normalcy bias?  Trained your self to recognize more distant marketing?  Learned how to spot and committed to avoiding psychopaths to prevent personal gaslighting?  No?  You need to do these things to join a type one civilization.  No top down membership card required.  Just the will to better yourself, and some basic knowledge on how to trace your own emotions too their root memories.  It can be for selfish reasons.  The result of true self knowledge is the same.  A stronger world.  A much stronger you.