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Modesty in clothing, shamelessly human

Saw an interesting video discussing the use and role of clothing.  While I don’t disagree with any of the facts discussed, the civilization gene (still a theory pending genetic study) hints at a few missing points.  People displaying ’embarrassment’ are seen as being likeable, forgivable, and trustworthy.  And of course now being a loyal civgene reader, you’re also thinking, it also hints at not being a psychopath.

The most interesting point was the discussion of a study of modesty using actors pretending to be embarrassed.  He’s an article discussing that study.

Perhaps becoming shy instead of enraged or indignant is a clue someone actually has a conscience.  So not only is making occasional mistakes acceptable, but perhaps the key to successful socialization.  I’m both excellent at making mistakes and sheepishly owning up to them.  Which may be the reason anyone talks to me at all.  ;P.

A dead simple explanation is that a self correcting reaction indicates a lack of subscription to the master/slave model.  Seeking people who appear to feel embarasment is a natural defense against psychopaths.  The disturbing part is, as the study points out, the actors emotions are completely manufactured.  Hence the problem with using only social clues to locate psychopaths.  It can be a well rehearsed lie.  Any psychopath in any stage (wants,abilities, or limits), can be easily turn out to be a clever actor.