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The civilization gene and gay marriage

First Gay Wedding Show In Paris

The civilization gene reveals some interesting things about gay marriage.  I will not discuss the idea that marriage is an institution for the benefit of children.  That is accepted as the ultimate truth, though there are exhaustive facets of this truth to explore.

There is a functional aspect to requiring spouses to be a man and a woman.  Animals have a natural inclination to care for their genetic young where they may or may not care for the other young of their species.  Humans share this inclination as displayed by psychopaths.  A gay couple could have one, or in the case of adoption, zero genetic parents with a hard wired predisposition to care for their young.

This is only a problem for gay couples who happen to have one or two psychopaths in the couple, who want to raise children.  Non psychopaths are inclined to care for children simply because they human.  It’s a side effect of having a conscience (not a psychopath), gay or not.

It’s not helpful that psychopaths tend to be more prevalent in the gay community.  Increasing the chances that a psychopathic gay may be given custody of a child.  Both child rearing and marriage can have financial and social benefits for the unscrupulous, attracting psychopaths of all three emotional stages.

One main reason that psychopaths like to spend their time in the gay community is the lack of social support from society at large.  Abused gay partners and spouses are treated as if ‘they deserved it’ by their community.  So the community’s prejudice resulting from observing more psychopaths among gays, also creates the situation where someone who sees sex as a simple bodily function (most psychopaths) can hide out in the gay community avoid discovery and consequences.  The prejudice is self feeding in this society.

Coming back to non psychopath gays (doubtlessly most of them) simply having a conscience gives them the ability to love a child in a way that will benefit them as if it were from their genetic parent, dwarfing simple animal genetic ‘love’.  The adopted parent(s) can both help shape the child’s emotional map, and empart non-rational aspects of their own conscience and it’s benefits to the child.  In fact the civilization gene indicates wonderful hope for the success of adoption in general.  That the attributes of the child (patience, IQ, stamina, etc) can be no more important than simply having a loving parent to help forge a versatile accurate metamind (aka:conscience).   This explicitly includes empathic gays.

The recommendation for any society suffering from prejudice is to actively seek out and shun psychopaths among their ranks.  Prejudice is dull weapon wielded against societies and cultures that mimic the behavior of psychopaths.  It seems as though this cultural influence comes directly from actual psychopaths.  Dismiss and shun them and the prejudice will be damaged.

Subconcious Oylmpics – Classic video subliminals.


This video was too well done, I have to post it.   Importantly I can indeed spot at least two of the extracted messages at reduced speed.  So I’m passing it along to  you.  Step through it and see if you can spot the messages.

Once you have I suggest a technique to harden your metamind.  Use this as an opportunity to use your rational mind to train it.   Since the original video uses a very predictable pattern (the transition between song lines) use determination and your rational mind emphasize your anger or amusement (or whatever YOU want) at the attempt to adjust your compound emotions.  If you do this on a regular basis, you may find your metamind can actually WARN you against a propaganda manipulation attempt.

It would be irresponsible of me not to warn you the safest way to avoid manipulation is simply not participate in possible sources.

Use your rational understanding of what is happening here retrain your conscience to serve it’s true purpose.  A risk management engine.

EDIT:  If you are having trouble catching the scrolling subliminal text try this video.  It is slowed down even more.


What is the conscience?


The fast version is: Psychopaths were the last human breed pre-civilization. A mutation occurred, forcing a human (and eventually most of them) into mandatory emotional recall. Not only can your rational mind remember your emotions, but you must feel them as you remember things. Now you have two pathways to every memory, the logical (conscious) mind, AND the emotional (subconscious) metamind. The metamind is a more specific name for both the subconscious and the conscience. They are the same thing.

So now when I say ‘basketball’ or show you a picture of a tree, you mind can access memories relating to this two ways. The logical conscious pathways or the emotions associated with that tree (which you immediately feel to a small degree) This forms a passively driven risk engine. Lets say you broke your arm in that type of tree (or playing basketball), or that’s a memory from the day your parents were divorced, when you remember that thing you also logically reference that important memory. The negative emotion from the tree (danger) now activates ALL memories (via the subconscious) with the same negative emotion.

Via MRI psychopaths do not have this secondary mind. That’s why they don’t feel guilt.

That’s how someone can have a panic attack, that’s how propaganda can be used to manipulate you, that’s how gaslighting can drive you mad, that’s how you can feel an outpouring of emotion for someone you have never met simply because they look like someone else, etc, etc.

The conscience is specifically, mandatory emotional recall. Caused by the civgene mutation.

Why is this PITA a genetic advantage? Cause logic doesn’t scale, and the conscience is REALLY fast. Effectively instantaneous. That ‘oh ****’ moment you feel in a local bar, or hunting a mammoth, can save your life.

The key is managing it’s side effects (uncontrollable, unexplainable, perhaps destructive emotions) is reason. Reason is the process of using logical mind to rationalize and eventually personally normalize and tune the messages from the conscience.

The best part though is the side effect. We all trust each other more. We strive for normalcy and feed off each others emotions. Without that, currency, investment and the economy of scale would not be possible. Why plant seeds (and be stuck in one spot) and tend to them when a psychopath can walk right into your hut rape you, kill you (even worse keep and enslave you), eat all your food and then move on to the next hut. You trust that the men (and women) in your village will hear the ruckus and protect you. They recognize the risks of failed investments effect the whole village.

Kinda funny since lots of guilt is about money. Heh.