Monthly Archives: April 2017

Website updates


Finally the git/mirror code is fixed and should once again have the latest copy of the site.  Please consider helping civgene and mirroring it.    See this page for details.

In addition I have done some things to improve the sites SEO (appeasing search engines).   Including google analytics updates, more search engine hints, and a shorter main page.  If you have any trouble or if a page or feature is missing, please let me know at

Keeping your papers in order with Google is quickly becoming a full time job, but hopefully civgene can squeak by the ‘consumer orientated’ checkpoints once again.

Next up a worthy cause, enycryption (SSL.)  More civgene soon.

EDIT: SSL is done.  Whole site should be SSL and have few if any complaints about mixed mode.  Please if you find a bug I may not be aware.  Contact me.  TY.