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Violence is not a solution


It could be said that there is no problem that can not be solved with violence.   I would concur that some problems can be solved with violence, but problem is the solution is always temporary.  Philosophies, even bad ones, are ratified in the blood of their purveyor.  Populations become more fearless as they cornered and become more threatened.   Natural resources and lives are wasted in conflict.  Psychopaths are no exception.

It seems that the lack of the civilization gene is not dominant.  Everyone has the warrior gene, if there even is such a single gene.  The behaviors it promotes are observed in all higher mammals.  Past civilizations have routed psychopaths.  To them all they had was a hammer so every problem looked like a nail.   They thought the effectiveness of their campaign would end their rein forever, not realizing their yet unborn child could be the next psychopath, through no fault of their own.  The best tool we have had until the 1970s, was a system that focused their aggression, drive, and selfish logic on the public good, a capitalist republic.

But we live in a different world now.  With work we can positively identify psychopaths with use of an MRI AND written tests.  With known pools of genetic material we can search for the civilization gene.  Once we have it we can screen.  Without the risk of intelligent test takers providing the answers the test expects.  Simply knowing what an ethical course of action is does not indicate an intent to follow it.

The ethics of screening are clear.  Law enforcement agencies already do it.  So do parole boards.  So corporations.  There is no outcry.  No once says this is unfair to the psychopaths.  We have already signed off on screening, so why not be effective at it.

It is insane to leave these tools on the table unused.  The clock is ticking and we will reach some critical mass of waste.  Once that happens the economy will fold and the empaths loose the opportunity to screen rather than exile and murder.  Probably forever.

A vote for no action is a vote for violence.  If we are lucky, which I doubt, it will simply land us right back where we are right now one day.  In the nuclear age it seems to me to be a pointless risk.  A temporary solution is no solution at all.