• There are too many theories on this site.  How do I navigate it?

There are hundreds of pages on Civgene now.  For a 10 minute overview of civgenes many interlocking theories please look at the Tour of Civgene page.  If you are interested in the thought process, please see the Background page.   If a particular subject interests you please use the ‘Categories’ word cloud on the right.

  • Is there a core theory?

Yes.  That psychopaths display a subset of behavior of non-psychopaths (aka: empaths)  This is easily provable with just a thought experiment, just not very popular yet.

  • Are you a psychopath?


That said, It is difficult and dangerous to try and diagnose psychopathy from a distance.  In a low information environment a psychopath might use Alinsky’s, ‘accuse your enemy of that which you are guilty.’ as a way to project and deflect accusations.  I am aiming not only to make the civgene site a high information site but the highest information site possible.  In access to ideas, coherent counter arguments, and the ability to drill down to more detail if you are interested.  This type of written text structure is probably the best you can do to avoid being manipulated.

  • If I sign up for a membership is my email identity safe?

Yes.  Rather than sign up for a popular blogging site like G+ or Facebook which have EULAs that state your data can be shared, your email is stored in a private database on separate computer(s).  If you do not break any laws, I will not share your data, period.  Especially not for profit.  I am a professional system administrator, so you can expect a reasonable effort to keep your identity safe.  I (hopefully ‘we’ soon) encourage the use of aliases or even trash email addresses.  That way you can remain fully anonymous.

  • Once I have a membership may I post?

Yes.  The first five comments are moderated, so I will need to approve them.  After that posts appear automatically.

  • Do you delete posts?

Yes I will delete posts.  If you personally attack anyone or threaten anyone your post will be summarily executed.  Persist and your account terminated.  Advertisements (that are off topic) will also be deleted.  The flimsiest strings connecting your post to the topic on hand should be sufficient for it to survive.

  • Why are you writing this blog?

Psychopathy may be the highest functioning mental disability out there.  They can can be world leaders up to the very top, positioning them to do great damage.  The conversation about them is cartoonish, depicting them as violent erratic devils, or as angelic purveyors of reason.  Solutions are equally dichotomous such as murder them all or worship them.  This is ridiculous and destructive on it’s face.

Update: In the course of popularizing the discussion, I have broken much new ground.  There are many new theories about both psychopaths and non-psychopaths. There is a new foundation for science based human rights, civgene implies it’s own ethical perspective, and knowing about human behavior can help you better society as a whole.

  • Why isn’t your blog more popular?

That’s fairly simple.  I did not sign up with a large company to write it.  That was to protect YOUR identity.   I took a major hit for that as it does not get secondary promotion.  If you find anything interesting here please contact your friends and colleges and link to the URL on a web page.  Thank you.

  • Who are you?  Why listen to you?

I am Matthew Newhall.  I have independently studied economics, computer science, and psychology for most of my lifetime.  I write science fiction for fun, and work in computer science as my trade.  I have no formal credentials in psychology.  Sorry, you will have to ascertain the validity of my theories on your own.  Perhaps this is a good thing, as my second earliest observation is actually economic, and the ideas of the metamind come directly from database concepts.  Wisdom can come from a fresh perspective.  I welcome either public or private criticism.  To date no one has demonstrated any of this to be false.

  • Can I download your static site archive if I’m not going to set up a mirror?

Of course. Mirrors aren’t required to contact me anyway so how would I know? You can download the whole site, burn it on a DVD and give it to a friend. Enjoy.

  • How can I help?
You can…
  • Create a hyperlink on your site to http://civgene.matthewnewhall.com
  • You can pass the site or an article to your friends.
  • You can criticize bad logic, science or or falsehoods on any page here or any outside article I link to.
  • Send me any articles or videos on genetics, psychology, the conscience or psychopaths at comments@civgene.matthewnewhall.com Send me your thoughts, insights, and ideas as well.
  • Set up a static mirror of civgene.

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