Recommended Reading

If you want to know more about psychopaths, I’d suggest reading the following books.  They troves of information, but are not highly technical and written for a wide audience.  These book can help you greatly if you are entangled with a psychopath in your personal or professional life.

Robert Hare – Without conscience: The perfect intro from the man that pioneered the field.

Thomas Sheridan – Puzzling People: Good exploration of psychopaths.  Expands on Hare’s standards in practical and personal ways.

Bruce Schneier – Liars and Outliers:  Lays out a generic framework for measuring social policy.  Dovetails perfectly.  Asks the questions civgene answers.

I took am writing a non fiction book on the social implications of ancient breed.  I have written a fiction book before so there can be a reasonable expectation I will finish it.  No date yet.

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