Static Mirrors


If this site goes down, you can still reach static copies of it.

Civgene mirror #1

I’d love more mirrors.  Please consider running a mirror of The Civilization Gene.

Every night a static archive of the entire site is created.  Then the static copy is synced up nightly with a copy up on github.  Around 3am or so.  You can grab via a command prompt  as such.

git clone

Then run a ‘git pull‘ daily to pick up what ever has changed.

See the file README.txt in the archive for details.

If you like you can run advertisement banners on your mirror site.  Coding that is up to you.  Contents of the entire archive are licensed under the Creative commons by-nc-nd 3.0 licence.

If you do set up a mirror, please tell me about it and I’ll list the  mirror here for peoples convenience.  Email me at

PS: If you want the whole site as a one time backup, it’s still available as a tape archive below.

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