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This is a summary of the new theories and ideas in the papers and in posts on this site.   This is your quick reference.

Civgene premise

  • In evolution, psychopaths precede the conscience.   Psychopaths are the final breed of human before the civilization gene.

Civgene revelations

  • The conscience is a risk manager.  It’s initial advantage was identifying new kinds of danger far faster than logical thought.
  • Civilization is an irrational side effect of the conscience
  • Psychopaths possess no abilities not present in empaths.
  • Hare’s control MRI brain images reading charged words, displays the conscience throughout the physical brain.
  • Psychopaths are self limiting. They breed faster than other humans. Eventually they collapse society via corruption
  • Psychopaths go through a variation of the id -> ego -> superego progression. (wants -> abilities -> limits)
  • Mandatory emotional recall: Empaths recall (feel) stored emotion with every recollection of memory.
  • Emotional metadata forms compound emotions during recall.
  • Compound emotions form the imagination.  It can be used to used conceptualize the past, future, recognise patterns or compare unlike things.
  • Extensive self knowledge (thorough emotional self exploration and rationalization) can result in meta-psycohpathy
  • The Vikings were a psychopathic cooperative.
  • A balanced division of powers, capitalist republic, is a psychopath trap.
  • The conscience and subconscious operate on mandatory emotional recall forming the metamind.
  • The metamind, like some databases, uses prototypes. This framework for thought typing consumes early memories and causes childhood amnesia.
  • When a DID forms a new personality, it could be initially psychopathic, although with time it will develop a conscience.
  • Jealousy is a work alike conscience for psychopaths.
  • Civgene provides the first coherent scientific foundation for ethics and rights via behavioural pairs.
  • Mild cases of schizophrenia are more resistant to manipulation by psychopaths.
  • Abphrenia is impractically low resistance to external subconscious manipulation.
  • Protopsychopathy (brainwashing) can be detected by an inability to form original conspiracy theories.
  • Cult is a faith hierarchy you can’t safely leave.
  • Complexity horizon occurs when technology evolves faster than the language to describe it.
  • Denying behavioural pair human rights eventually collapses economy of scale.
  • Legal distribution provides an organized, fair and competitive way to fork.
  • Prejudice is the outside observation of other societies members being emotionally manipulated.

Civgene foundational ethics

  • Forgiveness is an exercise in self control.
  • Reason is a combination of conscious logic and subconscious insight.
  • Rationalization is logically reviewing subconscious insight.
  • Faith is accepting subconscious insight you can’t prove as true.
  • Doubt is an ongoing rationalization process.
  • Psychopaths always pursue golden opportunities.
  • Secrecy creates golden opportunities.
  • Dead man switches are necessary when cooperating with psychopaths.

Civgene human rights foundation (behavioural pairs)

  • Core rights, defined by human behavior are property, freedom, friendship, currency, investment, civilization and imagination.
  • Animal work alikes are territory, treaty, alliance, favour, assignment, pack, and visualization.
  • Second level human rights are markets, coinage, money and specialization.
  • Second level psychopathic work alikes are subsidies, fiat currency, debt, and compliance.
  • A third level right is the foundation of all civilization, economy of scale (from markets and specialization)
  • There is no psychopathic work alike for economy of scale.
  • Economy of scale is stopped by enough corruption, and complexity horizons. This establishes the right to fork.
  • There may be additional behavioural pair based rights.

Some relevant science

  • MRI spect word test
  • The Hare (The psychopath test)
  • Game theory only works on psychopaths.
  • Anyone can have a psychopathic child, but psychopaths are more likely parents.
  • Psychopaths 1-5% of the population
  • Psychopaths are equally represented by both genetic birth sexes.
  • Psychopaths only compete, non psychopaths cooperate and compete.
  • Many animals, and all mammals show favour toward close genetic kin.
  • Psychopaths report reduced or no childhood amnesia
  • All normal humans, but especially children can be emotionally programmed.
  • Peer review is under record financial stress.
  • A disproportionate number of corporate leaders may be psychopaths.
  • The warrior gene is probably the MAO-A gene.
  • Continuous exposure to emotionally charged content can reprogram the conscience. (propaganda, gaslighting)
  • Psychopathy is the highest functioning mental illness.
  • Psychopaths have very few subtle physical signs.
  • Civilization is not just the pack gene plus intelligence.
  • The learning triangle differentiates humans behavior from other primates.
  • The puzzle box differentiates human behaviour from other animals.

Relevant external theories

  • Intentionally advancing psychopaths to the limits (sociopath) stage may improve behavior


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